The Sowing Season

Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves.~Mahatma Gandhi

This quickening of sap and roots, hectic
chaotic glory ignites frenetic
as tyros dance as if they’re puppet-pulled,
the spring romance waking the senses, dulled

by winter’s discontent. From my glass house
I see my lessons reflect all I’ve doused
in my proclaimed superiority,
saying I’d never, yet these fires burn me.

I improve my view, rake and cut and dig
wild seeding my truth, my ambitions big.
I’ve cultivated, composting with care
this rich earth where I plant, intentions bare.

Inspired by: Never, Glass, Hectic and Tyro.

Wordless Web

The most potent use of words has been to round out some transcendental event, giving that event a place in the accepted chronicles, explaining the event in such a way that ever afterward we can use those words and say: “This is what it meant.”~Frank Herbert

Sometimes he believes he’s a radical
though he’s bought by the patriarch’s dream. Full
of words, he’s caught. What might beseem a pearl
gleaming is trampled for he’s taught bewhirled.

Inspired by: Patriarch, Radical, Beseem and Sometimes.


Waking in Chaos

There’s no method to this madness. Fiction
spreads like thick molasses, soothing friction
that truth demands. Waiting, tamed by beliefs
that a wise caretaker will allay griefs.

Form a line. Stand patiently while a screen
directs the evildoers’ games. Machine-
taught, purity tainted, bred to power
futurity. Slave owners’ manpower

is educated in mandated ways
to entrain and sedate. Deep in the maze
how to lift up a gaze, discern what’s real?
I sit and breathe, give space to how I feel.

Hope unfurls, a single frond signals spring.
Hands deep in chilly soil, a thrilling zing
as nature teaches. Layered like an ace
in a tarot spread, earth blessings embrace.

Inspired by: Method, Ace, Frond and Purity.

Balancing Act

The assumption that a whole system can be made to work better through an assault on its conscious elements betrays a dangerous ignorance. This has often been the ignorant approach of those who call themselves scientists and technologists.~Frank Herbert

The kitten’s dragging a Santa Claus hat
past my clean black pants eyed by the white cat.
I’ve been up for hours, wheezing, gasping
off balance paradisiac grasping.

These fantasies bred deep my nemesis
words and story enslavement genesis.
The illusion of separation junk
science I have no desire to debunk.

We each embrace some nifty dream planted
in our ancestral stream, awkly granted
audience when we’re too small to recall
the spells, recant the curse and be it all.

Inspired by: Nemesis, Junk, Paradisiac and Nifty.

New Cosmology

The kitten’s shooting marbles ‘cross the floor.
Je t’adore, mon chat: impavid, explore
the darkest corners, eager for a fight.
Leaping ninja acrobatic delight.

While I clean out the litterbox, intent
on sifting these last vestiges–content
affianced with my once delusional
views science-propelled truth illusional

I breathe new power. My cosmology
sprouts in consonant musicology.
Harmonious beings snooze at my feet:
familiars, furry, curious, complete.

A new perspective affords a release.
Concordance tastes extraordinary, sweet.
I cannot save you, so I set you free
distortions in my electricity.

Beware the group-think, my heart, the grasping
claws, the biting jaws, confusion rasping
propaganda harsh and unreconciled.
The individual’s song free and wild’s

the only savior in the game. Let loose.
Follow your joy, imagine with your juice!
Comes now the equinox. Flame into spring.
The world is waiting for the gifts you bring.

Inspired by: Vestige, Sprout, Affiance and Impavid. And the “beware” line heavily influenced by recent readings of my beloved Jabberwocky to my favorite Aries in the featured photo.

Love Insists

Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door. ~Marcelene Cox

In the morning, love insists I redo
what’s been undone in the dark. Teens go through
the night kitchen with zest, unscrew and xertz
and spill amidst the kittens’ howling concerts

fierce tumbles and bold leaps. A disaster
zone, in short. Add the dogs. A forecaster
could simplify my gripes. It is ordained
this stress and mess. I interview harebrained

schemes, good intentions wrought–for I have bought
in, this sanctuary’s quirks food for thought.
I’m here in heart country and resolute
I clean my fractal, healing, destitute

of money. Energetically astute,
I ground and charge. My judgments now transmute.
The kitten purrs, then bites my thumb, my lap
the absolutely best place for his nap.

Written for these prompts: Simplify, Interview, Xertz and Resolute.

Reaching Now

In the morning all the wood I’ve chopped
scattered, splintered, soaked from the water
carried. Wisdom pearls I’ve cast dropped
and trampled, worthless in the slaughter.

There’s no incentive to be free
in this headlong pursuit by greed
digital voices’ endless screed.

I ground myself, simply breathe.
All around the fury seethes.

Why try to renovate
creations mired in hate?

I watch as love blasts
illusory pasts.

I do not know.
I persist, though.

This life pure,
my soul sure

the light
so bright


Written for these prompts: Renovate, Pursuit, Incentive and Free.

Life In The Fast Lane

One kitten’s lounging on my lap, sister’s
on my chair. The writing day’s begun. Stir
gold ghee into my cup, shake collagen.
My morning practices are wearing thin.

Under clear skies today, resolve pervades.
A big dog enters, gentle, but evades
(she wants to go outside, her ball is there.
She doesn’t hold with angry poems.) Air

the traumas we no longer can contain
in sacred vessels. Each electric gain
powers my high trajectory. Today
appears, prized intuition shows the way.

Prompted by: Contain, Clear Skies, Pervade, Angry and Butter (I’m allergic, so I make my own ghee) for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday and inspired to evolve by the loving beings around me.

Into The Looking Glass

“If your heart were sincere and upright, every creature would be unto you a looking-glass of life and a book of holy doctrine.” ~Thomas A. Kempis

In the morning, reconnoiter before
the insolent mirror to consult. More
compassion is required. I look deep
outré in my inspection. Beauty sleep

and REM dreams, tuning electricity,
asking before I judge: how is this me?
A kitten purrs drowsy above my head.
The earth is quickening in spring. I’m led

by waves of creativity, inspired
to clean this fractal in which I am mired.
The coherent reflection sings to me
welcoming the shadows I no longer flee.

Inspired by: Insolent, Consult, Outré and Reconnoiter.


“I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to defend it. Right or wrong. I’m going to defend it.” – Ferris Bueller

Messages beaming through the grid, I gird
my loins in sacred armor. Light and sound
heard through the mists of time controls. I’m bound
by this construct and so I step amid

the sinkholes and the junkyard dogs. This fog
dizzying, disorients. Money’s spent
and I’m beaten down. The barks resound.
Surrounded, my rhymes elucidate crimes.

Yet here’s my backbone. Here’s my joie de vivre
(what slave masters can never take from me.)
Eyes on the prize, my focus draws me here
where laughter reigns and falsity is clear.

Sing now, my darlings, lift up your clear voice.
It’s curtain call. The world joins your rejoice.
Rejecting the false matrix, just a cloud
of stress that cannot mute our spirits loud.

Inspired by: Bark, Backbone and Gird. And the unshakeable certainty that we are right here right now because we have the strength and the commitment to our highest paths, that it’s darkest before the light, and that each individual voice is essential. Sing!