Saying Yes To The Mess

Jade and amethyst and breath steer me through
this confusion. Wearing gemstone allies
as the muddy tracks pull and suck and skew
my perceptions. This road narrows, surprise

turning and the refuge that excited
disappears in this new conflagration.
What rises to be embraced, once slighted
and shunned, revealed: the key to creation.

Inspired by: Ally, Refuge, Excited and Jade.

Gracious Melt

Here the first now fall of snow
melts graciously on the roads, picture
perfect white delight. I’m wearing gifts though
I’ve worn out my welcome. Doughty heart sure

rejection abandonment betrayal
the dark motifs which hosted my disease.
There is no death. Requesting wherewithal
and sanctuary, where I’ll feel at ease.

Rise up, fear. In the early dawn, gobble
my illusions. I present you to sun.
Disappear amorphous vapor. Trouble,
my salvation, in now your cycle’s done.

Inspired by: Gobble, Motif, Vapor and Doughty. And deep healing of long-hidden patterns as I open more and more to now.

Uncontrollable Truth

I’m growing adept, moving through the waves
of denial–all around me people
chafing in the dissonance, being brave
soldiers following the flock as sheep will.

Luminescence detected, I reflect
on this cold light. Comes the dark night, a rogue
breaks free and leaves the training ring to check
some freak anomaly. What is in vogue

exposed, but can we bear to see? The lies
are plastered thick and slimy. Who’ll reach in
with patient aim to claim the truth? Who buys
the barrage, pays with energy? Preach in

vain. And yet my freedom’s liberated
by embrace, for pain indicates the place
we formed precise misbeliefs, sedated
when we needed to survive trauma’s space.

As timelines shift, emerging Now reveals
the ring of truth distorted in the field.
Tuning in place, I claim these painful peals.
My path exotic, in the truth I yield.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Adept, Denial, Rogue, Luminescence and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt ring.

Featured image: a tobacco plant kissing sun.

Once again, my stream of consciousness just went all over the place this morning, and my resolution to write quatrains brought some surprising, revealing twists.

And breathe

We each create and manifest
from the deep places release pearls

luminescent, opalescent, 
translucent unfathomable 

even so we try to fathom
immediately with measures
from past

which take us away, a standard
to judge beautiful by a pose

just feeble attempts to control
reality by spinning tales

We look upon the consequence
of each belief that held us hard

through the fluidity of now
flow heartmelting chances to be 

love singing synchronicity
embraces integrates the pain
just blink

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by writing through a power outage that lasted all morning, and the synchronicity of the OctPoWriMo Day 19 prompts about “being in the present. Dig deep and use words you don’t regularly use” in a new-to-me form called Synchronicity.

Recovering Romantic

All of the readers I consult believe
a twin flame true love soul mate will relieve

what’s ailing me. I still and look beneath
romantic stories that I used to breathe

a young girl waiting in a tower above
the cruel world inside. They called it love

with promises sublime I was entrained
to quell my power by the weight of chains.

Recovery depends on the extent
I stand my ground, consent to my ascent.

You have returned, you beg a hearing though
you shunned my overtures, you say you’ve grown

and two hearts exponentially expand
the sensibilities in this new land.

Duality illusion games are through.
The path inviting opens hearts when true.

Alone I meditate and heal myself.
Come as you are. I’m here. Just be yourself.

Inspired by: Recovery, Extent, Promises, Sublime and the OctPoWriMo Day 18 prompt, how to relax and process feelings (Rejuvenate, Reboot, Breathe, Meditation, Process, Healing) in a form of my choosing, which today are rhyming iambic pentameter couplets.

Permission To Proceed

To be aware of the silence can become pain for earthly [wo]man. But in the deepening silence there grows and ripens what [wo]man speaks to the stars.~Rudolf Steiner

In these starlit skies I watch the darkness
teeming, boiling to refine all that shapes
me as a woman.  My past a stark mess
dreaming, toiling to define what escapes

my filters.  We are trained quite brutally
not to see, to tell lies, yet still knowing
our sacred container beautifully
transmutes—frugal and precise winnowing—

turning the bruises into works of art.
My pure intentions keep me breathing here
Just like a birth, these are labor pains, heart
strong, I gasp and I surrender.  All clear.

Inspired by: Watch, Refine, Darkness, Frugal and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Container.

Floral Lore

I lionize the last buds of autumn
like them, I’m bursting to unfold in now
expansive, flowing in the skyclock hums
beyond extraneous constructs—kapow—

revealed time shrivels, rooted in the lies
and energy, coerced, we gave.  No more.  
I aggravate the status quo, surprise
the world, create exquisite bloom rapport.

Inspired by: Aggravate, Bud, Extraneous and Lionize.

Non-rational Transformation

Attention driving to hometown breakthrough
a bald eagle swoops above my car sky
master demanding: take the higher view
awaken with elation.  This is my

chance to change the climate of oppression
correlate my curious uncanny
skills and hone my creative expression.
An osprey dives low, a vigilante

confident I’m competent to submerge
my head under emotional waters
and survive.  A red-breasted hawk urges
me, be an unconventional daughter

Inspired by: Elation, Awaken, Climate, Correlate and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: ‘tion.

Hanging My Stars

“Good mornin’ starshine, there’s love in your skies.”~William Oliver Swofford

I see no sanctuary in ruins. 
Bluejays are calling mystery from trees
after three cheered my housing app moving
to the dustbin; a year’s wait.  Spinning free

under my new sky.  Tillie clears the green
returns to the house, gentle love shining
generous and grounded.  Sometimes when screens
blue-lit have captured the humans, mining

their energy to fuel the disputed,
she comes to me, big brown eyes seeing life.
I power my own creations, rooted
integrity, no resonance with greed.

Overnight petunias became stars, glow
whitely across water defining tasks: 
Choose carefully under which light I bask.  
Odd requests merit respect.  Old knowing

insubstantial, a raven’s cry, not mine.  
A new blazing sun arrives.  Fall is near.  
Multilayered, I celebrate, aim high. 
Fear a false construct, I see now what’s dear.

Inspired by: Raven, Bask, Odd and Respect


Leap of Faith

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” 
― Claude Monet

These draconian schemes sloppily writ
uncertain citizens firmly to tamp
into the pipe—worries gone when it’s lit!
Hardpressed to venture under stars to camp

now the old scriptwriters are fired. Flimsy
play on words, reminiscent of George
Orwell, the omnilegent clearly see
feeble attempts to convince.  Writers, forge

new insights! Dig under heavy war chests
—paid in full by the people in its sights
proclaiming all that is not right.  It’s best
to be present, create anew.  The fight

just fuels the remnants of what’s disappeared.
Here a leaf falls silent, a straight dropping
into the lawn’s embrace.  And what we’ve feared
revealed as story. Greedy, unstopping

stolen wealth convincing millions of us
jobless, homeless, to go somewhere safe, sit
still til this abates, no need for a fuss.
Your new cage ready, so jump in.  You’ll fit!

Bid fear adieu, project your strong desire!
Imagine your creative powers allow
to build a different world.  I’m on fire
ablaze, inspired, composing here right now.

Inspired by: Uncertain, Draconian and Omnilegent and the utmost certainty that Right Now it is imperative to speak truth unwaveringly.