The Sacred Vessel

You know that we are living in a bacterial world and I am a bacterial girl.

Who wields the power in this mawkish crew?
The fight assails me, I am down, one, two.
They battle and the toxins exit, vile,
and I’m tossed like a doll, unmercied wiles.

Whenever I am sailing in beliefs
that ego-driven mainstays steer the beast
I truly am–microbiota waves
informed by light purge the ideas of slaves.

I have misconceived my very essence.
Just who breathes sacred life-coalescence?
Not knowing how or why, edge of abyss,
I walk a multitude in layered bliss.

Inspired by: Crew, Bacterial, Wield, Mawkish and a brutal weekend of purging toxins. (I’m all better now.)