We Save Each Other

For James

This dissonance created by talking
heads spinning webs of deceit

is no mistake. Carefully crafted
disempowerment revealed in the dark.

Spiraling up. We start,
disturbed. Harvest what’s been

planted, brows wrinkled.
When we dare to question

we’re inundated with flippant
non-answers, rising like vapor

in our muddled midst.
We are awakening to the chaos

feeling alone. Despair.
We cannot make sense of

the cruelty of separation.
Across the planet, we tug

a line igniting our soul fire.
Oblivious, immersed in our unfixable

wrongness, even so we touch
the responsive field. Huddled

in pitch black, eyes closed
as the light hurtles us to day.

Every agonized step we take
loosens our silenced sisters’ bonds.

Every word we stutter dissolves
the others’ gags. Every gasp

breathes. Our connected hearts
pulse to the living now.

Written for #OctPoWriMo Day 1 prompt a dark night of the soul and inspired by: Flippant, Vapor, Harvest and Wrinkle. and a suicidal tweet by a young autistic gay person in England this morning.

Same old Samhain

Rising from the endless depths

to see these

celebrants of bloodcurdling

horror and macabre death

appropriated from

the ancient Celts

and Indigenous present.

The weight of wisdom

inexplicably inciting

excited misguided

attempts to be other

but sexy,

trying on wicked outfits

ignoring the lurking

tropical storm just humming

in the perfect conditions off the coast.

The oceans get warmer and we

continue our blind imitations.

Samhain at sunrise

bonfires lit in darkness

the liminal time

to host our dead.

The gateways are open

and so our young don

their superhero capes

knocking on the doors

of our hearts, asking for sweet

mercy, and we fill their questing

hands with poison

the slow death of sugar

as we try to align ourselves

from the outside in,

and we find our costumes

just don’t fit.


Written for the #OctPoWriMo prompt Endless and inspired by: wicked, bloodcurdling, dead, weight and tropical.


In the center of the sky’s mournful dark

I conjure all that’s missing.

She turns, the gleam of her profile

curious crescent growing until

her bright gaze

illuminates my altar.

Dancing on, the moon

takes my intentions to broadcast

throughout the heavens, and I release

my preconceived ideas

of how this should be,

watching her wane in awe.


Written for #OctPoWriMo prompt dancing on the moon, and inspired by: center. 

Global Warming

The process of rewarming is extremely painful; the tissues will not hurt at all until they are rewarmed, but once they begin to thaw, the pain is intense. – Williams College Health Center on frostbite

I am in a state of shock
and I feel powerful.

I want to end this life
and I want to stay and heal.

I am disgusted by the rampant
dingy soiled sheets
aired and called clean
on the public streets.

I am frightened by the lies
like treacle, treacherous
and sticky, cloying
and repressing all decency.

The welfare of the planet
mocked and denigrated
the airwaves controlled
by greedy powerseekers

who blast this continual
filth, inspiring the basest
among us, the psychopaths,
to strike out

in their justified fear,
following the hateful prompts
ringing in their ears
24/7. The numbers don’t lie,

the hate permeates
the call to resist
promising more
to resist. I ignore the ephemeral

pull, relax into the ocean
of movement.
I’ve already discovered
the disconnect inherent

in the specialists’ diagnoses:
angry inflammation of cells
the condition in this moment
inexplicable, everlasting.

I call bullshit.

Colonialism creates an entire system
based on consumption
and it consumes us,
holy hell

our need inflamed
and the soothing sublime
solution, so long locked out,
is going to hurt

when we allow it back.
We listen and slowly
invite what is outside

what is frozen within us,
in this torment

hosting the thaw

screaming and allowing
because this change
reorders our chaotic lives

and it’s time
to leap
into the creative flow
all together now

our global hive mind
to change this moment

on this planet
we hold in our very cells.

Written in response to #OctPoWriMo Day 29 prompt: By the numbers, and inspired by: Repress, Dingy, Ephemeral, Sublime, and Welfare.

The Reckoning

I followed my career past all points
of endurance until my body’s
signals turned to
and then shut down.

The Almighty Dollar disappeared
along with happiness.
I lurked in the cobwebs
of angst and poverty
in pain
split in two.

The healing path finally
brings me to this meadow
of witch-intuition
and body awareness
feelings to
and resonate.

I follow my heart
and so
I respect the briar patch,
no more thrusting through.
I’m water flowing
whole and clean.

My body’s infinitesimally
slow repair
illuminating the beliefs
that hurled me over
that precipice
finally broken,
and I can choose.

I am woman,
the masculine-led race
morals and ethics
in the sheer gleeful pursuit
of wealth
makes me sick.

