What I Cast

My mission today is to have fun, play
so this pedantic stance must go away.
All these children are masked, seeking solace
in screens, queued vacuous fueling lawless

mandates. How freely do we give assent.
Masks restrict breath’s unlimited blessings.
I walk into a strange new world where fear
has conquered reason. Locked in cages, queer

story called stay home safe sucks energy.
Lionize automatons, sensory
overload. The narrative has changed but
not reality. Who cannot see what

masquerades as truth casts long shadows, dark
and dreary dwelling in the toxins stark?
I can only save myself, focus on
breath. This nonsense holds no sway. Free upon

the earth, I visit ancient trees. Grounded
and rooted in my sovereignty, rounded,
in balance, here I sing. Now love’s the key,
opens into higher trajectory.

Inspired by: Pedantic, Lionize, Long Shadows and Queue.

May all beings be free

“I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.”~Buddha

Instead of plotting some comeuppance for
a troublemaker, I sit, present, breathe
morning prayers sending sustenance. Doors
open in closed hearts when blessings flow. Leave

the beings who finagle in dismay
and fear confusion. The world’s air with pure
intention, I share. Merit as I pray
and face the mirror, clean my fractal, sure.

Inspired by: Trouble, Comeuppance and Finagle.


In this topsy turvy mandate for ill
health, woe to the weavers of ludicrous
lies, the series: ridicule, mute and still
those with eyes who dare to stand, numerous.

How humorous to say bodies have changed.
This bold campaign to seize our sovereign power
by any means extends thick and deranged
and since we’re fed on it from birth, its sour

taste seems normal. We’re too small to shake yokes
of enslavement, too busy to think each
unique voice has the choice to decry, hoax!
I apply heuristic devices, reach

the bone-deep knowledge tested in new ways
that who we are emerges in the now.
My limitless imagination slays
apparent obstacles. Freedom avow.

Inspired by: Series, Woe, Health and Heuristic.

Appearances Deceive

I’m picking up pulses, reality
exquisitely eager vibrations, poised
for reception. Old tale convulses, frees
perception. The false narratives employ

elaborate operations that gnaw
in dissonance, speeding up time until
the stress might kill those trapped in evil’s maw.
Projecting resonance, redefine real.

In this hour, homeless and destitute,
I have released. Free and astute
I stand in power. My authentic voice
sings praise for this breath. In the now, rejoice.

Inspired by: Operation, Gnaw, Eager and Picking. And Tom Kenyon’s amazing new offering The Window of Harmony for relief from the negative effects of stress.

No Limits Is The Key

This morning my path strewn with obstacles
appears the opposite of what I’ve prayed
so fervently I expect miracles
summoning guides and angels to play.

All childish narratives must be revealed
and stories about what’s in front of me–
the dark and dirty secrets I’ve concealed
I bring to light with heavenly help. See

I’m moving limitless beyond, above
some sky you might conceive to cage me. Love
has no limits. Warnings betray the bones
of fear’s construction. With this key alone

the lunatic fringe unveils the tarnish
of the ravishing, utterly false ploy
offering. Elucidation: varnish
thin and cracking under the weight of joy.

Expand my DNA as I receive
what I project so mindfully. Rejoice!
My courage leads me into now. Perceive
I move mountains with my authentic voice.

Inspired by a kind and loving response from the amazing Dan Booth Cohen, and these prompts: ravishing, warning, fringe, betray and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt sky’s the limit. (Only the first three stanzas qualify for the SOCS prompt, the last two had FIVE edits, since once I read it over, I realized I had misread my hurried scrawl and had missing lines and rhymes. I’m linking anyway, because it’s such an amazing and fun prompt and I really want to spread the word.)

The Rising

Too many crows to count gilding black wings
in this glorious rising. I am stunned
cold fingers fumbling. Aperture brings
focused acclaim. Here is a brand new sun.

In this golden celebration I glean
deep secrets long misplaced. I am Empress
legendary, sovereign. In my clean
vessel I host trillions. We bring the best

and highest benefaction, living praise.
Balance, ground and center all distortions.
Freedom sets us in truth’s bet. Call and raise
breath, holy intentional devotions.

Inspired by: Bet, Glean, Misplaced and Legendary.

My time on WordPress is coming to an end. Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting on my journey these last three years. I send you blessings in our connection that reaches far beyond the machines’ thrall.

I Believe It’s Time For Me To Fly

Each movement towards personal wholeness acts also upon the whole of reality.~Francene Hart.

I list today’s action steps. The onus
is on me. Tackle waiting obstacles
–incessant noisy greed, season’s bonus—
as a summons of excellence tickles

my fancy. Climbing up, the canopy
reveals higher perspectives. Here I pray
a traveller’s protected panoply
of fearless steps. My truth renewed, I play.

Healing waters cascade on my parade.
Unlimited potential now awaits.
Descending back into the muck, eyes wide
I open heart and mind, leave comfort’s side.

Inspired by: Tackle, Incessant, Onus, Canopy, Waiting and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: List.

Twisted By Ungrounded Beliefs

“Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”~Voltaire

I take the higher ground. A crow’s five caws
float through the open window I’ve searched for.
Rest is a sacred duty. Divine laws
like gravity have closed familiar doors.

How we steep ourselves in toxins, blaming
invisible stories as we cough, sneeze
our breathways clear. Some ill intent framing
comprehension. Fear rampant on the breeze

we slam it shut and shudder with disease
invented to control us. At the store
the self-appointed practitioners call, Freeze!
I cannot safely wear a mask. My core

certainty of how my body works moves
me and my microbiome–trillions steer
seamlessly, updating, downloading grooves
of dancing life. We open to breathe clear.

Inspired by the highly recommended book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong by David Parker and Dawn Lester. The book is massive, well-sourced and illuminating. TLDR? The four factors which cause disease are exposure to toxins, poor nutrition, exposure to EMF, and excessive/prolonged stress. (Turns out infectious disease is an evidence-free myth.)

Saying Yes To The Mess

Jade and amethyst and breath steer me through
this confusion. Wearing gemstone allies
as the muddy tracks pull and suck and skew
my perceptions. This road narrows, surprise

turning and the refuge that excited
disappears in this new conflagration.
What rises to be embraced, once slighted
and shunned, revealed: the key to creation.

Inspired by: Ally, Refuge, Excited and Jade.

How Can I Tell You?

As the sun flare knocks me out, I’m changing
in ways language can’t track. “I take a nap.”
In the dark, pugnacious, I’m exchanging
fighting words with my reflections. Unwrap

the filters, the false narratives which shred
upon inspection. Witness, at peace, clues,
insights: natural power strips dead
ways. Each slave collar revealed. In the true

expansion of now, I lift my controls
self-imposed despite the stories spoonfed
from birth. A tourist in a strange new land
I embrace the sun. Illusions, moon-led

no longer. I am the song’s harmony.
I bring unstinting praise. Blessings, dear world.
Rippling like light, I touch wordlessly
the change, allowing as my dark unfurls.

Inspired by: Pugnacious, Peace, Natural and Tourist.