You Are The Fuel They Seek

You don’t want to know what’s in your water.
You’d be perplexed what is sprayed in your air.
The toxins in the soil and seeds oughta
be outlawed. Greed is a dirty affair.

We are slaves in a yoke of entrainment,
our perception of real in disarray
like a jinx our beliefs are containment
we may resist, they persist, led astray

in the rush frantic strive for survival
too busy to eat well, to breathe, we swing
from a stake unresourced. Our revival
comes outside of time, unrestrained wellspring

the deep inner knowing we touch in dreams
and moments of now found under green trees
a calling bird a falling star sun’s beam
we realize our energy is free

Inspired by: Perplexed, Disarray, Swing and Jinx.

Featured image: The sudden swirl of mystery under a tree as the sunlight opens now.

And yes, I made up a word. Unresourced is when all your natural resources are hidden from you by beliefs imposed by an oppressive system. So of course you won’t find such a thought-provoking word in the dictionary that exact system writes!

Life Cycles

For Carolyn Sue on her birthday.

Sitting on the floor as sun spills golden
through the green, green leaves, puppy emboldened
brings her scrumptious bone and chews by my side
then chases tail. Exuberance provides

the path to rejuvenation
grief and sorrow detonation

I am opened wide before this display
antics, mischief, a desire to play

The need for qualifications release
let experts drone, opine. I am at peace
with wisdom carved from my own conscious breath
greet certainties of life: sun, stars and death.

Inspired by: Scrumptious, Detonate, Rejuvenate, Before and a puppy who is helping me today on my deceased mother’s birthday.

Featured image: After I texted my pup’s former owners with an update, she cuddled with this pink blankie she’s had since she was tiny. Before that, she posed (below).

Looks At God All Day

I walk into elementary school
waves of grief whelm, I attribute it to
the tremulous mouth of the troubled child
caged in the principal’s den, “acting wild”

his natural effervescence untamed
he can’t sit in a stiff chair unrestrained
and no one can look at the roots: the aim
to turn out obedient numbskulls shamed

and afraid, punished, bribed and extorted
til their birthright ambitions are thwarted
and they sink with a sigh into programs
solving old equations and anagrams

burying new insights and ideas
never realizing just who he is.
I take my grandson by the hand, we flee
to our beloved wise ancient oak tree

Inspired by: Tremulous, Elementary and Effervescence.

Title from the first poem I ever memorized, Trees by Joyce Kilmer.

It’s Nature’s Way

I’m concocting my potions and lotions
in my kitchen embracing the notion
of my body’s wisdom, intuition-
led, terrain-based healthcare in fruition

now that the shipping fiction has collapsed
and eating local means that lobster’s taxed
too high to leave the sea, I eye the cow
and bring my magic wares to barter now

scientist ideologue violence
and ceaseless war against humans silenced
as the banker cartels implode and fear
waves dissonance finally disappears

we ground in nature’s knowledge spiral through
inevitable changes, question truths
propounded by the propaganda czars
made visible as we claim what is ours.

Inspired by: Embrace, Silence, Lobster and Concoct.

Featured image: The first leaves have begun to fall, remind me of the utter beauty of change.

Heeding The Signs

I’m starting to think…”You know what? Maybe the world did end in 2012.”~ConspiracyBot

As the sun breaks night’s hold to supervise
the generous distribution of light
crests just behind overcast sky, steady
chirping of crickets muted and thready

provide the score as the sky explores gray
pearl luminescence watercolor splay
the certainty of looming rain. The hush
deepens. Lonesome whistle of a train’s rush

and rumble comparable to battle’s
aftershock as stunned survivors, rattled
take stock. Knowing the war for hearts and souls
happens right now as we flout old controls

and flounce with attitude, beyond AI’s
purview, our gratitude algos defy.
We know the joy after our sorrow’s pain
welcome the signs of life in coming rain

Inspired by: Supervise, Flounce, Crest and Comparable.

Featured photo: Gray sky today, fantasy filter.

Fool’s Journey

I survey the scene from my balcony
sun spreading golden through green canopy.
Capricious feathered messengers appear
deployed by spirit guides who hold me dear.

I focus on my breath, spine straight, mind clears
my pen a sharp blade cutting through my fears
and hesitations. My receptive heart
prepares to leap into day’s brand new start.

Inspired by: Capricious, Survey, Blade and Deploy.

Featured image: Me climbing in the Garden of the Gods.

Discovering We’re Superheroes

You matter, I matter through the ether we create what is reflected to us.*

As the mind-control machine sputters, fails
each glitch in the matrix reveals details
of the malicious intent to obstruct
our genius mattering for we construct

under the heavy chains of our slave yokes
reality. Ask why. It’s all a hoax
to disempower, for if we found our capes
and, dressed to kill, discovered the escapes

the crumbling empire could not foil our rise
embroiled no longer in the web of lies
and following no leader but the voice
unique, profound, emancipating joys.

Inspired by: Genius, Cape, Obstruct and Fail.

*Top quote from my emerging creative output.

The Moon Is A Mirror

Now is the time to write your new moon manifesting checks.~DaKara Kies

In the teasable phase back’s to mirror
I consider what’s feasible, clearer
as my mind stretches, takes flight, leaves the board
to the bored wretches, pawns moving toward

broadcasted doom, brainwashed disagreements
reflect enslaved collective agreement
sometimes in the dark night of my soul, pain
leads me along poverty’s dull refrain

Dawn comes. Sunrise earthshine the moon is gone
revealing to another soul the con
I sit and contemplate the wondrous whys
existing here and now love recognize

Inspired by: Disagreement, Feasible, Stretches, Flight and written in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday wild burst of unedited words for bored/board. What streams out in SOCS always surprises me.

You Get What You Pay For

If you see a crow, pay attention.

Big crow at the top of a dead tree takes
a look at me as the rosy sun breaks
into a dance of joy a cricket sings
the one-pitch song that conducted my dreams

the painting in the east proceeds, my gaze
uplifted in the glory-tinted haze
not buffeted by detrimental screens
instead I breathe calm underneath the greens

the colors spread a watercolor scene
Impression Sunrise by Monet serene
Why is my life so radiant, so filled
with light? Reflective heart is opening now thrilled

Inspired by: Detriment, Buffet and Look.