Foggy consecutive dawns on the lake
an insistent melody I partake
all present urge me to wake. Past mistakes
encapsulate my fate. Like ghostly wraiths

who haunt the surface, manipulate air,
pushed by the sun away. Still I am snared.
Nebulous traps of my own devising
sing me to sleep without analyzing.

The narrative perpetual sedates
hypnotically effectual mandates
like senseless nursery rhymes reveal crimes
hazy and obscure til consciousness chimes.

The infiltrated group-mind lulls to sleep
with promises and lies intertwined keep
me like a servant giving energy
to the dark forces feeding frenziedly.

Inspired by: Consecutive, Melody, Encapsulate, Effectual and the OctPoWriMo Day 20 theme of community.

Featured image: These consecutive cool predawn mornings are foggy and eerie until the sun chases all the illusions away.

Through The Fog

Fog rises from the water like remnants
of feelings cast off and creeping tenants
in dream-houses huddled and eerie ghosts
unspeakable unspoken stories, most

of which we know where neurons jitter-spark
recomposing our essence unremarked.
Our bodies caught, shifting twisting nightmare
fitful drenching in sweat deep mal de mer

we gasp for air, quaking in dark, misled.
A heron glides in right over my head.
The sky is pinking in the west beyond
the gold-tipped trees. My soapbox screed foregone

as dawn’s mystical incantation spells
the way to create new life and live well.
Belted kingfisher’s rattle fills the air.
I empty all past knowing, sit, aware.

Inspired by: Remnant, Neuron, Screed, Incantation and the #OctPoWriMo Day 19 theme storytelling.

I Can See Clearly

I’m the cautionary tale, canary
in the mine. If there’s a toxin buried
even layered in the air, the fumes scorch
sensitivities, a five-alarm scourge

If you see me melt or swinge, apprehend
cast not for blame. Break hypnotic trance. Wend
your way to cleanse. Hug a tree. Breathe fresh air.
Ground, earthing, center. Sound electric prayer.

Aiming for high trajectory, I burn
illusions. With respect for me, I yearn
to model what I’ve learned. Disintegrate
past’s chains, the patterned prate repudiate.

Inspired by: Hypnotic, Scorch, Cautionary and Blame.

Featured image: The lake is exceptionally beautiful today; I’m counting down the days to departure.

Clearly Illusions

The vibrant red cardinal is an uplifting, happy sign that those we have lost will live forever, so long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts.~Lori Vanover

Call me balmy, huddled in fleece, at peace
on this porch. Intent. I carry a torch
for a lake. Morning calm, daily release
the last vestige of a vintage deceased.

I create a new life. Intuition
rife so I can’t be bamboozled. One
robin slams into the newly cleaned glass.
I gasp. Feathers stick and float. Now a bass

splashes, crashes into mirror-smooth mere,
reaches me here with a repugnant jeer.
I’m not immune to tricks. The fine print bores
in language of new leases and the tours

a whirlwind of doors slamming. Not the space
of sanctuary I seek to replace.
A bright red cardinal flutters in vain
to pierce pristine windows. I do the same.

Inspired by: Repugnant, Vestige, Bamboozle and Balmy.

Duck Tales

The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things.

The three-legged one-eared cat’s eying ducks
from the cold wet shore, grisly spying. Clucks
and quacks but no alarm. She cannot harm
them, so it seems, from my table of dreams.

Kingfisher’s arrival and the rain drive
awkward limping. Foiled again. The ducks dive
bottoms up, intent on feeding, unware
and unheeding, just like me. I take care

to be here now, dismiss the puerile fears
and danger bleats from unenlightened peers.
Each step reveals. I hold my lantern bright.
Aware, aimed at the highest path of life.

Inspired by: Table, Cold, Grisly and Puerile.

Featured image: Tigger, my neighbor’s once feral cat, hunting in the rain this morning and revealing the lesson I most need in this exact moment. (Sorry it’s so blurry; it was dark!)

The Key of Life

Intuition guides me through this current.
Light-cords through the aether twinkle. I’ve learnt
harmony, tinkling piano keys
since I was three, sound and grounded, at ease

splashing in rain, mud slurp-squishing through toes.
Playing outside my heart’s desire. The throes
of now steerable from that innocence
which chose concordance through the peril. Hence

in my grief, watching as three ducks emerge
into the subtle lightening, dawn’s verge
reveals the hidden clues to loving eyes.
Coherence in stillness lets music rise.

The sky is an outrageous symphony.
The high notes white and gold and shot with pink.
Dark rumbles from the west betoken rain.
The sun’s slow burst of colors in free rein.

Inspired by: Piano, Current, Betoken and OctPoWriMo Day 14 Rain.

Featured image: I went out in the dawn to take photos of the ducks when the sun swept over the horizon.

By The Dawn’s Early Light

Big bass are infiltrating minnow school.
The water’s high so they can reach the pools
secret and unreachable yesterday.
Splashing in this teachable, fatal way.

There is no safe place to hide, and habit
is a trap. Ducklings chase bait and grab it.
Kingfisher rattles in, his echoed trail
now covered by the honking geese. Inhale.

Emails urge me to fight, protect my rights,
but having grown up in war, I’ve a slight
difference in tactics. I’m sovereign, alive.
The stories weaving fear are all just jive.

Kingfisher’s near. I pause and peer. Concealed
from sight, his surreptitious flight revealed
by sounds he leaves in air thickened and wet.
The lake reflects how to survive, beset.

Inspired by this morning’s spectacular lakeside dawn, featured image, and the conviction that taking each step with integrity and love defeats all the fear mongering and false data. It’s up to each individual to act now. As I write this, a single great white heron flies overhead.

Every Step I Take

If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.~Joseph Campbell

Poised in the liminal dark as nowness
permeates my dream-mist, I see how this
planet goes. I ogle eagles plunging
sky to lake, master dimensions lunging

strong and fierce–on my breaks from the daughter
tasks my heart insists transpierce my oughtas.
Each simple step reveals and can’t be missed
presenting like a veritable kiss

feels like a fist so I comply. What dies
is resistance to the flow. With new eyes
intentional trajectory aims high
below the murky surface, serene, dives.

Inspired by: Ogle, Mist, Veritable and the OctPoWriMo day 6 prompts: intention, design, dream, purpose.

Featured images: Above, an eagle fishing under an improbable sky. Below, the dive.

Silent Connection

Weaving her spinnerets she float-descends
on gossamer threads in a straight line, ends
table-side. I raise my cup, try to blend
like this poised heron fishing by the bend.

We three: spider, bird, human sink beneath
the fracas of manmade reality
that makes us quash true knowledge to survive.
Respect this morning seals the web of life.

Inspired by Quash, Spider, Seal and Fracas.

Featured Image: During my Little Miss Muffet adventure at breakfast, this great egret patiently fished.

Never A Night

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.~Bernard Williams

Dawn thrusts rosy fingers across the vast
entices my cold feet through dew-kissed grass.
I’m spinning in the primordial light
each moment’s change, a gasp. Heron’s flight

westward, painter of watery hued sky
reminds me I must let emotions fly.
Undone by yesterday’s grief, as I fell
into the well of sadness for a spell

this bright hope pulls me into a new day.
My father rubs his forehead, bows to pray.
Look up! I bring him photos: brilliant lake
suffused fleeting radiance quells heartbreak.

Inspired by: Forehead, Vast, Watery and Primordial.

Featured image: This morning’s sunrise was spectacular and fleeting. This heron flew over.