Creating A New Dawn

Beyond the covert op, every human has the capacity to act in ways that change the flow of time, the architecture of space and the sources of energy.~Jon Rappoport

In this instant, I seem amenable.
You believe I won’t say, this scene is bull
since I profess what you resist persists
perhaps I won’t point out the covert twists

which are revealed when standing in the truth
of my own way, my powers freed, unloosed.
I won’t lie low or spin my wheels, descend
into the labyrinth; it’s a dead end.

And I am living, vibrant, curious
imagining, creating, furious
ideas and insights shooting out like sparks
a lightning rod illuminates landmarks.

No use to urge the crowd or stand soapbox.
I’m on my path, uncaged, enraged. The blocks
so puny. Psyop constructs now aflame
my fiery senses burn through with my aim.

Inspired by: Instant, Lie Low, Amenable and Jon Rappoport’s phenomenal guidance to Exit From The Matrix.

Higher Trajectory

“When it doesn’t bring out the worst, pressure brings out the best in people.” 
― Sol Luckman

After every heartbreak disaster
I find a way through the pain to master
those feelings that evoke a rainy day
helpless, hopeless, they stalk. Before they sway

I lean the other way, optimist’s flex
a tiny movement and the dark’s perplexed
and foiled again. Powerful vibration
with the aim to glean new information.

Inspired by: Disaster, Stalk, Perplex, Glean and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt a rainy day.

The Life I Make

We make ropes with all aspects of the creation in this way.*~a San Bushman

An infant’s entrainment at arrival
roped in by our own fierce focused survival.
Enmeshed in the sticky web, strive to learn
the ways and words through which our passions burn

to freedom. But kept apart, breath controlled,
smiles masked, we settle into growing old.
Bones crepitate and presbyopia
grim labels our self-made dystopia

And then we die.

It’s all a lie.
I wake
and shake the remnants of my yoke. I break
the spell that I have woven and I claim
the power to live my vibrant selfsame

outside, barefoot and grounding, sounding tones
alert for birdsongs, tiny glinting stones
breezy caress and kiss of sun. Behind
the boxes and the screens unplugged unbind.

Inspired by: Apart, Crepitate, Presbyopia and Enmesh.

Full quote from What The Robin Knows, “If one day I see a small bird and recognize it, a thin thread will form between me and that bird. If I just see it and don’t really recognize it, there is no thin thread. If I go out tomorrow and see and recognize that same small bird again, the thread will thicken and strengthen just a little. Every time I see and recognize that bird, the thread strengthens. Eventually it will grow into a string, then a cord, and finally a rope. This is what it means to be a Bushman. We make ropes with all aspects of the creation in this way.

Featured image: The house finch sings sweet thank yous at my feeder.

You Gotta Move

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.~Alan Watts

Person A triple-masked and triple-vaxxed
needing to comply, willing to be taxed.
Person B is down the rabbit hole; pops
up in alarm. New ledes, new tracks, dead stops

that fuel the armageddon line C holds.
Woodpecker flies in cautious, quick and bold.
I focus on my beating heart, I breathe,
release the crumbling old. Creative, seethe

fleeced by the state no more, those rules are moot.
My share of digging galore, exposed roots
diseased and withered, easily dismissed.
Dive into now’s bright current, soundly kissed.

Inspired by: Moot, Fleece, Galore and State.

Featured image: A barefoot dance with my niece. I wish joyful barefoot dancing to you today!

No Curtain Call

It’s curtains for the archons in these plays
the essence of humanity gainsays
AI. Arcane discovery: how love
exposes fear. Awake, alert, we shove

past the disintegrating stage. Lights up,
it’s all a show and out of date. Fright’s cup
false evidence appearing real. Now sees
the utter waste of giving energy

Let all the virtual signalers be.
In the stress of dissonance, hard to see
while warrens of rabbit holes beckon, numb
and medicated, depths call to be plumbed

Artifacts are obstacles, sheer refuse.
My sacred being naysays that abuse.
Imagination calls, a bird in flight
creating anew, inspired by insight

Inspired by: Essence, Discovery and Curtains.

