When We Choose Love

When told to knuckle under in the storm
of lies, I stood tall in the truth and scorn
rained down on me by those permeated
by fear, calling me dangerous, insane

bypassing lament, I cultivated
my own organic growth, and I abstained
from consuming the narrative obtained
through frequencies of hate unabated

the timeline I choose leads me to sunbeams
and thriving plants luxuriate. My dreams
lucid and powerful reach into murk
remedy past where unhealed traumas lurk.

Inspired by: Storm, Lament, Cultivate and Knuckle.

Featured image: Down dog in sunbeam.

Insomniac’s Lament

She says, there’s only love and fear so which
element is keeping you up, my dear? Switch
on the light and oscillate the air. Sleep
heals what ails you but you wheeze and weep deep

in the night as thieves prowl in the street. You
peek between the blinds, this incomplete view
you could upgrade to embrace the shades who
haunt you and taunt you your fears have made you

Inspired by: Upgrade, Oscillate, Fear and the SOCS prompt Element.

Featured image: seeds with space filter.

Fondness For Stars

When Mercury is in retrograde, everyone is a pain in the ass.

Mercury retrograde spins obtuse dreams
old lovers reach across silver moonbeams
that pull me to clear skies, pace beneath stars
gleaming like cultured pearls, Venus and Mars

and brilliant Jupiter. Autumn designed
to thrill the sleepless, ease the troubled mind
as all the knotted threads rise to be seen
connected fields are throbbing to be cleaned

Inspired by: Culture, Obtuse, Fondness and Design.

Recurring Dream

Through the wealth of crazy quilting, I move
undercover, tilting windmills to prove
my responsive state in the wilderness
expansive estate, mansion’s inwardness

I long to return, these rooms recreate
with intent. In darkness led to update
reshape gleaming wood spiral staircases
retrace hidden halls to secret places

Exploring stories, traveling delight
worries unravel in the stealth of night.
Arriving brings lucidity. I know
this place from childhood my embodied soul

Inspired by: Update, Stealth, Mansion, Responsive, a recurring dream about a beloved wood-gleaming mansion and Don Quixote.

Featured image: A quilt gift from my mother’s hospice nurse.

The Patterns Love Weaves

Everything is frequency and DNA is the ultimate antenna. You are a master of your energy, both a frequency emitter and a receiver in flux with your internal and external environment.~Sol Luckman

A hummingbird comes to magnolia’s blush
fluttering wings gleaming in sunrise flush
in this surreal hour serenity
calls up flickering dream complexity

the half-awake chef from kitchens of night
docile, revealed in the intense gold light
Finch flying overhead in symmetry
reveals how we’re remunerated, flee

the consequences of the words we fling
regardless of realities they bring
the symphony that we create right now
shaping the frequency as love knows how

Inspired by: Flush, Docile, Remunerated and Surreal.

Featured image: New pine cones with hieroglyphs love writes

Back In The Day

After I declare myself receptive
to the flow of love, midnight deceptive
perambulations through the wilderness
bordering royal forest hiddenness

flashbacks rise from these purlieus vacated
when passion just ran out of gas, sated
and abandoned until dark when rusted
signposts indicate what’s buried, crusted

sunlight breaks free of the horizon, pours
over memories, now dust. I open doors
and sweet anticipation riffles through
the night spent cleaning leaves a nifty view

Inspired by Nifty, Purlieu, Gas and Flashback.

Correcting Trajectory

I’m sitting passenger side in this Lyft
furtive eye on the driver, who is swift
and the imp in the back flaunts sock-less feet
she’s pulled and chucked them, strapped in her car seat

We’re going the wrong way, I say, and boom
impetuous U-turn with barely room
to squeeze through. I have time to make my flight.
The driver’s mad, then lost, wheels spin. Contrite

she misses the turn, glancing at her screen.
I shout. She brakes inches before the sheen
of water. The old road abruptly ends.
She backs the car. The bright new bridge extends

beyond our reach and to retrace our path
a one-way street, going the wrong way, back.
I stay calm through this nightmare, recollect
I’d asked dream guides to help my new project.

Inspired by: Imp, Impetuous, Furtive and Recollect.

Featured image: The sun paints uncanny green in the lake.