Drink Plenty of Water

“…somehow the homeopathic medicine contains an energy signature that causes a deep change in the body. As if information were being transmitted.”~Jon Rappoport

In the expanding now it is possible to receive-absorb the transmission, delicate and precise, offered in deep awareness.~Victoria Stuart

I’m downloading a healing stream, intense
deliberate wash.  Toxins awakened 
like pouting children from a nap dispense
antipathy—don’t touch.  I’ve mistaken

reality (quixotic magical 
powers) for past creations (artifacts
and trophies gathering dust).  Actual
transmission, living energy, is fact

hidden in plain sight.  I ground and center
unperturbed by the distortions in my
field.  A hawk soars hovering uncensored
messages received.  Torsions realign.

Inspired by: Unperturbed, Antipathy, Quixotic and Trophy.

Featured image: Polygonum hydropower persicaria, Lady’s Thumb, Smartweed or Arsesmart offering healing energies–free and abundant–along the garden walk this morning.

Love Poem

Let it play out, witnessing without judgment, calling forth the highest interests of all concerned. Divine Will over personal perception.  Unwavering, untouchable, unconditional presence.~Sandra Walter

Is it sedition to wave vehement
signal flags to head-phoned screen-caught vassals?
The sinkhole of contracted agreement
rightclick free technological hassles

direct download to betrapped dreamers.  How
I’d love to stay and preach vitality:
wake up, unfold into expanding now.
I still and call divine neutrality.

Loved ones disappear down the rabbithole.
Or so it seems.  My lesson magnifies
perilous misbeliefs.  The immense whole
unseen and nothing’s as it seems.  The cries

aswirl as planet shifts.  I hear, rejoice
the change.  Climbing the tallest ladder, place
precise stars, I create my sky.  My choice:
a conscious breath and my own fractals face.

Inspired by: Dreamer, Hole, Vehement, Wave and Sedition.

Floral Lore

I lionize the last buds of autumn
like them, I’m bursting to unfold in now
expansive, flowing in the skyclock hums
beyond extraneous constructs—kapow—

revealed time shrivels, rooted in the lies
and energy, coerced, we gave.  No more.  
I aggravate the status quo, surprise
the world, create exquisite bloom rapport.

Inspired by: Aggravate, Bud, Extraneous and Lionize.


Ah, don’t turn away 
this garrulous sky and I
cacophony honking
gaggle of geese
startled by swallows
moving in and out of waves
of sound or thoughts 
winging diaphonous. 
As leaves listen greenly
delicate clouds blush.
The veils dissolve
outside in thresholds
I bring the light.
My secret messages
cannot be read–
perhaps eaten or smoked
like magic or a cosmic joke.
Who seeks my energy,
so fine and fierce 
alas to no avail?
My sacred vessel has no door
the way unfettered
out of your range,
here I am unreachable

Inspired by Catrin Welz-Stein’s marvelous piece Summer-Dreaming. Check out the gallery of amazing artwork for some great inspiration.

Opening to the fall

Mighty, I proffer star power that falls
inexorable as this equinox.
Deviate from what is real, I feel walls
disintegrate.  Magic beyond the clocks

of false constructs is humming, wild and free.
Imagining I burst past the controls
imposed by mindless habits.  I release
the matrix hold with ease.  These gaping holes

—apparent now to all—can’t cage a soul.
Exposed, the narrative composed of lies.
I dance, create and new portals unfold.
With boundless energy, I tantalize. 

Inspired by: Deviate and Proffer and the many opportunities present in the Fall Equinox today.

Purchasing Power

Brilliant light reveals our rusty cages.
We pause, aghast, exhausted dark fumbles
for a key.  Persnickety.  The sages
foretold our slavery.  Our rage rumbles

as the current lies sweep us, a great flux
we fight.  Chained junkyard dogs, one measly bone.
Driven inside, isolated.  The crux
is power.  As we step into our own,

the cruel elites’ imaginary
holds collapse.  Helpless and bespelled, did we
pay for our own misery?  Energy
reclaimed, create a new cosmology.

