Life Cycles

For Carolyn Sue on her birthday.

Sitting on the floor as sun spills golden
through the green, green leaves, puppy emboldened
brings her scrumptious bone and chews by my side
then chases tail. Exuberance provides

the path to rejuvenation
grief and sorrow detonation

I am opened wide before this display
antics, mischief, a desire to play

The need for qualifications release
let experts drone, opine. I am at peace
with wisdom carved from my own conscious breath
greet certainties of life: sun, stars and death.

Inspired by: Scrumptious, Detonate, Rejuvenate, Before and a puppy who is helping me today on my deceased mother’s birthday.

Featured image: After I texted my pup’s former owners with an update, she cuddled with this pink blankie she’s had since she was tiny. Before that, she posed (below).

My Choice

Some days I plan the next sixty hale years
others, so affronted, beset with tears
alone, forsaken, infected by dread
I hang by the slenderest silken thread

My dreams sift through realities then shift
and I awake direction-filled and drift
no longer in the dissonance, create
the next module my offerings array

my qualifications: each treasured breath
each hard lesson forged by imminent death.
Alive, I’m filled in gratitude, rejoice
I raise now my unique essential voice.

Inspired by: Module, Qualification, Affront and Hale.

When I Think of Purple

Your love is the promise that guides me
All of the days of my life~Dan Fogelberg

While she could still speak, I dressed my dying
mother in my new purple shirt, crying
silent tears. Combed her silver hair, face cream
and lip gloss and she called us all, agleam

a tiny voice to contradict death’s claim
and rekindle the spark of life, grand dame
so beautiful and filled with this fierce light
her final I love you‘s still ringing bright

Inspired by: Purple, Contradict and Rekindle.

Featured image: A purple iris from my mother’s garden.

We Are Water

We are always informing the water in us and the water around us.~Eileen McKusick

Downpour douses life force conflagration
apt beginning, new peregrination
concert differences in comprehension
does each vital spark conjoin, ascension

as the ashes mix with rainfall, casket
spray offers tender blooms. Choose one, task it
since only love recombines these schisms
we wield ours healing fractious divisions.

Inspired by: Division, Peregrination, Ashes and Concert.

Featured image: Peace rose from my mother’s garden.

Enjoy this free Lion’s Gate tuning by Eileen McKusick.

New Beginning

When life is this dear, it means the source is pulling us.~Rumi

In the precarious untapped places
of my intuitive tract rise traces
of knowing insubstantial and exact
in hindsight vapor, visible, untracked

Distracted by the details, living life
fulfilling roles and harmonizing strife
still I am led, I’ve learned to question not
or try to ascertain the why’s so fraught

with pain that expectations cannot meet.
A red-winged blackbird trills “believer” sweet
I sit in the storm’s aftermath, the rain
now gently falls on the funeral plane.

Inspired by: Precarious, Tract and Vapor.

Featured image: My darling Mary Lou, who we bury today.

The Circle of Life

The sky is crying. Look at the tears roll down the street.~Elmore James

Beneath my balcony ciphers conflate
tempt passersby to pause, puzzle, translate.
Their passion for this part-time work brings ire.
The walkers pull, cajole. The dogs conspire

to linger, sniff excitedly, intent
alive delightedly I am present.

The skies that cried with me last night engorged
heartbreak my loved one’s passing has discharged

to weep is not a solecism. Grief
and I take over skies for heart’s relief

The pressure from the barometric weight
teeth-grinding ache, striking, it bombilates
in hidden layers like the scents below
and I must sit and balance this inflow.

Inspired by: Solecism, Striking, Passion and Part Time. In memory of Mary Lou.

Ripple Effect

My mother would never gad about, posed
in her fancy garb, beauty well-disposed
to rise organized with the help of lists
led her groups and committees, children kissed

as the swan sails serene and poised, ugly
duckling truckling alone being pretty
unattainable, unsustainable
until death, motives unexplainable

her litany of resolutions prove
by daily focused practice, any groove
you choose can be your destiny. We’re free
to form and mold our own reality.

Inspired by: Fancy, Children, Gad and the enlightening discovery of a list of resolutions my mother made when she was 20 and lived by the rest of her life.

Featured image: Last night’s gloriously long July sunset prompted underwater beings to rise and create ripples.

Because Life Goes On

Sun glints through silken threads which designate
no-fly zones. Cottonwood fluff congregates

spinning while poised on the edge of a knife
razor-sharp I go hurtling through life

a plastic bag dances through the breeze. Trees
breathe me. Off to work, neighbor’s too busy
to pick up junk. Mourning dove five-note cries
a year ago at just this time Mom dies

I must peer into the darkest places
give audience to my worst disgraces

build toy spaceships with my grandson, create
elaborate adventures, celebrate

Inspired by: Junk, Toys and Audience.

Featured image: a large tub full of building blocks and two vivid imaginations make for a lovely day. My mom would have enjoyed every second of it.

Brood No More

Bereft, I envied those who seemed more deft
handling these losses, laughing. To theft
my fervor closed an iron fist. Today
uncaged my hero’s journey now at stake

I gaze into the waters, curious
release the bitter hold, the furious
narrative. Now is the chance to create
imperative. Imagine cannot wait.

Featured image: mysteries this morning in the lake’s depths.

Inspired by: Fervor, Envy, Bereft, a walk along the lake to surprise a brooding duck, and below, a mother goose with three newly hatched goslings.