Evolutionary Spin

Nobody else is gonna do it for you. You have to pick yourself up out of your dark moment; you gotta be your own source of light.~Kyle

I’ve been the scapegoat, carried the blame-wave,
aspired to be recognized, acclaimed brave.
My intrinsic value I clearly see.
The outcast’s role’s expired, doesn’t fit me.

And now I treasure me–dude, I’m all that–
my foes, exposed, call me insane, pick at
old wounds I healed, inspired to evolve.
Miscast no longer, their figments dissolve.

Inspired by: Figment, Blame, Intrinsic, Wave and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts inspire/expire/aspire.

Featured image: Kaleidoscope effect on today’s sunrise photo.

New Earth Portfolio

even as the bluejay warns, spine tingles
a beast barks, exhausted senses mingle
heavy in the magnetic force down dog
solar plexus aimed at earth clears fog

the poisons writhe thick upon sweet air i’m
the canary in the mine, see what’s there: crime
against our moral ground been here before
a spiritual war my sovereign core

perceives the matrix glitch this déjà vu
rises ancestral trauma ringing through
manipulated stories stupefy
i do not pay attention and–surprise

reclaim my energy. My focus buys
love, give and receive the wealth in the skies
on sacred ground, through fire and water, mint
intentional, creative investment.

Inspired by: Magnet, Stupefy, Plexus and Déjà vu.

Featured image: Lilypods succumbing to a poison warned me to flee, not before I got a lungful.

The Power of Gold

The women are lovely, the wine is superb but there’s something about the song that disturbs you…~Dan Fogelberg

On the point great blue heron throaty-croaks.
Wondrous beings rise beneath glass, upstrokes
create perfect circles, rippling. Clear
courage hurtles me through crippling fear.

Tardy, I do not fit. You do not get
me, tangled shoelaces ditched, bare feet wet
in morning praise. You scorn my history–
her story never told, a mystery

not worth a cent–say I wouldn’t give you
if you begged
. Apprised, I enter lake blue
reflections disguised, differences make
I am a stone thrown, all that you forsake

becoming new unchained by patterns old
which surface to me watching brave and bold.
The gifts I offer rare and strange. Behold
I dance freely. You sink locked in your gold.

Inspired by: Throat, Wondrous, Tardy and Tangled Shoelaces and reflecting upon the scorn expressed at the state of my bank account.

Attention’s Coin

Clank your chains and count your change. Try to walk the line. Did you say your name was Ramblin’ Rose?~Noel Sherman

I tend to enclose flow when I’m hangry
confusing juice for food, gut-stuff angry
so useful for fuel, but it makes me sick
I worry so, intuitive and thick

each electrical connection insists
I pay and though my new training resists
the old ways persist. My suffering, clear,
is ancient. So queer its reach and grip here

in the present I gift myself with tears
allowing the ramble roses and thorns
cut quick in the midst blaring my own horn
in my gentle way. Just look in my eyes

the hurt of your judgmental critique–how you despise–

so here I breathe and tune. Healing demands
a spiral revisit of ships unmanned
abandoned at the harbor. No one hears.
The ghosts alone inhabit these old piers.

Inspired by: Hangry, Ramble, Enclosed and Tend.

Featured image: Peace rose blooming today.

Creating Intentional

Now that my mother’s glue has crumbled, men
gather, thunderclouds, new history spin
where I’m to blame for every clout received
and worse. Their guilt inspires them to deceive.

I love this wooded abode by the lake.
(This is not my first rodeo) I wake
in the curves and twists outside the boxes
a lodestone. Observer’s paradoxes

focus exacerbates each problem found.
I dig the roots, reflect and own. Resound
with all the censored trauma til at last
I move through and assimilate the past.

Each word matters. Attention is the code.
So laser sharp intentions I upload
beyond emotion-laden stories I’m
frothy as air dancing like light I chime.

Inspired by the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “ode“, Exacerbate, Frothy as air and Resound.

Featured image: How to capture a magical light show as sun dances on the ripples of the water? I tried.

What Light Summons

In the rarefied air after sickness
every poison distinct harsh thickness
so be wary, grounded and aligned
as I show up, canary in the mine.

Bluebirds keep returning to their birthbox
invading house sparrow dives in and mocks.
I wonder why they stay, locked ancestral
patterns simple imperatives:  nests will

be best here.  Back in my family home
where every slipshod deviation poem
inspires, the castigation is severe,
the burning wrath of generations sear

yet I must step into the flames.  My way
is through.  A life anonymous won’t do.
When standing in the light, be sure the dark
is summoned.  All the open wounds will mark

the entry I create.  And though the hate,
the bitterness, the ire surrounds me, fire
channeled from all the unsettled places
bursts into now, still I open love’s spaces.

Inspired by: Anonymous, Burn, Simple and Slipshod.

Fractal In Sight

I am Source expressing my unique fractal of Sourceness.

In the he-man woman-haters’ clique, kin
close ranks, hiss and spit, crow about their wins
–cash amassed on the backs of god knows who.
True to their rules, they cast me out, woe to

the outsider. They call grounding a fad,
they’re mad that I am walking barefoot, glad
to be one with source. Born out of scorn, free
from the box, I breathe. Drawn by killdeer dee

–white plovers enact ancient dramas, cry
for attention. A fish leaps and skips, sky
flying. Thrills on the waters, I am deep
in the dew-soaked grasses. Attentive, keep

open as tiny mushrooms tease my dreams
I was a sawyer with piles of debris
moldering wood I cut to logs for fuel,
releasing the dead couplings to dual.

Inspired by: Clique, Sawyer, Fad, a dream early this morning about sawing wood that today’s prompt helped me remember, and (featured image) last night’s sunset show.

Into The Light

Back in the family home with a chance
to interrupt the ancestral dance
I struggle. How to elevate this hate
echoing through the branches? Deep roots wait

on the shadowy paths. Eastern phoebe
whistles her name insistently. To heed
these messages, I seek tenant farmers
sailing west to escape a landlord’s harm.

They push and shove like captives in my hold
perceiving danger, try to steer the boat.
There is no place of safety in this world.
The power of my fractal is unfurled

as I speak truth to fearfulness and greed
and go outside to plant bare feet and seed
this soil with untold possibilities.
A female cardinal clicks and chips, pleads

for kinder relationships. Though I bleed
I staunch these wounds, to the end game proceed.
I will not bow to evil, for the light
reveals the needy darkness that takes flight.

Inspired by: Echo, Elevate, Click and Tenant.

New Ways Emerge

Agility with lies ordinary
fare in my dysfunctional family.
Survival outrivals speaking the flow
of truth. And oh, the dammed fuel let go

and energy released when, grounded in love,
fear is decreased and conquered, disposed of.
The words of power ripple like thrown stones
flung in ancestral waters to atone.

Inspired by: Ordinary. Featured image an instructive sign spotted in the forest yesterday.

Down That Same Path

We’re captive on the carousel of time.~Joni Mitchell

The man who cannot hear me refuses
tests, to my frustration. Brother uses
grandpa’s selective hearing to explain
it’s solely me Dad chooses to disdain.

And now I know it’s psychological
a physical kit to amplify will
not achieve victory in this attempt
to bridge the family gender contempt.

Inspired by: Kit, Carousel, Victory and Solely.