A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Lao Tzu

Under my feet in the pearly rising
frosted grass flattens while symbolizing
the offer on my plate, intricate, strange
a subtle reworking to rearrange

reality which yesterday comprised
green grass, a golden sun and blue, blue sky.
The line between day and night now blushful
and fleeting, overcast sky soon muffles

all the serendipitous hints walking
reveals as out of my dreams I’m stalking
that delicate thread in our connected
web, guiding focus to what we’ve reflected

Inspired by: Leadership, Offer, Intricate, Frost, and the SOCS prompt “On my plate.”

I Say Yes

My favorite word is one that’s hard to say
blame game‘s the online flavor of the day
and though recrimination gratifies
it feeds the mean streaks of divides. Likewise

insidious fleshing out memories
insistence on boundaries, therapy
digs in the victim/perpetrator binge
that keeps us stuck in perpetual cringe

We step into our power, like magic
as we dissolve the old tales so tragic
and release the resistance, giving voice
to yes, my favorite word. Say it. Rejoice.

Inspired by: Gratify, Flavor, Boundary, Likewise and written in a stream of consciousness for the SOCS prompt “your favorite word” and the healing practice of saying yes to the exact situation and circumstance triggering your resistance.

Featured image: Sweetgum balls or “witches burrs”–which some believe can be used to create a magical gateway.

All-Seeing Eye

Most people over the age of 18 have a calcified pineal, where a hard shell forms around the gland, and our access to the astral realm is effectively shut off.~InsightState

The spooky calcification fluoride
causes to the pineal gland third eye
deliberately closed cast in darkness
our intuitive lights dimmed to starkness

with gruesome results, blind and angry led
by propaganda news, curated dread.
I create harmony, decalcify
my sovereign power, insights multiply.

Inspired by: Harmony, Darkness, Spooky, Gruesome and this two-minute explanation of the perils of fluoride.

The link for the quote above details 11 ways to decalcify your pineal gland.

Featured image: Great Seal of the United States. “We set the All-Seeing eye upon the pyramid.”~Grace Moray.

Non-GMO Organic

I’m saving seeds from produce I acquire
through Amish farmers. Their payments require
cash. They have no technology barefoot
Anabaptist obstinacy hardput

and yet miraculously they appear
here at the market where they make it clear
from the gleams in their eyes, their ruddy skin
they’ve found a healthy space to live life in.

And so throughout the week, I gather bills
from failing fiat. No Bitcoin orange pill
can reach them in the world they cultivate.
Their food tastes just like manna on my plate.

Inspired by: Payment, Obstinacy, Produce and Gleam.

Featured image: Sweet potato, spaghetti squash, butternut squash seeds and delicada squash from last week’s farmers’ market score.

Cutting Edge

I eat my peas with honey. I’ve done it all my life. It makes the peas taste funny, but it keeps them on the knife.

I hang out with a six-year-old, discuss
cosmography and medicine and thus
expose the lies of our entrainment-ken
nonsensical theories we must defend

because it’s so. Unravel all I know:
a tapestry woven by clever foes
instilling false beliefs like pretty fluff
we carry unexamined off the cuff.

Segue to dark: grovel, beg my liver
release the arrows stored in your quiver
anger tips venom-coated deadly aimed
to take flight, fell the enemies I blamed

and claimed have caused the ills in this moment.
This sore throat’s yesterday’s hurt bestowment
and weapons I’ve created to take arms
I release. I will not cause myself harm.

Inspired by: Grovel, Pretty, Flight, Segue, and Moment.

Featured image: Honey medicine. A little goes a long, long way.

Healing Time

Physician, heal thyself.~ancient proverb

I’ve adorned myself in chrysoprase, jade,
amethyst, citrine, clear quartz crystals made
for healing. Lapis lazuli prayer
beads, to speed the detoxing layers

windows open wide, everything unplugged
honoring my body’s symptoms undrugged
and patient as the common cold unfolds
–not for me the silly rebrandings–old

wisdom to transcend insults designed
by spooks: 5G and glyphosate combined
with chemtrails rife and the dissonant hum
psychopaths’ knell spelling sickly and dumb

my curandera unpaid vocation
leaving no doubt shows disease causation
and at its roots, malice can be undone.
I heal myself and I heal everyone.

Inspired by: Vocation, Doubt and Spook.

Featured image: Curanderas, women who heal.

Digesting What Is Real

All disease begins in the gut.~Hippocrates

In the surreal aisles of the box store
inedible packages of cardboard
claim to be food. I look askance, select
kleenex and toilet paper and reject

the dubious offerings, even root
vegetables, alliums, leafy greens, fruit
tasteless. The farmer’s market’s integral
to my table. I ferment victuals

my kitchen fills with jars of cultured squash,
curtido, kraut, kimchi and with panache
I create labels for my medicine.
Real food supports well-being genuine.

Inspired by: Squash, Surreal, Integral and Culture.

Featured image: Fermented vegetables from Sommerwhitemd.com.

New Dog, Who Dis?

Poetry time, my dog goes back to bed.
She’s had a walk, sweet talk, watered and fed.
Her black and white and pink zhuzh are doing
the unexpected. Nascent hope’s brewing

and my raison d’être renewing. Slim
ribbon esperance unfurls bashful, prim
these years devoted strictly to healing
have stitched this glorious flag I’m wielding

Inspired by Zhuzh, Nascent, Renewing and Ribbon.

Beyond The Seeming

At dusk astounded as double suns swash
watercolors bright across sky awash
with passions from the deep unruly day
I swore to keep my feet on bare earth, pray

with all expansiveness of breath, release
these judgments with compassion and find peace.
Gregorian chants lulled me to sweet dreams
which open channels past the world of seem

stars transfer icy siren songs, plaintive
clear notes drilling through the black domain of
moon. I’m out and walking, face to heaven
celebration of my self-expression.

Inspired by: Gregorian, Transfer, Plaintive and Swash.

A Leap In The Dark

I’m striding underneath the stars, black sky
calming the panicked puppy by my side
outside my head that made my bed a grind
of ineffective self-talk, sleepless bind

how worry frames my love when I account
the ledgers of my life! The debits mount
my unpaid status–I’m a refugee–
gives credit where it’s due new currency

and still the shackles rise to my dismay
I find the rusting keys amid the fray
the healing spiral’s endless, so I breathe
and walk the grounding earth as passions seethe.

Inspired by: Ineffective, Frame, Account and Refugee. My metaphors are all over the place on this difficult morning.