And breathe

We each create and manifest
from the deep places release pearls

luminescent, opalescent, 
translucent unfathomable 

even so we try to fathom
immediately with measures
from past

which take us away, a standard
to judge beautiful by a pose

just feeble attempts to control
reality by spinning tales

We look upon the consequence
of each belief that held us hard

through the fluidity of now
flow heartmelting chances to be 

love singing synchronicity
embraces integrates the pain
just blink

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by writing through a power outage that lasted all morning, and the synchronicity of the OctPoWriMo Day 19 prompts about “being in the present. Dig deep and use words you don’t regularly use” in a new-to-me form called Synchronicity.

The Natural Truth

“Augmented reality is a layer wrapped around the physical world.”~Jo Scholz

I’m grounded, perspicacious and evolving
unorthodox ways devolving your beliefs
when reality’s a brand professional

you pay premium rate when you don’t create
you’re so money but say it’s just a hobby
I’m grounded, perspicacious and evolving

watch: modeling this soul-deep strength of being
though you turn away intuition still shows
unorthodox ways devolving your beliefs

the ones you absorb while impressionable
douse your wildfire creative genius powers
when reality’s a brand professional

Inspired by: Professional, Hobby, Unorthodox, Perspicacious and the OctPoWriMo Day 14 prompt Truth in a Cascade.

Golden Light Inviting

I’m in the woods, the golden light inviting
my expanding feeling/touching/sensing

tuning in place in now
as every shadow

every dunno how

comes creeping in
such simmering seethe


how much being
can I bring

embracing the responsive universe
integrating me

why even think of holding back

into the illusory precipice
I leap

Translating Space

My grandson greets me gregarious
I answer in kind as we FaceTime
our fresh living language just wrote, ah.

His passion loosed, he starts a haka
fierce dances and chest pounding
As we FaceTime, I answer in kind
his mother can’t tape this astounding

abandoning rules and creating
I answer in kind as we FaceTime
the vitriol atrocious ruckus

and the pique we release in our play
stamping feet, rhythmic shouting
as we FaceTime, I answer in kind
then, laughing, throw kisses, undoubting.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Pique, Ruckus, Atrocious, Vitriol and the OctPoWriMo Day 12 prompt, having fun in the process (Playful, Childlike, Silly) in the new-to-me Zanila Rhyme.

Imagination Creates Reality

“Connecting with one’s own imagination…initiates a cascade of ideas and emotions, which in turn feed back into imagination, making it even more powerful.”~Jon Rappoport*

I step outside, the trees burst into song
lover’s caress, I give my breath, then peer
into the passioned poem-gems along
the emerald lawn. I am a seer

I create these achingly sweet goosebumps
synchronicities invite my huge jumps
into now.  I stride golden woods.  This sun’s 
hot kiss pierces my shadows are undone.

Inspired by the OctPoWriMo Day 11 prompt to explore flowing in the creative stream (Muse, Inspiration, In the flow, Creativity) in the new-to-me Rispetto form.

Featured image is the kaleidoscope effect (free at on this maple leaf song.

Beginning quote from Jon Rappoport’s highly recommended Exit From The Matrix course.

Integrating Shadows

when I swing the ring and hook it— clink—
I move into the flow a prism
of rainbows and unicorns  you blink

as deep intentional projecting
all these swallowed screams held obdurate
in my scarred heart now intersecting

timelines.  I reach back forgiving, glad
I’m here.  I’m living! Reinterpret
every brutal step. I touch old sad

seething. I’m a channel bridging realms 
unseen, a medium you consult 
*clink* til intuition steers your helms.

I manifest this way: integrate
shadows I’ve been struggling to awake.
Outbreath centered, flung, opens the gates.

another ring hooks solid rising
power effortless.  The universe
joins in, responsive synchronizing.

Inspired by: Prism, Scream, Obdurate, the Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt medium and the OctPoWriMo Day 10 prompt letting go with forgiveness (as Tyburn or CinqTroisDecaLa or some weird way that arises.)

And this new-to-me game at which I excel.

Beyond wanting

the outlier has no dignityas boundaries dissolve
running free, imaginingchary fear ignites
transmuting powerpent-up-energy howl
clearing the lineserupting uncontrolled
new portals rewrite scriptsburn up the stage
anything goesrant and rage
suddenly clearyour fireworks alight
outsidemy empty cage.

Inspired by Dignity, Chary, Firework, Howl, and the #OctPoWriMo Day 8 prompt, Breaking Boundaries in a Diamante or table form.

I chose the new-to-me cleave poem. As Jane Dougherty explains, “a cleave poem is three in one: left side says one thing, right side says its opposite. Read together they make a third poem.”

