We Find Peace

She’s losing weight, nervous in this strange time
Her friends imprisoned and their only crime
is age and wealth–the magnitude of this
deception, locked in the safe chosen bliss

the best money can buy–choice rigorous
could never have foreseen the vigorous
elimination of their liberty
(they’ll die alone, medical misery).

In her fright, she threw me out. Willingly
I left. Consequences rise chillingly
today I visit and my free heart sees
because our choices of what we believe

create reality. What we release
–not easily–could cause the house of cards
to topple (it’s going down). Bodyguards
blink as stripped of everything, we find peace.

Inspired by: Nervous, Strange, Magnitude, Vigorous, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to use a word that starts with “m” as my theme (mother), and the OctPoWriMo Day 24 prompt trying something new. Shout out to all the people locked down (physically, fiscally, mentally, emotionally) poised to create new realities with their innate powers.

Featured image an ancient burled oak deep in the woods.

No soundcloud recording today as I’m on the road.

Creating New

As you think so it shall be…. . The entire paradigm shift is so massive that you have to adapt to a completely new reality. Nothing is exactly as it appears to be. Don’t be depressed and let yourself be drawn to fear. You are not incarnated just to survive. You are here to create and enjoy a high quality of life. Live in dignity and be noble.~Solara

Cultivating stillness I drive
through old beliefs and wounds which pound
my red Jeep.  The raindrops resound
relentless yielding I arrive

recreating the painful past
my new powers projecting
to make sense at last
I bring my love connecting
through the dark and hidden places
now unearths, presents to grace.

Exquisite presence looks around
reveals strategies to survive
which dissipate as love arrives
redecorates old battlegrounds.

Divide and conquer narratives
weave anger and despair.
This pause is the curative.
I breathe slow into air
which touches every being, gives
space where hearts can truly care.

Llego en este momento
y milagros son todo que lo siento.

Soundcloud recording here.

Today’s prompts invite me to realize that the impending dead stop can never jeopardize my buoyant spirit. Fear creeps past, another artifact crumbling in my gratitude now. The OctPoWriMo Day 23 prompt is Gratitude (Hope, Dream, Anticipation, Thankful) in the new-to-me form La’libertas, and a surprise poppy and her tiny friend who braved the cold to present a love letter which I pass on to you.

Translation: I arrive in this moment and all I feel are miracles.

Weavers Gather

Weavers gather in the spurious storm
independent individuals bring
insightful empathy.  We create form
with wizardry. Touching each wound, we sing

not to replace; we’re casting the net wide
beyond the times and spaces where we live.
We’re hurling brand new stars into our skies
resolving that each fractal, reclaimed, gives

this power to the races trained to lie
in abject servitude.  Wake and be strange.
Meander in the woodsy places.  Fly
with dragons.  Overnight the planet’s changed.

Inspired by: Spurious, Independent, Woodsy and Replace.

Beliefs Like Banners

Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah.
It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.~Rumi

The weather report missed again. Laughter
at the sun’s morning kiss.  Fall arrives.  Bliss
is the unfolding now.  We hang from rafters
our beliefs like banners, symbolic, dis-

empowering excuses not to see
beyond the media stream.  Choosing sides
to fuel dissonance.  How loyal are we
to lies embracing every aspect.  Lives

are gifts.  Appreciate this new songburst
emerging, strange and weird and all your own.
Sing it, my dear, hold your notes clear.  At first
your melody opens us all.  We hone

our expressions.  Creativity’s rise
as our curiosity imagines
more than ever has appeared.  The surprise
in your limitless germinal tangent.

Inspired by: Again, Excuse, Loyal, Laughter (a prompt which promptly disappeared after I used it) and a massive new creative project I am working in, requiring me to master new software (MuseScore), create a website (and learn SquareSpace), transcribe so many pages filled with creative verse, a Patreon, ways to offer collaboration, and so much more! Here’s to September and the creative urge rising in us all!

No Longer Batteries

At some point, we awake and say, oh, yeah, I forgot!  This is a play.  Bravo!

It’s hard to say what’s inconsequential
morning stretched, time paused and poised, echoing.
Emphatic focus on the essential.
Seeing only what is real.  I’m flowing

in a multitude of realms I create,
the drain of current narrative evade,
dismiss the shiny prize and walk away
into my powers, blooming, unafraid.

We choose which dreams to fuel when we awake.
No longer captive batteries, we sing
a new world into being.  Above a drake
bursts raspy-barking twice. Sky opening.

How now brims over, every sense alight
knowing in subtle ways never taught, I’m
still and growing in this damp chill.  All’s right.
Receptive: messages, insights and rhyme.

Inspired by: Emphatic, Inconsequential, Drain and Prize.

