Variations on White

In my laboratory where I conduct

experiments on the living

connections which emerge

as I magnify my focus,

a red cardinal flits by.

Brown trees hold up

the lucent white sky.

The frosted white water

is ringed by whiter snow.

This word white is useless.

I scattered black sunflower seeds

under the brown thicket of lilac,

the impenetrable screen so favored

by the wintering songbirds.

Earlier, a pair of dark ravens

flapped in, one settling at the tallest tip

of the oak across the street,

the other accompanying a barred

owl into the poplar.

Noble birds in majestic trees.

Hunters playing

off each other’s unique talents,

usually hidden in the dark

but at dawn,


at just the right angle

I watch the soundless drama.

The day-old fullness

of moon brightens

all this glowing

until the first intimations

of purple and pink

blaze under the blanket

of white.


Inspired by:  Noble, Angle, Magnify and Laboratory.

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Before dawn, the sky is filled

with two full moons, strange

since at last glimpse midnight,

she was mostly swallowed by

a circular shadow.  Caught in dreams,

I light a candle, reflecting on my

windowpane something significant

I’ve asked to be shown.

Be careful what you ask for,

my true being plastered over

with so many false beliefs

until I am encased in this marble

statue, a derivative


something greater than I can

wrap my mind around.

There is nothing left

to do besides


crunching over the ice

with the bitter cold

stealing my breath

aiming my camera in every direction

in a futile attempt

to capture the beauty

of this instant.


Inspired by the super full moon, the partial lunar eclipse, Lunapics fun filters, and the prompts: Dream, Derivative, Marble and Plaster.