Choose Wisely

The electric energy which motivates us is not within our bodies at all. It is a part of the universal supply which flows through us from the Universal Source with an intensity set by our desires and our will.~Walter Russell

It’s morning, the needy show empty bowls
in piteous shows to wangle power.
For once my fierce no echoes, newfangled,
wrought from new perception, surprise dangled

as an avalanche of frozen banks fall.
This lesson keeps repeating ’til I call foul,
order offending players to the bench.
It’s all just story, I say, as they flinch.

I know it feels real, facing eviction
–sounding superior, my conviction
boots on the ground where the twisted tales seize
energy, insist we bow low to greed.

Guarding the Gates with a smirk and control
of the media waves, farmland and souls
are imprisoned as long as we believe
our sovereignty can never be retrieved.

For centuries, we’ve been entrained to lie
under the yoke, but now the truth decry.
We Are Not Slaves. We create, manifest
the narratives we choose to say are best.

Inspired by: Superior, Bench and Wangle and Walter Russell’s quote: “Each human is… empowered to uplift all humans as each drop of water uplifts the entire ocean.

Ah, Freedom

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.~Bob Marley

Deep in the shadows where my anger’s blocked
there’s a column of electricity shock
on the brink of pure discovery my
internal clock reveals sure powers psi

with tuning forks simple shifts in story
–adieu victim’s stance–my quarry gory
disempowering no longer impugns
as my musical composition tunes

and I stop cowering like some harsh-whipped
slave beaten for ancestral crimes and gripped
by beliefs of my own unworth from birth
til death. Now I rise with my pure freed breath.

Inspired by: Column, Brink, Impugn and Internal.