This morning, contemplating breaking boundaries, two songs from my impressionable youth emerged, each with lessons. Queen’s banned I Want To Break Free music video and this live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers version of “Breakdown” (when Tom Petty tells the singing crowd “you’re gonna put me out of a job”). Part of the fairytale narrative I was spoon-fed, today these lessons remind me that “wanting” cages you in lack, so it’s a monumental waste of power. Note to self: Catch yourself saying “I want” and choose “I manifest.” And in the same way, demanding that someone “else” break their boundaries in order to give you something is another trap that leaves you spinning in futility. Note to self: Break down my own boundaries as soon as they become visible.

Featured image: outside shooting with a high shutter speed, different beings only reveal as I look at the images. This bee’s pose is such a gift.

New Opening

Your phenotype most prurient
attracted me so spurious
libido-led mercurious
You’re furious. You’re furious.

Study the past, you reappear 
expecting adulation, dear.
My energy so strong and clear
you disappear. You disappear.

My gaiety could drive you mad.
You call me cold, you say you’re sad.
You lay the lure, a pain nomad.
I forgive, glad. I forgive, glad.

The steps I take in true desire
highlight how bonds simply expire.
I shift, new portals now inspire
my dreams afire, my dreams afire.

The lessons that we’ve learned can blast
old loneliness trapped in the past.
Intentions crystal clear, at last:
love unsurpassed, love unsurpassed.

Inspired by: Gaiety, Phenotype, Study and #OctPoWriMo Day 6 prompt following desire (steps, desire, drive) in a Monotetra (which I modified a teeny bit).

Featured image taken Sunday on a drive in northern Indiana Amish country.

Million-Dollar Shot

Lyrian lightships like to slip by bedecked
black as shadows low horizon circumspect
in caricature of clouds no one believes
yet here they are.  From the back seat I perceive
their immensity, sliding across the sky.
When filters fade, imagination grows psi
as simple constructs of space and time collide
how I excel inventing creative rides.
This million-dollar image could change closed minds
encased in doubt about to be left behind.
Lyrian lightships like to slip by bedecked
black as shadows low horizon circumspect.

In caricature of clouds no one believes
yet here they are.  From the back seat I perceive
their sheer audacity, mid-afternoon flaunt
cartwheeling over an anthill, nonchalant.
Secure that we won’t look?  Or is this invite
to drop into joyful play a sheer delight? 
No one will stop the car, so a fast shutter
speed is my recourse, click, click, click. I utter
my surprise, the white clouds puff and play along
It’s difficult to hide ships so dark and long.
Lyrian lightships like to slip by bedecked
black as shadows low horizon circumspect

Their immensity, sliding across the sky!
When filters fade, imagination grows psi
that swirls beneath what we insist must be real
–although handled children are taught: never feel
and sense in unknown ways that we created–
our visions shaped in rivalry, frustrated
Look up, children, at last the paranormal
sky-messengers are the tip of what’s normal.
Reality is splitting wide, as times’ lines 
shift.  We raise our sights catching obvious signs.
Lyrian lightships like to slip by bedecked
black as shadows low horizon circumspect.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Excel, Catching, Handle, Rivalry and #OctPoWriMo Day 5 prompt healing creating from the heart in a shape form or Licentia rhyme form.

Featured image taken yesterday as Lyrian lightships glided right overhead in such hilarious camouflage–I mean, this is broad slapstick humor.

Lightships are black.

Taken through the side window

#OctPoWriMo is really stretching me, expanding me into new spaces, which of course is where creativity sparks and flows and zings and….like that.

Weird Things Dance*

Pay attention to where your consciousness is being steered to reinforce narratives that may not be in the highest interests of all concerned.~Sandra Walter

All the new revelations show the old
lies bait and switch sleight of hand what is real

we create with intention our powers
rising into view honor what we feel

our delivery system looks a mess
childish outbursts tantrums emotional

distress alive vibrating here we are
the fine philanthropy devotional

dizzying variety of being
leaves caught in the wind chaotic beauty

in the name of love we imagine now
filters falling autumn’s calling duty

in deep integrity our voices rise
speaking in love opens our new surprise

Inspired by: Switch, Variety, Delivery, Philanthropy, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday post new/old and #OctPoWriMo Day 3 prompt finding beauty in chaos.

Soundcloud recording here

*Title is from a quote by M.H. Boroson, “Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. At the edge of perception, weird things dance and howl.”

Featured image is the kaleidoscope effect on this photo of a chaotic pile of leaves.

Stream of consciousness Saturday usually leads to an outpouring of poems inspired by the editing I am not allowed to do. I did make four edits as I was writing.