Digesting What Is Real

All disease begins in the gut.~Hippocrates

In the surreal aisles of the box store
inedible packages of cardboard
claim to be food. I look askance, select
kleenex and toilet paper and reject

the dubious offerings, even root
vegetables, alliums, leafy greens, fruit
tasteless. The farmer’s market’s integral
to my table. I ferment victuals

my kitchen fills with jars of cultured squash,
curtido, kraut, kimchi and with panache
I create labels for my medicine.
Real food supports well-being genuine.

Inspired by: Squash, Surreal, Integral and Culture.

Featured image: Fermented vegetables from Sommerwhitemd.com.

Message From Beyond

Warm salutations I bring to you, dear
beings of the shifting habitus fear
wrought and taught you, caught in patterns deep
undercover like pop songs on repeat

snappy mind control by CIA fiends
brought over after Hitler failed, proceeds
funded by your own sweat and blood, dark tax
collected in a secret ledger black

democracy is now a fairytale
which corporate greed rebranded, a fire sale
and you deserve a medal as you say
I’ll not support this evil, not today

because, you see, the castle built of sand
requires your free consent. Simply command
and set your fierce intention to break out
of past conditioning and be here now.

Inspired by: Medal, Salutations, Habitus, Snappy, today’s X1 solar flare, and two illuminating books: Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream and Operation Paperclip.

Featured image: Solar flare by new atlas.

You Are The Fuel They Seek

You don’t want to know what’s in your water.
You’d be perplexed what is sprayed in your air.
The toxins in the soil and seeds oughta
be outlawed. Greed is a dirty affair.

We are slaves in a yoke of entrainment,
our perception of real in disarray
like a jinx our beliefs are containment
we may resist, they persist, led astray

in the rush frantic strive for survival
too busy to eat well, to breathe, we swing
from a stake unresourced. Our revival
comes outside of time, unrestrained wellspring

the deep inner knowing we touch in dreams
and moments of now found under green trees
a calling bird a falling star sun’s beam
we realize our energy is free

Inspired by: Perplexed, Disarray, Swing and Jinx.

Featured image: The sudden swirl of mystery under a tree as the sunlight opens now.

And yes, I made up a word. Unresourced is when all your natural resources are hidden from you by beliefs imposed by an oppressive system. So of course you won’t find such a thought-provoking word in the dictionary that exact system writes!

A Nefarious Plot

“You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go.” – Bill Watterson

I have been attending the marketplace
where children’s souls, targeted, are debased
while harried parents rush and race heedless.
No fervid safeguards in that place, creedless

chaotic droning. In the overwhelm
some act out, others try to seize the helm
and gentle ones put down their heads and sigh
earn special prizes when they cease to cry.

My silver hair grants me an audience.
They bring such troubles. My euphonious
compassion as they seek to earn my praise
I give as freely as the sun’s fierce rays.

The children, our sweet future, imperiled
are staring at screens, hypnotized, sterile
while guardians jump ever higher hoops
away, oblivious, exploited, duped.

Inspired by: Market, Fervid, Safeguard, Audience and so much heartbreak in elementary school for an empath.

Featured image: Backyard mandala art with grandma.

Beyond The Seeming

At dusk astounded as double suns swash
watercolors bright across sky awash
with passions from the deep unruly day
I swore to keep my feet on bare earth, pray

with all expansiveness of breath, release
these judgments with compassion and find peace.
Gregorian chants lulled me to sweet dreams
which open channels past the world of seem

stars transfer icy siren songs, plaintive
clear notes drilling through the black domain of
moon. I’m out and walking, face to heaven
celebration of my self-expression.

Inspired by: Gregorian, Transfer, Plaintive and Swash.

A Leap In The Dark

I’m striding underneath the stars, black sky
calming the panicked puppy by my side
outside my head that made my bed a grind
of ineffective self-talk, sleepless bind

how worry frames my love when I account
the ledgers of my life! The debits mount
my unpaid status–I’m a refugee–
gives credit where it’s due new currency

and still the shackles rise to my dismay
I find the rusting keys amid the fray
the healing spiral’s endless, so I breathe
and walk the grounding earth as passions seethe.

Inspired by: Ineffective, Frame, Account and Refugee. My metaphors are all over the place on this difficult morning.


In their petty ignorance, people tweet
energy footprints of the stars, fake meat
unsteady led by dissonance they cannot plumb
the murky depths beside themselves they’re numb

glued to their screen dream world reality
have they forgotten how to ground, to breathe
past chemtrails tasked to mask maliciously
these 5G waves of harsh cacophony?

Bare feet upon the earth beneath the trees
the dazzling stars illuminating free
and ancient ways beyond false history
the rising flowering of sovereignty

Inspired by: Petty, Ignorance and Dream World.

Featured image: View of beach from a hill on Oahu.

Looks At God All Day

I walk into elementary school
waves of grief whelm, I attribute it to
the tremulous mouth of the troubled child
caged in the principal’s den, “acting wild”

his natural effervescence untamed
he can’t sit in a stiff chair unrestrained
and no one can look at the roots: the aim
to turn out obedient numbskulls shamed

and afraid, punished, bribed and extorted
til their birthright ambitions are thwarted
and they sink with a sigh into programs
solving old equations and anagrams

burying new insights and ideas
never realizing just who he is.
I take my grandson by the hand, we flee
to our beloved wise ancient oak tree

Inspired by: Tremulous, Elementary and Effervescence.

Title from the first poem I ever memorized, Trees by Joyce Kilmer.

Get Out From Under

Deep in the triggered hold of the slave ship
congested and detested depraved trip
through time the chains are rusting from tears’ salt
obsessed with blame, relentless finding fault

my heart rings in new patterns love creates
as I sort through what matters in the spate
of fear that clashes with my innate cheer.
Melody is clear. What’s happening here

as the old breaks down in the chopping sea
we’re tossed and turned in the waves that release
the generational captivity
celebrate learning to be truly free

Inspired by: chop, cheer, clashes, patterns and written in the SOCS style for ring.

Matrix Glitch

“Get out of the mindset that you have no control over the outcome of this open sourced monetary revolution. You are the force for this change.”~Simply Bitcoin

If I view myself as symptomatic
and kowtow to white coats so dogmatic
and eager to prescribe a toxic fix
then trouble descends like a ton of bricks.

It’s easy to blame the allopathic
but dig down to the roots–fiat traffic
reveals corruption races fed by greed
which is the basis for modern disease

industrial byproducts guaranteed
to flow into our bones unimpeded
weakening wills, manufacturing needs
to prescribe poisonous food, water, seeds

The limited supply of bitcoin yanks
the dirty money-printing cartel banks
out of their ruling scam. Indeed, our health
freed from forced waste returns abundant wealth.

Inspired by: Waste, Dirty and Symptomatic. And 21 Lessons by Gigi.

Featured image: Color glitch filter on the great seal.