Training Daze

Between the fitful storms, cautioned by crows
and bluejays from the dead treetops and poles
we somehow manage to stay dry. The wet
is tracked by paws and boots. A new mindset:

it’s clear that she played alpha. That role’s mine
and so she tries and tests and sometimes whines.
The situation is equivalent
to sneaky encroachments by government

just so I meet the inroads, standing firm
to ev’ry tentative assay, confirm
my understanding of my sovereign power
invisible as breath, aimed to empower.

Inspired by: Equivalent, Wet and Fitful and by a precious doggie who wants to be queen.

Fool’s Journey

I survey the scene from my balcony
sun spreading golden through green canopy.
Capricious feathered messengers appear
deployed by spirit guides who hold me dear.

I focus on my breath, spine straight, mind clears
my pen a sharp blade cutting through my fears
and hesitations. My receptive heart
prepares to leap into day’s brand new start.

Inspired by: Capricious, Survey, Blade and Deploy.

Featured image: Me climbing in the Garden of the Gods.

Greet The Dawn

Today the winsome artist of the skies
begins certain brushstrokes, fleeting surprise
then scrubs it all, paints over with gray haze
choppy with seeded clouds, at sea adaze

the sun continues bold beneath, then parts
through all the toxins and the poison darts
and burns away those artificial lists
posted by beings with utter malice

gold fingers reaching with a sovereign power
lifting my heart, oh how I love this hour
spiraling out of my instructive dreams
which clarify: life is not what it seems

the cardinal sings his spiritual song
joined by the Carolina wren. So long
my ears have strained to understand
these sunrise feathered messengers who land.

Inspired by: List, Winsome, Sea and Certain.

Featured image: A bright red leaf offering on my balcony this morning, swirl effect.

You Get What You Pay For

If you see a crow, pay attention.

Big crow at the top of a dead tree takes
a look at me as the rosy sun breaks
into a dance of joy a cricket sings
the one-pitch song that conducted my dreams

the painting in the east proceeds, my gaze
uplifted in the glory-tinted haze
not buffeted by detrimental screens
instead I breathe calm underneath the greens

the colors spread a watercolor scene
Impression Sunrise by Monet serene
Why is my life so radiant, so filled
with light? Reflective heart is opening now thrilled

Inspired by: Detriment, Buffet and Look.

Consulting The Oracle

“A regular symphony when we step outside.”~Robin Scheiner

One by one they come for my delphic rede
sunrise ballads grounded in birds and trees.
I breathe and kindly sort through casualties
of juvenile beliefs and fallacies.

Inspired by: Casualty, Delphic, Ballad and Juvenile

At The Break of Day

A blue jay and a Carolina wren
insist I rise as sun is born again
a warning call as metaphor is key
the rosy blush vivid then gone. I see

before the clouds have closed, trivial toy
now just an orange smudge. My burst of joy
as day begins essential, for I search
for answers as the timelines jump and lurch

and all the old ways crumble into dust.
The birds assure attentive souls upthrust
and so I pray for receptivity
the gifts are measureless and I am free

Inspired by metaphor, trivial, closed, toy and written in a wild burst in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday ways: key.

Now I’m A Believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind.~Neil Diamond

My eyes drawn to the golden glare sunrise
pulsion from sleep to open air surprise
how the matrix takes me into the week
cage doors clank closed unless I fiercely seek

a novel way to conquer razzmatazz

Cardinal trills “believer” with pizzazz

Abandoning the slaver’s ship for skies
I listen. Feathered messengers advise.

Inspired by: Week, Pulsion, Novel and Pizzazz.

Featured image: cardinal at Pixabay by Christy Mesker.

I’d Best Be On My Way

And an aching in my heart…~Gordon Lightfoot

In the early morning rain, shy wren raves
big personality on the airwaves
I join–spontaneity to sit, drips
with goosebump chills. The corrigible slips

by sly and buttery through my grip. How
I hanker to improve my lot, avow
under this overcast gray mist, persist
in magical thinking, pathos dismiss.

Inspired by: Corrigible, Personality, Buttery and Spontaneity.

And this gorgeous Eva Cassidy cover of one of my favorite songs, Early Morning Rain.

Featured image: Carolina Wren by Chris F on pexels.

According to Brittanica, magical thinking is the belief that one’s ideas, thoughts, actions, words, or use of symbols can influence the course of events in the material world. Magical thinking presumes a causal link between one’s inner, personal experience and the external physical world.” Hmmm. They give you pills to stop this. Sounds like a definition of oppression to me.

Robin in the Rain

An hour before sunrise cleansing rain
and the rivers of my body champagne
endless supply my bias rearranged
by ideas mainstream labels insane

the words installed into the matrix screens
like bouncing balls above each line careen
and hypnotize the traumatized agrize
immobilize by fear gore terrorized

all unsuspecting pointing shrill with blame
caught in the game unknowing filled with shame
how we’re entrained to seek our end, mute slaves
we can’t perceive reality to save

ourselves praying eyes closed to be rescued
bespelled misunderstanding distress cues
here in the drippy dawn a robin sings
cuts through the epithets a new world brings

Inspired by: Gore, Supply, Ball and Bias.

Featured image: robin with the “dark” filter.

Orchestra in Light

In cool bright August morn unique voices
rise in praise of day. My heart rejoices,
releases repentance woven in night’s
frozen laundry-list sentence of dark frights.

A goldfinch sweet and shy brightens the green
as sun pours liquid through tremulant leaves.
Abandoning my plans to spend, I save
my energy. Not lazy as I brave

thrumming sound waves. The geese flock in honking.
Mockingbird and bluejay begin taunting.
I’m all in as the mourning dove duet
relieves me of illusions that beset.

Inspired by: Tremulant, Repentance, Lazy, Laundry and Unique for the Stream of Saturday Consciousness prompt to find a word that starts with ‘u’. And a spectacular cool morning.

Featured image: American goldfinch