Grey Turns To Blue

Each face swimming into my hereness
calls and texts or in the shunned connections
blessings in this misty morning nearness
the grey thick air devours reflections
of vivid vistas. Yesterday’s clearness
disappears. Here a cold wet inspection
alleviates misperceptions, makes light
of falsely perceived rejection haze-bright.

The fractal I create illuminates
all of my lessons soaking in presence.
When we touch I embrace, elucidate
the wounded patterns in my face.  Essence
of evolution, intuitive gates
open the paradigm’s obsolescence.
Hear my growl deep in the woods.  Rain-fog gifts
are love, a sending as the timelines shift.

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Inspired by: Grey turns to blue, Alleviate, Devour, Vivid, Growl and the OctPoWriMo Day 22 prompt to follow your gut feelings in an Ottava Rima.

And breathe

We each create and manifest
from the deep places release pearls

luminescent, opalescent, 
translucent unfathomable 

even so we try to fathom
immediately with measures
from past

which take us away, a standard
to judge beautiful by a pose

just feeble attempts to control
reality by spinning tales

We look upon the consequence
of each belief that held us hard

through the fluidity of now
flow heartmelting chances to be 

love singing synchronicity
embraces integrates the pain
just blink

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Inspired by writing through a power outage that lasted all morning, and the synchronicity of the OctPoWriMo Day 19 prompts about “being in the present. Dig deep and use words you don’t regularly use” in a new-to-me form called Synchronicity.

Recovering Romantic

All of the readers I consult believe
a twin flame true love soul mate will relieve

what’s ailing me. I still and look beneath
romantic stories that I used to breathe

a young girl waiting in a tower above
the cruel world inside. They called it love

with promises sublime I was entrained
to quell my power by the weight of chains.

Recovery depends on the extent
I stand my ground, consent to my ascent.

You have returned, you beg a hearing though
you shunned my overtures, you say you’ve grown

and two hearts exponentially expand
the sensibilities in this new land.

Duality illusion games are through.
The path inviting opens hearts when true.

Alone I meditate and heal myself.
Come as you are. I’m here. Just be yourself.

Inspired by: Recovery, Extent, Promises, Sublime and the OctPoWriMo Day 18 prompt, how to relax and process feelings (Rejuvenate, Reboot, Breathe, Meditation, Process, Healing) in a form of my choosing, which today are rhyming iambic pentameter couplets.

Kaleidoscopes in Love

Photonic light frequencies amplify everything, lifting the self-imposed veils so you may examine, release and clear what does not serve. Zero focus on what you don’t desire. Amplify the Light and it will blast the distortions into a faded memory.~Sandra Walter

I sleep easily in the banshee cries
my mighty intangible ancestry
a river running through me the polished 
stones in my banks hidden treasure revealed 

a cinch though I can’t see, moving in the 
current yesterday’s anguish escapes my 
grip, I’m flow as each distortion rises
to my calling, I am falling in love 

now, this power rising as I receive 
what I project, ah, true love, once so mis-
construed as rainbow-lit sanctuary,
backs turned, the family’s pause just before

entering the box called home.  Illusion
disappearing, darling, it’s time to move 
on, creativity aware passion 
ignites imagination in full flight.

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Inspired by: Intangible, Cinch, Mighty!, Banshee and the OctPoWriMo Day 16 prompt: turning things inside up and upside down.

Agent of Love

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
Know what any of it is worth.”~Bob Dylan

you say, I’ll see you in hell, how could you
do this to me—I paid for that training

no longer believe choosing the lesser 
evil ever does anything but fuel 

adversity, that labyrinth looming
intricate, perplexing.  How to discern

while expenses mount, slave collar choking
and down the line bleak lack seems real?

there’s no rhyme or reason in the trenches
til passing through satellite-clouded skies,

true love shines messages.  Powers expand
as you realize now you are a star.

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Inspired by: Discern, Adversity, Down the line, Labyrinth and the OctPoWriMo Day 15 change of perspective.