Inspired by: Persnickety, Flux, Exhausted and Cage.

Beyond The Limits

From the top of the stairs, look for the cats
below the round marble-topped table, sleek
haughty, dismissing us for lead-paned glass
and the sun’s slanted golden reach you seek

in fabulous dreams of different worlds
time elongates and we drowse-imagine
relaxed and filled with satisfaction, whirled
into a love connection we begin

on such a slow August afternoon like
a portent of fall–choose now and choose love!
Imagine, create, through all boundaries
flow.  Slipping through time, gain the stars above.

That’s version one, written quickly.  On dversepoets today, we are asked to take our poem through the Bök Checklist and question each noun, verb, adverb and adjective, looking for the uncanny.  You can head over to the prompt and try it!

After the revising, the title changed as well as other surprises…here’s version 2.

We Fall Slow

From the top of the stairs, consider cats
below the marble-topped round table, sleek
disdain for us peering through lead-paned glass
and the sun’s slanted golden reach you seek

in fabulous realms and alternate times.
Relaxed and filled with satisfaction, we
drowse-imagine, this dog and I sublime
rainbow-splattered tiles and carved Siamese.

Into this love connection we fall, slow
late August afternoon til September
rushes in.  Through faux boundaries we flow
choosing precisely now we remember.

How To Spell Sanctuary

In the morning, tears flood the gates, spill slow
fat trickles I dash away.  All is not
right in the world.  I host all I still know
in the only sanctuary I’ve got.

Overnight it seems things change.  Tolerance
for my constant singing—oh, the lyrics
that emerge unbidden, awesome breakdance
of joy—vanishes. Annoyed, my critics.

We long to be loved, adopt a pious
role—just look how good we are, surely
we deserve a drop of manna!  Fly us
to a heavenly place, bristle purely

righteous.  Despite obnoxious masterminding
blinding art’s true powers, create space
when grief arises. The gift is finding
lonely places just where we lost our way. 

Inspired by: Pious, Obnoxious, Awesome and Bristle and this photo which became the feature image collage with four different filters.

Creative Depths

A dragon wriggles from the squiggles
red-eyelashed coquetry sailing blue
seas in a yellow sky, giggles
and jiggles, a jaunt crossing right through

imagination—emerging wise
and wonderful to urge: paint more soon!
Not to bully, just expand the size
of reality—outside lampoons

elites have honeyfuggled so sweet
distractions praising someone else’s
created world—gasp—necktie tight. Meet
me in space, though they call it selfish

and disparage our superpowers.
We throw off the leash and find that we
rise majestic moving paint.  Hours
wild and free defeat powers that be.

Inspired by: Jaunt, Honeyfuggle, Lampoon and Bully. And painting squiggles with my grandson.

Imagine That!

Imagination is the often-forgotten force in the core of the human being. Our problems, at the core, exist only because we have “misplaced an infinity.”~Jon Rappoport*

Sharp September early wrapped in fleece
I remember waiting for the sun.  At peace,
eclectic ways to feel into

electric body riveting, pivoting
now, well met, fast-moving clouds!
My travail allows inspection

of the golden-gleamed horizon.
Sipping coffee slow and warm
my morning bluejays warn poignant

and pointed.  Even serenity
is a star poking into absurd
totalitarian measures.  I don’t partake.

That brand of Koolaid just tastes
fake.  I see the stain all around
your panicked eyes, gone: smiles or frowns.

Succumb and lose identity, masked
and frail, breath denied.  Sometimes
it seems a dream.  I thought there were many

more alive, but I see drones
apologetic and rueful, cowed,
reading posted rules.  Now what’s allowed?

I remember waiting for the light
in months like these.  Now I simply bring
myself, sovereign alive sparking love

and curiosity.  There’s no masked
stranger staring in my mirror. Look at me
model how common sense

walks the world.  Freely breathe.
I don’t always have to rhyme.
Sun now appears and I step out of time.

Inspired by: Serenity, Riveting, Eclectic, Travail and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Sharp and Exit From The Matrix*, a life-changing imagination course by Jon Rappoport that I highly, highly recommend.