New Beginning

When life is this dear, it means the source is pulling us.~Rumi

In the precarious untapped places
of my intuitive tract rise traces
of knowing insubstantial and exact
in hindsight vapor, visible, untracked

Distracted by the details, living life
fulfilling roles and harmonizing strife
still I am led, I’ve learned to question not
or try to ascertain the why’s so fraught

with pain that expectations cannot meet.
A red-winged blackbird trills “believer” sweet
I sit in the storm’s aftermath, the rain
now gently falls on the funeral plane.

Inspired by: Precarious, Tract and Vapor.

Featured image: My darling Mary Lou, who we bury today.

Hidden Structure

Blue jay and rattling school bus traffic
and the clouds busy in cover-up tricks
that hint at the periphery unease
listing my loved ones and their fell disease

low-lying gray swift moving under white
the layers of this day–a chopper’s whine
and though the sun tries valiantly to shine
on these crossroads of varying timelines

humankind sentence pathological
lexical meaning astrological
numerology of the day replete
lion’s gate eight-eight infinity beat

how I meander through the secret ways
patterns emerge, do I sleep through or wake?
A sweat-bee hovers. I’m attentive. Ciao.
The day is here. Bring on your A-game now.

Inspired by: Sentence, Meander, Replete and Pathological.

Summoning Joy

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

The sun sends long questing fingers of gold
astonished and delighted. This brave bold
approval of brand new day will hinder
dissonance running rife, baleful timber

now outside on a whim, unplugged from schemes
of foolishness designed to shock, fear’s stream
the light gives us to understand life’s sweet
unbroken flow fleeting and yet replete.

Inspired by: Understand, Whim, Approval and Hinder.

At The Lion’s Gate

“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.”~Madeleine L’Engle

The spiral brings me to the next new stage
intuition-led, I release why’s rage
accept that understanding explicit
prince from frog only after I kiss it

reality though carved in stone is flow
and what purports to be is just a show
I wake from dreams, a hidden bijoux cache
inheritance just hours before the crash

Inspired by: Explicit, Bijoux, Carved and Purport.

Featured image: Maple seedlings, kaleidoscope filter.

The Circle of Life

The sky is crying. Look at the tears roll down the street.~Elmore James

Beneath my balcony ciphers conflate
tempt passersby to pause, puzzle, translate.
Their passion for this part-time work brings ire.
The walkers pull, cajole. The dogs conspire

to linger, sniff excitedly, intent
alive delightedly I am present.

The skies that cried with me last night engorged
heartbreak my loved one’s passing has discharged

to weep is not a solecism. Grief
and I take over skies for heart’s relief

The pressure from the barometric weight
teeth-grinding ache, striking, it bombilates
in hidden layers like the scents below
and I must sit and balance this inflow.

Inspired by: Solecism, Striking, Passion and Part Time. In memory of Mary Lou.

The Patterns Love Weaves

Everything is frequency and DNA is the ultimate antenna. You are a master of your energy, both a frequency emitter and a receiver in flux with your internal and external environment.~Sol Luckman

A hummingbird comes to magnolia’s blush
fluttering wings gleaming in sunrise flush
in this surreal hour serenity
calls up flickering dream complexity

the half-awake chef from kitchens of night
docile, revealed in the intense gold light
Finch flying overhead in symmetry
reveals how we’re remunerated, flee

the consequences of the words we fling
regardless of realities they bring
the symphony that we create right now
shaping the frequency as love knows how

Inspired by: Flush, Docile, Remunerated and Surreal.

Featured image: New pine cones with hieroglyphs love writes

In The Water

“Why, when a poison is diluted in water to the point where it cannot by physically detected, does the previously toxic solution then become therapeutic? When the substance itself is gone, and all that is left is the information from the vibration, both poison and medicine become the same.”~Masaru Emoto

Variegation of sunset sky lights
the water, seeps into my dream-soaked nights.
I drink to dilute this toxic ocean
in each cell, wake to thunder’s oration

like fighter jet’s low and ominous growl
reaching across abundant drenching clouds.
It’s clear we are not who we’re taught we are
spinning helpless, tiny, a distant star

as the rain softens the core of my gloom
now washed by waves. The vibration of doom
dispelled, I’m rocked in the flow, empowered
and as dark illusions die, joy flowers.

Inspired by: Abundant, Oration and Variegation.

Hidden In The Green

This late-July second blooming of shy
magnolia under busy-sound sky
dawning calls: downy woodpecker, blue jay’s
alarm, eastern towhee. Cardinal weighs

in. Carolina wren bursts into praise.
White-breasted nuthatch cackle-laughs as rays
splash golden and the sun breaks free. Splendor
illuminates delicate blooms tender

as raw sorrow hidden in green’s revealed
by quiet time. Here’s what has been concealed.
The prick of pain in red clover mite’s dash
across my skin a warning that I smash

in quick reflex, obliging an instinct.
(It’s said they don’t bite. This one did.) I think
while so-called experts preach, indoctrinate
my swim into now’s current educates.

Inspired by: Oblige, Sorrow and Swim.

Featured image: This morning I pulled the leaves back to photograph the magnolia’s secret second blooming.

Easy As Dawn

Just before sunrise under the vast skies
knocking on the stanchion holding the why’s
it’s cool for dawn in late July and hushed
the opening behind cloud cover’s blushed

an excited child bursting into view
bright powerfully shifting to brand-new.
Archons have taken over leaders’ brains–
they hiss and mumble unblinking remains

of alien intelligence unloosed
misguided missiles with nothing to lose
such greedy immorality, in chains
they seek to enslave chanting myth refrains

layered from childhood, entangled in tales
woven into societal travails.
Defenestrate the politicians fast
their pledges are to evil unsurpassed

and yet the truth is light; lies heavyweight
a simple conscious breath can dissipate.
Under the sun, unplugged, they hold no sway.
Right here, right now, we dance a new gateway.

Inspired by: Stanchion, Vast, Knocking and Defenestrate.

And inspired by Joe Biden’s recent tweet of himself unblinking for 30 seconds of reptilian ire and Nancy Pelosi sputtering and spluttering about bird and privilege scrub.

As This Plays Out

He lines up in the animus column
guilt at this guile makes him appear solemn.
In the real world, I say, people are kind.
Your digital stream, spiteful and purblind

conjures a matrix that spellbinds and quells
traumatized, immobilized, living hell
Wake up. Unplug. Realize it’s your show.
Take the stage and create a loving role.

Inspired by: Guilt, Guile, Column and Animus.