Walking Into The Sun

The hoarding is over now
we run naked gleeful
into the sun.

My grandson cries, “Nobody doesn’t love
me,” and I feel the outcast energy

rising ancestral tide of shame-tinged blame
and it’s a game we play with passionate

abandon: can you tune in, emote so 
deep a doggy comes to sniff and lick in 

sweet compassion?  Sendings so true, alive
imaginations limitless.  We find

when duress fills our sails, we flee across
the teeming ocean, no time to ponder

why there’s no rhyme today perhaps divine
intervention or an armor-shined knight

will play at slaying dragons—we can’t wait
throw down our Vorpal swords, befriend peril

I look up every weighted word until
in our wild power we must invent new

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Inspired by: Sails, Ponder, Duress, Divine the Stream of Saturday Consciousness prompt to use a word I have to look up (I look up nearly every word before allowing it into a poem, feeling into the weight of etymology) and the OctPoWriMo Day 17 prompt my wild rhythm.

Unlimited Fuel

The shadow self is a million suns of energy kept in check. and the controllers of this civilization want it kept that way.~Jon Rappoport

Underneath the shameless treacle clogging
truth, this manipulation cynical
cruel, sticky illusions are fogging
my view.  I’m collared in unethical

great historical lies, television-
fed, chained in a tract insubstantial dread
and dissonance.  Distrust inner vision
seek outward, obey a master instead

of creating with superpowers.  Deep
inside of each imagination spring
unlimited realities.  I leap
opening to flow, unfold mighty wings.

Inspired by: Illusion, Television, Tract and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: collar. Once again, the stream of consciousness prompt is testing me. So many different metaphors, such a need for editing, but that’s not how this prompt rolls.

Free At Last

The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.—Helen Keller 

In the early days school-ruled, empathy
for a clown shot down.  A group is controlled
and different strokes earn scolds, no sympathy.
Be good, sit still, be quiet as you’re told

exactly what reality entails.  
Heresy any drift from the mainstream
fairytales where insanity prevails
blaring endlessly to destroy the dreams

of each empowered person whose daring
imagines limitless with no restraint.
Timelines are shifting, cracks in space tearing
the veils.  Now we’re freed.  Watch how we create.

Inspired by: Empathy, Clown, Heresy and Different.

Life Force

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space. These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire, Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.~Bonnie Lange

Create with imagination what you most deeply desire and make it into fact in the new world.~Jon Rappoport

Curiously sedate air, it’s a new
morning, a sweet summer’s breeze glorious
sun insisting warm days will continue–
yesterday’s fall alarm a needless fuss.

Each moment a new threshold poised for change.
Alert as subtle messages take wing.
Pry out the old, my life has rearranged.
Ancient patterns have no sway, everything

exposed, the big reveal I’ll leave behind.
Again, the flimsy script—ho hum—fumbles
false portraits of existence charcoal lines.
Wild powers seethe and new colors rumble.

How were we all enslaved so easily?
Imagination squelched in every child.
Some of us took it underground, teasing
cryptic verse and song celebrating wild.

We need to put our feet right on the ground
when internet has crashed and we’re online
with new expanded senses, tuned in sound
and using superpowers, our divine

unlimited resources—watch me blow
all these dark clouds away.  They are the dreams
and fears others concoct, you buy, controlled
until you wake now is not what it seems.

Inspired by: Pattern, Pry, Charcoal and Online.

Beliefs Like Banners

Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah.
It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.~Rumi

The weather report missed again. Laughter
at the sun’s morning kiss.  Fall arrives.  Bliss
is the unfolding now.  We hang from rafters
our beliefs like banners, symbolic, dis-

empowering excuses not to see
beyond the media stream.  Choosing sides
to fuel dissonance.  How loyal are we
to lies embracing every aspect.  Lives

are gifts.  Appreciate this new songburst
emerging, strange and weird and all your own.
Sing it, my dear, hold your notes clear.  At first
your melody opens us all.  We hone

our expressions.  Creativity’s rise
as our curiosity imagines
more than ever has appeared.  The surprise
in your limitless germinal tangent.

Inspired by: Again, Excuse, Loyal, Laughter (a prompt which promptly disappeared after I used it) and a massive new creative project I am working in, requiring me to master new software (MuseScore), create a website (and learn SquareSpace), transcribe so many pages filled with creative verse, a Patreon, ways to offer collaboration, and so much more! Here’s to September and the creative urge rising in us all!