The Space To Listen

We need to return to the solitude within…come into rhythm with ourselves.~John O’Donohue

I wipe away the prescient warning
tears–oh, it’s just grief–like a meldropping
from my nose to say it’s cold. My pockets
filled with tissues. Poisons hit like rockets

5G’s the worst, thrumming inflammation
through the metaverse human damnation
by our own devices. The prices paid
willingly as we’re enslaved, greed waylaid.

Intimidated and convinced, we’re spoiled
looking outside ourselves to the well-oiled
machinery in hopes of salvation
some rescue party in operation

freedom for some group. Think critically.
Logic is not that difficult. Achieve
clarity. Intuition knows, saves souls
arising shy and sweet through quiet’s holes.

Inspired by: Intimidate, Pocket, Meldrop and Spoil.

I was charmed to learn the word meldrop this morning, which means a drop of snot, which I’m sure had common usage among my Scottish Highlander ancestors.

Featured image: Sunlight, water and woods, the perfect recipe for clearing the techno daze.

This Joyful Being

As the trance escalates, I find I crave
palisades, recall climbing high to brave
the ancient fear of falling. On the ledge
imbibe the crystal clarity. The edge

an opening that breaks the spell. Step wise
and carefully among the stones, for eyes
deceive. It is imperative to breathe
and feel with senses that are commonly

asleep. My memories catch, hold. I’m deep
and break the spell. Distractions cannot keep
me with their straw man fallacies. I’m free
changing perspective, joyful sovereignty.

Inspired by: Imbibe, Palisade, Crave, Escalate and vivid memories of hikes in New Jersey.

Featured image: Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey (Flickr/AugieRay.)