Running Start

You need to aim beyond what you are capable of. Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible.~Paul Arden

After clearing shadows of possible
monsters, he zooms into morning, crammed full
of unexpected insights, such delight-
joy to be alive while teens balk at light.

You have to think fast, peruse the system–
grandmotherly words meant to assist him.
My task’s to civilize young excesses
hoping to lessen rambunctious messes

while boosting wild imagination. Poised
on the balance beam, enjoy the world’s toys.
Create with each breath, grounded, having fun
outside in the spring sun. Come, let us run.

Inspired by: Peruse, unexpected, system, balk, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt run and the amazing opportunity to be untamed by a four-year-old who loves to run at full blast.

These Glory Days

There should be a science of discontent. People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles.~Frank Herbert

When I ignore my stomach’s butterflies
–angel wings of intuition advise
just so the route prescribed and doors opened–
I take a powder. Failure’s orotund

song plangent and layered, brimming lessons
I wish to avoid. All of my blessings
in retrospect I connect. Obstacles
abound as I stumble through miracles.

How can I see what’s real? These censored eyes
trained to filter and disguise, obey lies
push me to seek success defined by men;
enslavement and oppression equal win.

Squeezed to the breaking point, at last I sing
a soulful contrapuntal voice I bring
into the dissonance. And I believe
my solo creates new reality.

And every judgment that I form, release.
Unlearning what fear taught, I become free.

Inspired by: Route, Butterfly, Orotund and Powder. Featured image: my grandson stared at a mysterious circle in the stream lit by the setting sun and said, It’s reading my mind!

New Ways Through Storms

Something inside me’s just begun….there’s always magic in the air.”~Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

I cannot staunch the bleeding. Foundation
exposed by enthusiastic
lambs led to slaughter. The degradation
pains my empathic senses. If I stick

my fingers in the holes, the flow just goes.
Go with the flow, abandon ship. Golden,
we walk on the turbulence, beholden
to the light. Illusions’ fright just shadows.

The halcyon days of yore beyond storms
where nests were safe for laying: myth platforms.
Creative now, we breathe intentional,
imagine ways multi-dimensional.

Inspired by: Staunch, Lamb, Halcyon and Enthusiastic.

New Senses

There are no limitations set by this electric universe upon any man’s multiplication power. Each man sets his own limitations in accordance with his desires.~Walter Russell

Show me a limit, I’ll tell of beliefs
created simply to hold you, decreased 
and disempowered while you fuel freely
the master liars and conniving thiefs.

Opening and closing doors is delicate
with two cats playing pounce the paw through cracks.
At 5:55, I am desolate 
struggling breath.  Reviewing all the acts

which bring me here, summoning nerve to change
the movement of my being, the curve strange.
How do I rearrange these filters made
so long ago?  I claim my power, trade

the dubious distinction of black sheep
now washed clean.  My ablution performed deep
in layers that dissolve.  As solutions
rise, my new eyes call for revolution.

Inspired by: Dubious, Claim, Movement, Ablution and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: nerve.

Reading The Runes

I ask the oracle, I ask myself:
are all my plans of fierce deeds on the shelf?
I’m at the crossroads. A great decision
shadowed in my peripheral vision.

Not a choice–today’s minions conceal
what is real, how I feel. Story’s appeal
chokes my voice. Immersed in consequences
of my thoughtless steps, I manifest dense

and heavy. Breath invigorates the light
intentions of new sumptuous delights.
Set sail! Beyond the threshold where fear reigns
impossibilities at last unchained.

Inspired by: Invigorate, Peripheral, Sumptuous and Minion.

Imagine New Myths

A kitten snoozes on my lap as I
write rhymes I’ve taken as gifts from the sky.
Conducting inspirations, our cells sing
of light and shadows. We are expressing

the joy and grief, the hate and love rising
and falling like the tides, life surprising
at our curious core. Furious lore
palliates false history, the mystery

is how we sleep bespelled. Our weighted words
spin us through space. The human race unheard
–here on the ship we have forgotten who
and where we are. Awaken. Start anew.

Inspired by: Taken, History and Palliate.