Wake Up In Time

Some bank men fraud greedily, work Ponzi
schemes, hide apocryphal cartel laundry
streams, blatantly pay off politicians
and testify black lies to commissions

televised questions by curmudgeon guys
whose high dudgeon is an act. You’re surprised
one time, but please, not twice. Be proactive
now you see the device. You’re reactive

time and time again watching movie screens
the same tired old script’s in smithereens.
Surely the long game, you can’t fail to see
setting you up to force CBDCs

controlling every breath from birth to death
dumbed down, enslaved on the quiescent path
You watch until yawning finally wake
in time to create for your higher sake.

Inspired by: Proactive, Curmudgeon, Apocryphal and Sam Bankman Fried’s inglorious billion-dollar steal.

Here She Comes Again

Let us love winter for it is the spring of genius.~Pietro Aretino

In winter I typically hover
over the abyss despair uncover
queen of the underworld in the dark hours
longing for the light, so disempowered

even though I study Persephone
I’m literal. Metaphorically
her descent makes sense. My beloved trees
unleaf and pose naked in the deep freeze

while I am buffeted by change. I cope
composing poetry of warmth and hope,
slide under quilts savvy grandmothers sewed
bequests for the long winters they forebode.

Inspired by: Typical, Hope, Abyss and Hover.

Romancing The Night

Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts.

Hours before dawn my pup and I pace
under the glowing mirrored moon and trace
the trail of constellated starry cues
that summon intuition and infuse

my muse opening gateways in the night
illuminating ether my birthright
I’m back in tune each segment harmonize
walking the dark powerful galvanize

Inspired by: Segment and Back

When We Choose Love

When told to knuckle under in the storm
of lies, I stood tall in the truth and scorn
rained down on me by those permeated
by fear, calling me dangerous, insane

bypassing lament, I cultivated
my own organic growth, and I abstained
from consuming the narrative obtained
through frequencies of hate unabated

the timeline I choose leads me to sunbeams
and thriving plants luxuriate. My dreams
lucid and powerful reach into murk
remedy past where unhealed traumas lurk.

Inspired by: Storm, Lament, Cultivate and Knuckle.

Featured image: Down dog in sunbeam.

Each Moment As Mandala

“The center of the Mandala is the Now-moment, where, through the quality of attention, we constantly create ourselves anew.”~Richard Moss

After the complete breakdown comes breakthrough
but in the chaos of the fallout few
own the consequences of their choices
embracing instead resistance voices

and what you resist persists defiant
grows your molehills into mountains giant
obstacles right in your face to reveal
the quantum state: what you observe is real

mattering as you focus and select
which possibilities claim or reject.
What scientists neglect in equations
their own intent propagates invasions.

Ironic how as children we are taught
we’re meaningless and that our words are not
the power that creates reality.
We learn to spell without logomancy.

Inspired by: Giant and Breakthrough.

Featured image: Wind-created mandala at the base of a pine.

The Truth In Plain Sight

Here is a user’s guide to magic pill terminology. Red pill: wake up from the matrix. Blue: return to the matrix. Black: nihilism. White: optimism. Orange: understand Bitcoin.

As programmed patterns lull and lure, profane
extolling: to drink the kool-aid’s mundane,
the stamina required to see (free will)
though likened to a colored magic pill

and grouched about as dimwits take the stage
is yet another psy-op to engage
focus and energy. The root, the field
dynamic and magnetic is concealed

by the false web of narrative displayed
on screens in childish illogical ways.
There is a droplet sparkling in view
which clears the haze and all the lies cuts through.

Inspired by: Drink, Droplet, Grouch, Mundane and Stamina.

Featured image: This sparkling droplet just outside the fuzzy web called forth today’s poem.

Au Naturel

For decades (centuries), official media and government have been using their bully pulpits to publish lies and self-serving gobbledygook. To control what millions of people believe and think.~Jon Rappoport

The depraved united to skew the view
distort the facts, reliable truth coup
–when you own the press, it’s easy to do–
call me conspiracist as I break through

the queue of visitors led by the hand
through galleries constructed by broadband
and humming with that 5G frequency
that irritates my sensitivity

outside I go under the dazzling stars
as Moon and Saturn dance retrograde Mars
and then the sun reveals the crimson leaves
and yellows brighter than artists conceive

Inspired by: Crimson, United, Reliable and Visitor.

Rise and Shine

I realize I can’t pretend to sleep
to summarize the dreams I tried to keep
have dissipated and though I beseech
the walls between the worlds cannot be breached

and so I rise and open up the blinds
and leap into a dazzling sunrise
that lifts me up and joyously reminds
me: open my eyes, living is the prize

Inspired by Summarize, Dazzle and Sleep.

Non-GMO Organic

I’m saving seeds from produce I acquire
through Amish farmers. Their payments require
cash. They have no technology barefoot
Anabaptist obstinacy hardput

and yet miraculously they appear
here at the market where they make it clear
from the gleams in their eyes, their ruddy skin
they’ve found a healthy space to live life in.

And so throughout the week, I gather bills
from failing fiat. No Bitcoin orange pill
can reach them in the world they cultivate.
Their food tastes just like manna on my plate.

Inspired by: Payment, Obstinacy, Produce and Gleam.

Featured image: Sweet potato, spaghetti squash, butternut squash seeds and delicada squash from last week’s farmers’ market score.

So Happy Together

When you’re with me, baby, the skies will be blue.~Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon.

We weave in an intricate sense-pulled dance.
Aficionada of light romance
I’m framing shots while squatting very still.
She’s nosing through the leaves, dragging downhill

against my arbitrary stops. Her trail
beyond the concrete a new world unveils.
I pause and finally she enters in.
We hunters pose: she points, I click, ducks swim.

Inspired by: Aficionado, Arbitrary, Concrete, Intricate and a morning photo walk with my dog.

Featured image: This scene we both agreed was key. Below: Cassidy doing what she loves best.