By Jupiter’s Moon

Accompanied by the animals and feathered spirit messengers, I grounded, watchful and curious for the new breed rising in Sophia’s embrace.*

I grew up all alone, girl in the midst
of raffish pretense, dismissed by a fist
when they’d insist that black is white, let fly
their rage when I’d insist in earth, not sky

the power source, mother, which a brother
could not perceive. Their might makes right a lie
subversive like the ivy I would cut,
beliefs like holdfast vines that cling and shut

til now they creep in darkness, boxed in dreams,
fed by unholy streams. Caught in deep sleep
they rouse angrily when they hear my song
exposing their alien worship, wrongs

feel right and so they call me crazed. I see
there is no waking from their daze. Lonely
I stride, barefoot powerful warrior,
rise as Gaia-Sophia’s storier.

Inspired by: Lonely, Pretense, Ivy and Raffish.

And (featured images) this morning, Jupiter singing in the moonlight.

*Quote from my newly emerging novel.

What We Know

Unless there is internal force for resistance, psychic immunity, so to speak, the individual psyche will adapt to the stress of the collective imagination. It will become what it believes and forget what it knows.~John Lamb Lash

How does one gainsay vacuous culture
built on false premises? Foolish things sure
to topple in the ring of sound inner
knowing, but the words are colored. Sinner

take warning. Perpetrator victim bond
is sealed. Rat race mouse wheel and I respond
to abject pleas and harsh commands: join in.
Homeless, unemployed, I have no coin in

and yet my heart aches as the clones skitter
surface glitter, find the next outfitter.
And how easily they could new create
if they could just release this grasping hate.

Inspired by: the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt color/colour, vacuous, foolish things, skitter and gainsay.

Featured image: a tricolored beech outside of my window.

Flowering In The Light

In the temple of death, worshippers masked
bequest the keys to their freedom unasked.
Those who submit implore and castigate
proselytizing at the golden gate.

Luckily I, aligned with source, walk by
head held high with unrestricted breath. Live
in this sacred vessel precious, I fetch
sanctuary. No more runaround wretch.

The evident lacuna in this tale
requires a bridge, for logic clearly fails.
This premise, unacceptable and sly
does not appeal. The light reveals the lie.

Inspired by: Runaround, Fetch and Lacuna.

What Light Summons

In the rarefied air after sickness/every poison distinct harsh thickness/so be wary, grounded and aligned/as I show up, canary in the mine./Bluebirds keep returning to their birthbox/invading house sparrow dives in and mocks./I wonder why they stay, locked ancestral/patterns simple imperatives:  nests will/be best here.  Back in my family home/where every slipshod deviation poem/inspires, the castigation is severe,/the burning wrath of generations sear/yet I must step into the flames.  My way/is through.  A life anonymous won’t do./When standing in the light, be sure the dark/is summoned.  All the open wounds will mark/the entry I create.  And though the hate,/the bitterness, the ire surrounds me, fire/channeled from all the unsettled places/bursts into now, still I open love’s spaces.

Inspired by: Anonymous, Burn, Simple and Slipshod. Is anyone else having difficulties with the free WordPress editor? I have this big black box halfway down my page and can’t enter text there. And preview says my blocks have encountered an error.

Sun Water Music

Just as gilding sun spills out to mark us
a vulture waits beside the shore carcass.
In the sickhouse, they call my life-save hacks
crazy, choose toxic means for an attack

on fragile balance twined through this lifeline.
All the latest masking trends upend fine-
tuning. Our most upsetting goal: to die
peacefully at home ignored. Crow flies by.

A mourning dove bursts into view, a clue
we should pursue peaceful means beyond greed-
led pharma’s frantic search for one pill more
to throw across the threshold of death’s door.

Inspired by: Hack, Trend and Twine.

In The New Now

Great blue heron unmoving by restless
gleaming waves, poised and focused spots distress
as if this bass were herding minnows straight
to their awaiting fate. Quick snap, entrapped

wriggling then swallowed whole. This quiet
fishing though the callithumpian road
a noise riot just beyond the trees. How
we cope and adapt, through obstructions plow.

Inspired by: Callithumpian.

What Lies Broken

Bluebirds chatter-build where cheeping sparrows 
forbid amid chirping hatchling swallows. 

Cacophony of greed imperatives 
masks grounds to seed. My male relatives

hang grimly to the dying ways to feed 
a pattern we no longer need. Succeed 

by cash amassing. Don’t heed as sisters, 
in tune with those who bleed–resisters

who seed their fear in angry deeds–ask why 
we turn away from sun, instructive sky 

to count the hoard, ignore the cry. I speak 
my truth in crumbling story’s pique.

Inspired by: Grounds.

Featured image: High winds knocked this perfect robin’s egg from a nest hidden and unreachable in a tangle of trees.

Breaking The Surface

In the morning home is an iffy place
under lowset clouds and droplets of rain
ramshackle construction. Destruction
looms, certain. Still, I partake. Construction

falters where unacknowledged fear resides
rooted in separation premises,
the greedy colleague of hopeless despair.
They spread their wares, grisly and barely there

though the media blares dire messages,
portrays the bowing, cowed, kneeling masses.
I go outside, surprise an osprey’s soar,
a snake, four big bass swimming to the shore

and see how expectations limit me.
Imagination duly freed, I leap
barefoot across the mushroom-filled wet lawn
greeting the filtered sun’s hope-beams of dawn.

Two orioles expound, bright orange scolds
and I look up, behold the fiery golds.
As sun lifts misperceptions from the haze
a grass-fed koi bursts up, the surface breaks.

Inspired by: Ramshackle, Colleague, Partake and Premise.

And all of the divine messengers gathered near the water this morning, first the grass-fed koi breaking the surface:

And then a dragonfly who wanted to be in the photo:

And this snake swimming across the bay.

Control and Surrender

The Dragonfly’s…flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life. To move in all six directions demonstrates a sense of power and poise – something that comes only with age and maturity. The dragonfly accomplishes its objectives with utmost simplicity, effectiveness, elegance and grace.

In the predawn tangle dreams vibrate light
and sound symphonies by the lake. The flight
of night slow and subtle challenge insight
as fear becomes clear. How it fogs heart sight.

Each worry is an arrow I release
aimed at a higher power til at peace
I stand my ground, my blemishes revealed
and each imperfect step demands I yield.

Inspired by: Blemish, Challenge, Tangle and a dragonfly who poses for me by the shore (featured image) and then two who claim my attention (image below). Photographing dragonflies is an act of cooperation. I aim, exhale and click (with goosebumps) as they fly into center stage.

Come The Roses

A little bird told me is the story of my life.

Before dawn thick clouds conceal starry skies.
I must use other senses to espy
solar eclipse, new moon, starstruck as June
unfurls andante. Graceful roses croon

soon late afternoon honeysuckle scents
heavenly sweet on magical air sent
to awaken delight and free. The fight
continues about me. Standing in light

as the darkness rushes nigh to be claimed:
this, too, is mine. This, too, I name. The game
is clear, reflected in the gleaming lake.
I scratch the itch and nosh on now, fast break.

Inspired by: Scratch, Andante, Nosh and my mother’s eight orange roses (at dawn, I’m barefoot, photographing roses in the dark with a flash.)