Never A Night

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.~Bernard Williams

Dawn thrusts rosy fingers across the vast
entices my cold feet through dew-kissed grass.
I’m spinning in the primordial light
each moment’s change, a gasp. Heron’s flight

westward, painter of watery hued sky
reminds me I must let emotions fly.
Undone by yesterday’s grief, as I fell
into the well of sadness for a spell

this bright hope pulls me into a new day.
My father rubs his forehead, bows to pray.
Look up! I bring him photos: brilliant lake
suffused fleeting radiance quells heartbreak.

Inspired by: Forehead, Vast, Watery and Primordial.

Featured image: This morning’s sunrise was spectacular and fleeting. This heron flew over.