Bound For Glory

This train is bound for glory, this train.

Being diligent not to stump or shill
anybody with propaganda swill
caustic politics and economics
the latest debated histrionics

winnows my words, so weighted, created
to cage and deflate. What’s untranslated
paints me into the praise of tree glory
rising, shimmering new untold story.

Inspired by: Stump, Anybody, Diligent and Caustic.

Featured image: This glorious tree celebrates sunrise by my balcony.

Young Again

When I was young, my heart was young then, too. Anything that it would tell me, that’s the thing that I would do.~Gene MacLellan

The lies wrapped around me like a wound globe
demonstrably false in a concrete probe
no time to test and reject the theory
peer pressure and scorn heaped on naif query

survival requires an intake complete
–then Santa exposed a checkrein to cheat
me from my inheritance. Damnation
propaganda-led. Remuneration

I claim, rebuke the utter dissonance
designed to disempower. Common sense
reveals me grounded on earth’s plane, breath free
abundant and sunlit sovereignty.

Inspired by: Remuneration, Rebuke, Design, Concrete and the unraveling of so many lies reminding me of forcing the shell of a wound golf ball when I was young, and having to clean up all the resulting tiny pieces of rubber bands.

Featured image: This morning’s sunrise through leaves, Delauney filter.

Write The New Script

It’s 5:45, the conjunction’s in
and the planet settles from dizzy spin
back to terra firma, breeze from the south
sky is clear as the spin from evil mouths

a web we’re fed through our entrainment box
from birth through wily MSM like Fox
the power schemers harvest energy
as long as we’re screen bound. They’ve cleverly

enhanced the trance. They won’t be satisfied
until life force zip, zero, zilch worldwide.
Once you have seen beneath absurdity,
unlikely to buy ludicrous folly

or life in urban negative nightmares
huddled inside filtering filthy air.
Now choose creation, imagination
painting wild and free a new narration.

Inspired by negative, fox, satisfied, urban, Venus conjunct with Neptune and Jupiter in this new Taurus moon, and written in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday style using zip, zero, zilch.

Choose Now

...if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.~Matthew

The protagonist’s outrageous claim lays
waste to reality narrative’s maze.
We’re trained, enslaved by scarcity, disport
in our cages mindlessly we cavort

Imagination like a magic wand
from tales we relegate to childhood, fond
memories of the now we miss–unless
we open up new sensors and express

the joy of expansion choosing to breathe
into each newfound opportunity

Inspired by: Outrageous, Mustard, Protagonist and Disport.

Featured image: a swan on the lake today.