Embracing What’s Here

I perceive waiting. To own this requires
a quiet center. Breath like a call to
now. And I confess, my first leap desires
justice and judgment and blamethrower boos.

It’s wake up outside of time while cleaning
the bathroom toxin-free. Winter window
fresh air seeping and the vacuum leaning
comfortably waiting his turn. And so

the morning flows with honor a sacred
currency. I do not buy lies. They bore
me, puny attempts don’t rise. My street cred
dismal and I start anew. To the core

after rooting each emotion in the
putrid wounds that I expose for my worth
my head and deeper than my heart expand
This power is the one they seize at birth.

It’s not out there. We powerfully breathe
and create the thoughts (on what do you dwell?
Or has insidious narrative soothed
you into distraction inaction?) Hell

is over, fun times, y’all. This holy verse
is my fractal of our deepest love. Matter
emerging in responsive universe

knowledge evidence illusion shattered

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Inspired by the generous Fandango, whose prompt this morning, putrid, filled me with revulsion–and was excluded from the other prompts. Strange how cleaning the bathroom allowed it to emerge. Thanks, fivedotoh, for inspiring me daily.

This one is in the style I’m creating on my work in progress as I describe the emergence of the new earth.

Appearances Disjointed

The Revelation Wave lifts the veils on what has been created – personally and globally. For many, it is profound realization of Higher Truth….Forgiveness is necessary; the heightened dismantling will demand quick processing. Reveal, choose the highest interests of all, forgive, release, move on~Sandra Walter

My life ripples.  The full moon pulls a fast
one, disappears as horizon-glint rose-
gold reveals old architecture. The past
dissolving in the weight of my wild prose.

As illusions rise, I claim creation’s
ambient flow: word, thought action repair
my choice.  My correction.  These relations
out of sync, I won’t succumb to despair.

Praise the snitches and whistleblowers.  Light
moves in waves we cannot fathom.  The deep
unveiling reveals resources new, bright
and unexpected. Assailing dwines.  Leap

illuminates the way into now.  Play
with all your heart, no holding back.  Receive
every breath. Miracles unfold.  Day
dawns.  Alert, our sentries demand:  Qui vive?

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Inspired by: Resource, Ambient, Succumb, Architecture and Snitch.

Featured image is a woodpecker landing high in a sunlit tree in the woods yesterday. One of woodpecker’s messages is: be alert! Opportunity comes knocking.

This Essential Fractal

I fill every empty room with so much
me.  Spilling out in every corner, you
could probably build an annex, some such
way to try to hold me but I’m free.

You remind me of what’s pertinent, show
daily recommendations, slow me down
and cage me with your past beliefs that throw
a veil on creativity.  Come ‘round

today, as I release the mind control
deep places from my childhood dancing wild
and see the tracks are artifacts.  You know
the world is new. I heal me.  You do you.

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Inspired by: Empty Room, Pertinent, Annex, Recommendation and the OctPoWriMo Day 29 prompt Railroad Tracks (traveling, vagabond, nomadic, wanderer).

Agent of Love

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
Know what any of it is worth.”~Bob Dylan

you say, I’ll see you in hell, how could you
do this to me—I paid for that training

no longer believe choosing the lesser 
evil ever does anything but fuel 

adversity, that labyrinth looming
intricate, perplexing.  How to discern

while expenses mount, slave collar choking
and down the line bleak lack seems real?

there’s no rhyme or reason in the trenches
til passing through satellite-clouded skies,

true love shines messages.  Powers expand
as you realize now you are a star.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Discern, Adversity, Down the line, Labyrinth and the OctPoWriMo Day 15 change of perspective.

Healing My Broken Heart

I’m serious as shit, dumbfounded by
the faces and the stories up for air
released from darkness I summon the light
how I respond with love to my own cry

especially at night the pris’ners fly
caught in a tale of mine—how could I care
traumatized child gasping for air, I left
to visit other realms, create new skies

and I was reckless, hurting, fantasized—
so if you met me while the onus held
my life’s mission of wound and heal and weld
your face awakes dreams, interrupts my nights

I’m serious as shit, dumbfounded by
the chances opening in tender space
how I respond with love to my own cry

Inspired by: Serious, Dumbfounded, Onus and the #OctPoWriMo Day 7 prompt Growing Pains (pain, growth, learning, finding yourself) in a Triolet or Villonet.

“Serious as shit” may be the strongest language a person with digestive issues can utter. I’m focused on huge wounds in my Elucidation and the healing is fierce!

