Digesting What Is Real

All disease begins in the gut.~Hippocrates

In the surreal aisles of the box store
inedible packages of cardboard
claim to be food. I look askance, select
kleenex and toilet paper and reject

the dubious offerings, even root
vegetables, alliums, leafy greens, fruit
tasteless. The farmer’s market’s integral
to my table. I ferment victuals

my kitchen fills with jars of cultured squash,
curtido, kraut, kimchi and with panache
I create labels for my medicine.
Real food supports well-being genuine.

Inspired by: Squash, Surreal, Integral and Culture.

Featured image: Fermented vegetables from Sommerwhitemd.com.

Moving On Up

First rule of healing: Are you ready to give up what is making you ill?

If you follow the transits of the stars
Mercury in retrograde writes memoirs
as relics time travel from toxic past
and beg to be released and healed at last

I strictly circumscribe these journeys, stay
in now lifting the veil, no hurry, play
in the reflected glory waxing moon
this mirror of a crater’s profile soon

my passionate intensity to be
far-flung on my higher trajectory
with profile calm and patient, I rejoice
alive and strong, raising my unique voice

Inspired by: Transit, Circumscribe, Profile and Time Travel.

Orchestra in Light

In cool bright August morn unique voices
rise in praise of day. My heart rejoices,
releases repentance woven in night’s
frozen laundry-list sentence of dark frights.

A goldfinch sweet and shy brightens the green
as sun pours liquid through tremulant leaves.
Abandoning my plans to spend, I save
my energy. Not lazy as I brave

thrumming sound waves. The geese flock in honking.
Mockingbird and bluejay begin taunting.
I’m all in as the mourning dove duet
relieves me of illusions that beset.

Inspired by: Tremulant, Repentance, Lazy, Laundry and Unique for the Stream of Saturday Consciousness prompt to find a word that starts with ‘u’. And a spectacular cool morning.

Featured image: American goldfinch