The Natural Truth

“Augmented reality is a layer wrapped around the physical world.”~Jo Scholz

I’m grounded, perspicacious and evolving
unorthodox ways devolving your beliefs
when reality’s a brand professional

you pay premium rate when you don’t create
you’re so money but say it’s just a hobby
I’m grounded, perspicacious and evolving

watch: modeling this soul-deep strength of being
though you turn away intuition still shows
unorthodox ways devolving your beliefs

the ones you absorb while impressionable
douse your wildfire creative genius powers
when reality’s a brand professional

Inspired by: Professional, Hobby, Unorthodox, Perspicacious and the OctPoWriMo Day 14 prompt Truth in a Cascade.

Golden Light Inviting

I’m in the woods, the golden light inviting
my expanding feeling/touching/sensing

tuning in place in now
as every shadow

every dunno how

comes creeping in
such simmering seethe


how much being
can I bring

embracing the responsive universe
integrating me

why even think of holding back

into the illusory precipice
I leap

Entre chien et loup

In the darkness I awaken shadow
snoring alongside is the old black dog 
I’m watching.  I roll—time shifts and I know
this scene, waking from a dream I leapfrog

snoring alongside is the old black dog
alone, at twenty-three, my prayers invite
this scene, waking from a dream I leapfrog
to the eyes of this wise and cordial night

alone, at twenty-three, my prayers invite
phantasm stirring tandem streams of time
to the eyes of this wise and cordial night
sleepless, spooked, jarred by the interim, I’m

phantasm stirring tandem streams of time
embracing what I misconstrue and still
sleepless, spooked, jarred by the interim, I’m
the synchronicity revealing skill

embracing what I misconstrue and still
I’m watching.  I roll—time shifts and I know
the synchronicity revealing skill
this scene, waking from a dream I leapfrog

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Interim, Cordial, Tandem, Phantasm and the OctPoWriMo Day 13 prompt Outside the box (Chains, Freedom, Breakthrough, Open mind, Flight) in a new-to-me Pantoum.

Title is a French idiom, the literal translation of which, between dog and wolf, suggests the golden twilight hours when the unknown shape shifts reality.

Featured image is my shadow in flames.

This, by the way, is a True Story. A very weird happening at age 23 suddenly revealed, as timelines shift, and I deliver love messages to my emerging distraught shadows in the so-called past.

Integrating Shadows

when I swing the ring and hook it— clink—
I move into the flow a prism
of rainbows and unicorns  you blink

as deep intentional projecting
all these swallowed screams held obdurate
in my scarred heart now intersecting

timelines.  I reach back forgiving, glad
I’m here.  I’m living! Reinterpret
every brutal step. I touch old sad

seething. I’m a channel bridging realms 
unseen, a medium you consult 
*clink* til intuition steers your helms.

I manifest this way: integrate
shadows I’ve been struggling to awake.
Outbreath centered, flung, opens the gates.

another ring hooks solid rising
power effortless.  The universe
joins in, responsive synchronizing.

Inspired by: Prism, Scream, Obdurate, the Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt medium and the OctPoWriMo Day 10 prompt letting go with forgiveness (as Tyburn or CinqTroisDecaLa or some weird way that arises.)

And this new-to-me game at which I excel.

Beyond wanting

the outlier has no dignityas boundaries dissolve
running free, imaginingchary fear ignites
transmuting powerpent-up-energy howl
clearing the lineserupting uncontrolled
new portals rewrite scriptsburn up the stage
anything goesrant and rage
suddenly clearyour fireworks alight
outsidemy empty cage.

Inspired by Dignity, Chary, Firework, Howl, and the #OctPoWriMo Day 8 prompt, Breaking Boundaries in a Diamante or table form.

I chose the new-to-me cleave poem. As Jane Dougherty explains, “a cleave poem is three in one: left side says one thing, right side says its opposite. Read together they make a third poem.”

This morning, contemplating breaking boundaries, two songs from my impressionable youth emerged, each with lessons. Queen’s banned I Want To Break Free music video and this live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers version of “Breakdown” (when Tom Petty tells the singing crowd “you’re gonna put me out of a job”). Part of the fairytale narrative I was spoon-fed, today these lessons remind me that “wanting” cages you in lack, so it’s a monumental waste of power. Note to self: Catch yourself saying “I want” and choose “I manifest.” And in the same way, demanding that someone “else” break their boundaries in order to give you something is another trap that leaves you spinning in futility. Note to self: Break down my own boundaries as soon as they become visible.

Featured image: outside shooting with a high shutter speed, different beings only reveal as I look at the images. This bee’s pose is such a gift.