New Opening

Your phenotype most prurient
attracted me so spurious
libido-led mercurious
You’re furious. You’re furious.

Study the past, you reappear 
expecting adulation, dear.
My energy so strong and clear
you disappear. You disappear.

My gaiety could drive you mad.
You call me cold, you say you’re sad.
You lay the lure, a pain nomad.
I forgive, glad. I forgive, glad.

The steps I take in true desire
highlight how bonds simply expire.
I shift, new portals now inspire
my dreams afire, my dreams afire.

The lessons that we’ve learned can blast
old loneliness trapped in the past.
Intentions crystal clear, at last:
love unsurpassed, love unsurpassed.

Inspired by: Gaiety, Phenotype, Study and #OctPoWriMo Day 6 prompt following desire (steps, desire, drive) in a Monotetra (which I modified a teeny bit).

Featured image taken Sunday on a drive in northern Indiana Amish country.

All The World’s A Stage

The West symbolizes the moving of ignorance to wisdom. Sometimes called the “little death”, West asks us to put away our childish ways and evolve to become our most sage ‘self’.~Spirit Animals.

With all this din, suppose you get a word
in, a zephyr wind exposing terrain
hidden in plain sight, an insistent bird
in leafy branches.  Evidence you’re sane

when suddenly exposed:  the world’s a stage.
Did you forget?  Laugh at the cosmic joke
with people so lost in their roles, enraged
and triggered, spinning in somebody’s smoke

and mirrors.  Now see what the lights reveal—
—we blink, perplexed.  A moment’s pause and when
the theater is clear—the truth, what’s real.
Our hearts on fire, our souls take up the pen.

Inspired by: Suppose, Terrain, Din and Zephyr.

Weavers Gather

Weavers gather in the spurious storm
independent individuals bring
insightful empathy.  We create form
with wizardry. Touching each wound, we sing

not to replace; we’re casting the net wide
beyond the times and spaces where we live.
We’re hurling brand new stars into our skies
resolving that each fractal, reclaimed, gives

this power to the races trained to lie
in abject servitude.  Wake and be strange.
Meander in the woodsy places.  Fly
with dragons.  Overnight the planet’s changed.

Inspired by: Spurious, Independent, Woodsy and Replace.

Imagine That!

Imagination is the often-forgotten force in the core of the human being. Our problems, at the core, exist only because we have “misplaced an infinity.”~Jon Rappoport*

Sharp September early wrapped in fleece
I remember waiting for the sun.  At peace,
eclectic ways to feel into

electric body riveting, pivoting
now, well met, fast-moving clouds!
My travail allows inspection

of the golden-gleamed horizon.
Sipping coffee slow and warm
my morning bluejays warn poignant

and pointed.  Even serenity
is a star poking into absurd
totalitarian measures.  I don’t partake.

That brand of Koolaid just tastes
fake.  I see the stain all around
your panicked eyes, gone: smiles or frowns.

Succumb and lose identity, masked
and frail, breath denied.  Sometimes
it seems a dream.  I thought there were many

more alive, but I see drones
apologetic and rueful, cowed,
reading posted rules.  Now what’s allowed?

I remember waiting for the light
in months like these.  Now I simply bring
myself, sovereign alive sparking love

and curiosity.  There’s no masked
stranger staring in my mirror. Look at me
model how common sense

walks the world.  Freely breathe.
I don’t always have to rhyme.
Sun now appears and I step out of time.

Inspired by: Serenity, Riveting, Eclectic, Travail and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Sharp and Exit From The Matrix*, a life-changing imagination course by Jon Rappoport that I highly, highly recommend.

While The Blossoms Still Cling

Today sitting with a soupçon of hope
the kind that wraps around like smoke designed
to bypass all the doors I’ve firmly closed,
I glimpse into present.  Now is just fine

so why do I worry and project doom?
Scare tactics I created to survive
come crashing down.  Good riddance.  I make room
for new insights upon which I will thrive.

Listen, as all the old systems crumble,
detox, deterge, release.  Weep if you must.
Illusions we’ve anchored life on tumble
leaving us free.  Imagine limitless.

Inspired by: Deterge, Design, Survive and Soupçon.

Featured image is a Rose of Sharon juxtaposing old withered petals, new vibrant blooms and bursting red buds. How nature brings the exact lesson I need!

Title is from a folk song I still love to play and sing: Today by Randy Sparks.