It’s About Values

Our bodies mirror the universe, down to the working of each cell. Study the micro and you’ll find the macro reflected in it…if we study ourselves thoroughly, we may just find the design of the universe reflected in us.~Itzhak Bentov

Fall back in love with life! Switch your focus to see and go through openings, work around obstacles, adjust to the quickly changing morphic field. Evolve the will, balance with the frequency to override all the new world order’s narratives.~Laura Walker

The screens in their zenith implore me to
stew in the unfathomable deep blues
posted by indefatigable fans
upset by what is wrong out there, demands

to disdain breath, comply, to look without
seductive siren call with so much clout.
How do you look away from fear porn’s pose?
Unplugged, I feel the grief as the old goes

crumbling, each artifact exposed, cries
rejection separates it’s no surprise
time’s trickery hides our great history.
Focus now to open life’s mysteries.

Resolved to fall in love just as a hawk
arrives and all the small birds flee and squawk.
I keep the feeders filled, cultivate mind.
Destroying the old paradigms is kind.

Inspired by: Unfathomable, Zenith, Disdain and Indefatigable.

Featured image: I keep falling in love with bluebird visitors.

Creating New Paradigms

In the spotlight at dawn’s first glimmer, drapes
flung wide and all the world can see me shape
these words. My neighbors opt for privacy
but my demand for trees and sky, to see

outside means I twist in the wind in view
of birds who hesitate–reflections true?
–integral to the wildlife fluttering
to seize a seed while I am muttering

my spells and charms. Lit with artificial
wit, how I’ve deferred to superficial
twits. No more. I rise bubbly and wise
in the debris of narrative. The cries

and squabbles fear and panic birth are sham
far below. I’m still calling, though. Bedamn
the paucity. Let go old elements.
No longer credulous, the dreadfulness

subsides. From inside, I pluck inspired
insights passionately I form fire
into matter the new improbable
creating in the flow unstoppable.

Abundance is my birthright. Each second
a treasure unmeasured, though I reckon
I’ve been given two billion so far, rich
beyond belief, I step into now witch.

Inspired by: Integral, Twist, Bubbly and Defer. And yes, I am indeed a billionaire, as a billion seconds is equal to about 31.69 years.

In High Relief

I am holding this heartache lightly though
stupendous and horrendous I do know
this is sown from seeds of expectations
reality is manifestations

where am I this way? A diagnostic
naming the bitter dregs, claiming caustic
and enraged, grief-stricken. Vengeful. Rude, raw
unassuaged fury, fear and pain. Chutzpah

illuminates the subterranean
dark beneath people-pleasing lady-in-
waiting ways. Strung like the Hangman upside-
down and stuck, out of luck and time til pride

loosens and I’m held by charms, disarmed. Coiled
deep inside cheer: joyful life force has foiled
the victim spell. Just words. Absurd. Feeling
the power of me stretching, revealing

the maze of my own devising. Mettle
to ride the waves of destruction, settle
in for the uprising. Each untoward belief
obvious, luminous in high relief.

Inspired by: Stupendous, Coil, Cheer, Caustic and so much inner work.

Featured image: The relief sculpture Spinning by Thomas Eakins.

Get Out Of Jail Free

We must…develop our understanding of how we have been conditioned, why we are getting the results we are getting, and how we can change our way of thinking or our conditioning.~Michael George Knight

When I catch myself coughing in the old
paradigm, warning bells chime the chokehold
dire thoughts and worry programs have jammed
the signal fires I’ve been entrained and crammed

into a prison that I recreate
mindlessly. Mementos surround like fate
and dust piles up until I wake–the gift
opens the facile jail. I make short shrift

of these old beliefs, committed to see
now shedding the fripperies rising free
unanchored and easily dismissed. Breathe
unconstricted though the ancient traps seethe.

Inspired by: Memento, Gift, Bells and Facile.

Featured image: The swirl effect on this photo taken at sunset in Waikiki.


We are floating in an ocean of thought-energy…we are swimming in a sea of plenty.~Bob Procter

I’ve been dragging my baggage to a train
breathless, dodging rain clouds I’ve allowed pain
to decorate with fear and hate products
I clearly imaginate. Delude us

when we’re young, teach us to rush to the bus
don’t make a fuss, just ride along with us.
Whipped into shape, our truth is a hindrance
we must negate to prize incoherence.

At the station where we wait, we’re hurried
wailing past adults who turn blind eyes–see
me! I’m here to change the world, set you free–
to the changing room, where we finally

are shushed and civilized and cleaned and lulled
and pacified until with senses dulled
rejoin the crowds, sleepy, confused and pulled
by nonsense lyrics by which we are foiled

time and again. We double-down our bets
surely justice and earnest prayers will get
us safely home. Right now asleep no more
in my own skin I plant my feet and roar.

Inspired by: Product, Decorate, Breathless and Hindrance.