Consider the Clitoris


The preponderance of the evidence
excludes whole swaths of reality. Here’s
the clitoris, tranquil on the surface
deemed impertinent (and I’d wager feared)

by male anatomists who empower
what’s hanging obvious dangle from birth.
I’m all about revelation. Power
rises as hidden places reveal girth.

Inspired by: Birth, Preponderance, Impertinent and Tranquil. And this article on the clitoris sent to me by the indomitable Susan B.

Featured image is from an anatomically correct 3-D model of the clitoris (You could hold this in your hand for less than $20; search for them on!)

Anatomical 3D clitoris model from this article in Atlantic.

Entering Now

When the earth comes back into alignment
and the planets sing in joy, harmony
restored, celebrate our intertwinement:
connect in the knowing field part of me.

I’m cleaning up my act, leaving a map
in case you find I am a step ahead
and all these waves fill you with dread, entrap
you with fear too turbulent to steer. Spread

those wings you’ve hidden from yourself. Exalt.
Never a figment, your awesome power.
Accept your crown. The breakup of your faults
fuels your roar. Enter now empowered.

Inspired by: Breakup, Figment, Crown, Roar and Fault.

Going around in circles

I’m painting ensōs feeling into heart-
break of my own making. How painstaking
pasts and greedy futures block the fine art
of now. I break free of dreams mistaking

cues and clues as battered children do. Leap
from the chains survival forged. Illusions
rise and fall. I move my brush, reds, golds sweep
new ways praise in intuitive fusions.

Still how I mourn, fully, each circle drawn
in one stroke: open, closed, overlapping.
Foolish or trite, it may appear. Right on
the page paint swirls loud as one hand clapping.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Trite. In Zen, ensō is a circle hand-drawn in one stroke, the practice of which allows the body to create with a quiet mind.

Some Dream

Sometimes I wake in fear of fantastic
phantasms I’ve been trained to see and cling
to (which disappear, revealed bombastic.)
When I breathe into now, my being sings.

I sit in calm, directing qi to flow
through all these distortions where trauma lives.
Let us rejoice, exuberant.  We know
in the light we share abundance love gives.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Cling, Exuberant and Qi.

Allowing Miracles

“Consider the root system of grass. Those roots hold hands, nestle together, and form a community of connectivity. This is a glorious metaphor for human harmony and community. Grass, it seems, is a fine illustration for the Golden Rule.”~Avia

In the deep rich soil of our beginnings
the new paradigm emerges rooted.

We’ve called into question underpinnings
of nefarious plots now transmuted

(as illusory stories can be when
the veils lift).  Give credence to our powers.

Mobility begins in realms outside 
of visibility. Here now flowers.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Mobility, Plot, Paradigm and Credence.

Baffle All Powers

“That Poppy seed…within it is imprisoned a spirit of beauty ineffable, which will break its bonds and emerge from the dark ground and blossom in a splendor so dazzling as to baffle all powers of description.” ~ Celia Thaxter

Juggle the old logs, foundation rotted.
Over the hot coals, scalawag dances.
The false beliefs I’ve created slotted
for the pyre. Ignite, remembrances!

Illumination as simple as breath
when darkness rises, rejoicing in light.
The smallest moue of discontent, the depth
of buried pain, squelched emotional plight

alive and welcome here.  These burning flames
blaze from my eyes, sunblest, I’m sizzling—
leap into the fire, burn, specious claims—
embracing beauty, powers dazzling

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Remembrance, Juggle, Moue and Scalawag, so much deep inner work, and this gorgeous poppy that bloomed yesterday with its serendipitous appearance, freed here from the weight of its war-torn past and poetry.

At the rising

“What does it take to abandon what does not work and take the risks of uncertainty?”~Robin Wall Kimmerer 

The moon’s crescent fingernail awaits her
kiss. Sun’s coming slow and wide brightening.
She plays hide and seek with cloud wisps demur.
The sky lightening deft promise delight.

Around me in the landslide, people point
fingers, project the shame and fear, so mad
digging through the rubble at this endpoint
searching for old answers, building launchpads.

We hold the truth tight in our cells. We grieve
for all the misperceptions. Can’t receive
with all the dissonance, lost and confused.
We realize, like batteries, we’re used.

I’m singing. My kingdom for a mirror.
The time to jump is now. No one shows up
as guide, you’re on your own, never clearer
Sun calls. A crow escorts the moon. Stand up.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Delight, Landslide and Deft.

Fingernail crescent watching the sun rise.

Creating Anew

We cling to childhood lessons until Now
calls them in, and all the ripples felt as
each distortion unravels shaky threads

and there’s no rhyme, it’s serendipitous
awake, alert, present illusions fade
in love’s tough insistence to dig deep just

here, as hysterical triggers display
their shame and pain and fear. We’re capable
of limitless creation, sovereign, free.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Capable, Tough and Hysterical.

Now Triumphs

I’m sitting outside in November sun
rise, my heart full of flames, the sky on fire.

Yesterday’s matrix, ancient 3D
design has collapsed and it’s rosy pink lit

as my camera and I clicking praises
oh, glory, the codes I’m uploading–crow

counting, as over my head groups of four
no cawing, we’re all stunned, that old cage firmly

quitted, my powers emerge in this light
far beyond the plight of discord, flying

sunlight, the hues change with each breath, rejoice
with clouds and me. Human free. Now the gold

pours abundance and I receive and life
is much different than they claim it to be.

I leave you to your pain releasing that
old stuff, so much to gain although the guards

maintain charades of locking prison gates.
Eight birds lift up my gaze. The caws begin.

A bluejay joins. Feet on the ground, I fly
imagination wild, my powers scry.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Triumph, amazing weather, and a sunrise that rocked my world.

Rising Into Sun

“I have cried too, I have cried too long. Like a phoenix, I have risen from the flames. No more living someone else’s dreams.”~Dan Fogelberg

As each wound throbs into now–the suspense
intense–my zeal to heal keeps me waking

for heaven’s sake, these pains I take reveal
a couple of childish surmises rise

this ardent lover sun burning my skies.
Open my eyes. Survival strategies

bless my courage and my worth. This offer
proffered to the phoenix seizing rebirth.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Couple, Surmise, Zeal, Suspense and a November sun fierce and bold burning away old limiting beliefs.