Leap of Faith

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” 
― Claude Monet

These draconian schemes sloppily writ
uncertain citizens firmly to tamp
into the pipe—worries gone when it’s lit!
Hardpressed to venture under stars to camp

now the old scriptwriters are fired. Flimsy
play on words, reminiscent of George
Orwell, the omnilegent clearly see
feeble attempts to convince.  Writers, forge

new insights! Dig under heavy war chests
—paid in full by the people in its sights
proclaiming all that is not right.  It’s best
to be present, create anew.  The fight

just fuels the remnants of what’s disappeared.
Here a leaf falls silent, a straight dropping
into the lawn’s embrace.  And what we’ve feared
revealed as story. Greedy, unstopping

stolen wealth convincing millions of us
jobless, homeless, to go somewhere safe, sit
still til this abates, no need for a fuss.
Your new cage ready, so jump in.  You’ll fit!

Bid fear adieu, project your strong desire!
Imagine your creative powers allow
to build a different world.  I’m on fire
ablaze, inspired, composing here right now.

Inspired by: Uncertain, Draconian and Omnilegent and the utmost certainty that Right Now it is imperative to speak truth unwaveringly.

The World Has Changed

Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?~Robert Lamm

Morning diamonds glitter fantabulous
so recently silvered by the moon.  Cries
ecstatic greet the golden light.  The fuss
of a hunter, out of tune, simply flies

out of perception, for the world has changed
while we were dreaming in our blue-lit screens
–willing servants, single-minded, deranged
taught from birth to cage our creative means.

Imagine you can breathe out full power
intense and focused, out of step.  The crowd
moves on and you’re in balance.  It’s now or
never.  Project your wildest song, strong, loud.

Then step into the natural world.  Stars
and planets inviting you to see.  Far
from the tales composing reality
inspired and creating, you’ll find me.

Inspired by: Fantabulous, Hunter, Ecstatic and Intense.

What Is This Power You Speak Of?

“Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?”~Robert Lamm

You’re pounding pans and pots a kitchen din
intrusion in the middle of song now
old lyrics wrong. Each illusion I spin
hurl fireballs into the sky. Ka-Pow! 

Stepping outside of time, mornings in rhyme,
watching the systems rocket out of place. 
I balance on the precipice, sublime
penniless with nothing to defend. Space

a garden where I plant brilliant new stars.
The old ones crumpling beneath my feet
crackling carpet, autumn leaves. Earthstar,
I call my sacred vessel home, I’m free

moving in and out of illusion past
the crowd who’ve come to run me off the cliff.
And now aglow the sun beckons, so vast
illuminating my own hieroglyph.

With care I pull the weeds, examine each:
strong medicine I’m learning to respect,
stir into my potion, deep knowing reach.
Heartsure and here I am, my love, connect.

Inspired by: Garden, Carpet, Rocket and Intrusion

Songs of Praise

Pause at the brink. This yawning door requires
quiet poise. Bluejay warns. We scan dapples.
Bobbled green tomato drops. Catch! Squirrel
chatters, scatters and the chase to grapple

ensues. Slippery deck, dog’s nails skitter.
Some raincloud funneled fury just here, the
grass is bone-dry. My bones crystal glitter
under sun’s fierce gaze. How I trust clearly

this opening, diving like a bird with
widespread pinions catching unforeseen updrafts.
I’ve crashed before. Steering wild worlds with
strange ideas and praise. Oh, hearts, dream up

beyond your ridicule and laughs my flights
of fancy trigger. Hard to predict safe
landing just as these raving crowds ignite
in discontent. So I sing: Wake now! Wake!

into the din. I’m laying down a track
we’ve known since ancient times. We still
tune in, we improvise. I’ve got your back
as our true music rises up and spills.

Inspired by: Catch, Bobble, Trust and Pinion.

Really Different

The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.~R. Buckminster Fuller

Everything is alive and watching and
waiting and dancing and wake-sleeping we
vibrate vibrant and an ant, brawny and
fierce warrior approaches, sweeping me

and I jump and he jumps and startled we
frenzy to new perspectives reckoning.
Each hyper-aware of this now where we
touch the web stretching between us zinging.

Intention calls me into inquiry
such wondrous gratitude. My joy allows
this sacred present synchronicity
choosing love in each breath. Imagine now

your greatest role and take the stage. Applause.
In a blink the tale twists into a realm
unknown. You stay and play in flow because
you write the script. Embrace loving the whelm

integrate, ascend in pure joy ringing
and shattering the old myths once believed.
Tuned with this new fierce being all that and
far beyond what has ever been perceived.

Written for today’s dversepoets prompt, Just Sayin’.