Written for the #OctPoWriMo Day 28 prompt: Split in two, and inspired by prioritize, cobweb, angst, charge, and meadow.

Color My World

Drench the world drab 

gray morning blankets 

lost in the resistance

and I’m shivering.

Echoes of harsh 

Mephistophelian snickers

judgmental and cruel

pervade the long corridors

of my stormy night.

My friends expect me

and I just can’t

open my eyes to please them.


I drift into a calm

love is calling

so it’s no coincidence

I’m here in the we-space,


until chaos tumbles

angry red, mindful blue,

passionate purple and

inspired yellow.  

My friend says I’m back

in that black-and-white space

my childhood created

— such a wise person,

look, we survive!

The pendulum swing from

an adorable

toddler celebrating rainbows

and this is good!

shifting when he leaves

to a fierce masquerade

of this constant

critical voice



or me

someone is at fault

someone is bad 

it’s me.

As I reflect

light into the past

I lug around 

seeking mastery, 

my next evolutionary step,

I determine it’s time

to stand on one leg

like a pink flamingo,

nodding to the bluebirds

gathered outside my door

as the first fall flames

flicker gold and orange

and light a different way.

Written for the #OctPoWriMo Day 27 prompt: What color is it? And inspired by: Adorable, Masquerade, Coincidence, Complete, Drench and Mephistophelian.

The Connection

In my utter depths

a door flung wide

always merging

with the cosmic heart.

We pulse together

in silent space

so overwhelmingly large

so microscopically minuscule

I misplace

the way

up here

in the outer limits

where clouds or fog

or thick smoke obscures

my seeing


the cries of anguish

at the brink of the abyss

where the tide rolls in fists

of shells and rocks and timber

with unerring aim

a riptide

I’m resisting

panicked until I’m hurled

onto sand scraping

mad for air.  I catalogue

these injustices, swear

vengeance, give you


cut you out of my life

with cold insouciance.

Sensational separations

ebb and flow.

Fingers fight for dominance

in a hand that has declared

autonomy and names opponents

masterminding their gory demise.

Drama, drama, drama.

I return to the breath,

my heart opening leads me

out of the shallows

immersed now in our

continuous connection.

Written for the #OctPoWriMo Day 25 Prompt: The door opens both ways, and inspired by gory, and opponent

Sayonara, Cinderella

For years, I built the flag-

stones of my public persona

precisely aiming

for some enchanted evening

to entice a partnership

in the way of fairytales

the nebulous happily ever after

an unexamined spectre

— who does that?

Today my mother claims

I look like a witch

my silver hair curling

just to my waist.

I want to delve deeper

than appearances

to this new love

brimming, hopeful,

all the scorned and feared

fragments roiling up

for their share.

I am holding space

for the multitudes

of missed opportunities,

prying open the slammed

doors, mindful

each step a celebration

of the utter messiness

in these growth spirals.

Finally I feel

the despair, the longing,

the frustrated repressions

all here, in this moment

I see me.

Inspired by #OctPoWriMo Day 23 See Me, Enchant, Spectre, Partnership, Flag and Public

Therapy Talks

Now heal this 


who’s missing safety.

Daylight exposes

dark secrets.

Nightmare awakening, 

screaming child.

Hush, now, exasperated parents

place drunken touching

in unopened drawers,

hidden luster 

until the truth

reveals luster,

hidden drawers unopened

in touching drunken place.

Parents exasperated 

now hush.

Child-screaming awakening, 

nightmare secrets,

dark exposés.

Daylight safety 


whose child

this heals now.

Written for #OctPoWriMo Day 22, Betrayal, in a palindrome form.  Inspired by: Disguise, Drawer, Luster,  Exasperated, and Safety.  This form is difficult, and it almost made me change my rule of only devoting an hour to the prompt poem.  I am sure to revisit it, so I welcome any comments.

How Will I Know?

The schools make a specific

erasure of trusting the inner voice.

Good citizens must abandon

their own morality and choose

the party line, respond to bells

like automatons, scurry faster

and faster to make ends meet.

Witches in the shadows quiet

sink into the knowing

while all around, the chittering

leads to madness

just tell me what to do,

how to think,

when to buy.

Quiet now.  You will know

when you listen to your body.

You will be taught

by your heart

and your raging feelings,

as you let go

of your attachment 

to the busy, grasping mind.

Let it be.  

Simply see.

How will I know,

you ask again,

desperate for direction,

reaching for reason.

The past informs you

and misdirects you.

Let it go.

Only here in the quiet now

will the knowing be.

Only now in the deep here

will the how become power,

will you become full

and let that vital flow 

move you to a new shore.

Inspired by #OctPoWriMo Day 21: How Will I Know?