Songs of Praise

Pause at the brink. This yawning door requires
quiet poise. Bluejay warns. We scan dapples.
Bobbled green tomato drops. Catch! Squirrel
chatters, scatters and the chase to grapple

ensues. Slippery deck, dog’s nails skitter.
Some raincloud funneled fury just here, the
grass is bone-dry. My bones crystal glitter
under sun’s fierce gaze. How I trust clearly

this opening, diving like a bird with
widespread pinions catching unforeseen updrafts.
I’ve crashed before. Steering wild worlds with
strange ideas and praise. Oh, hearts, dream up

beyond your ridicule and laughs my flights
of fancy trigger. Hard to predict safe
landing just as these raving crowds ignite
in discontent. So I sing: Wake now! Wake!

into the din. I’m laying down a track
we’ve known since ancient times. We still
tune in, we improvise. I’ve got your back
as our true music rises up and spills.

Inspired by: Catch, Bobble, Trust and Pinion.

The Way

A rabbit’s munching clover, ears alert.
The weeds have spread to cover all the dirt.
Deep in the dark, tears trickled down my cheek.
I embraced sorrow, these feelings I seek.
No longer moody, filled with angst, these days
I step into the flow and ride the waves.
And when they’ve passed, I find I liberate
what I construed as iron bars, a cage
of my own creation, limitations
I erected, never suspected. Gates
open only in the now. This is how
new earth emerges, living in the tao.

Inspired by: Easygoing, Moody, Liberate and Construe.

The Deal Of Your Life

In the world where blather blooms innuendo’s
sly invites: investigate these lies!

I invest my currency not in an
asp clutched to my bosom. Instead I pay

each morning fully stepping into love
as the sun literally explodes huge

burning flash into sun-gazing eyes.
I ground the power filling with bliss.

It comes to this: a choice to fear or change.
Leap off the seeming precipice–all lies

the old collapses. I only have eyes
for this new earth we are creating nigh

improbable rising from the rubble
new soil transmuting. We are on the rise

I’m deep in being looking through God’s eyes
and in your tenderness I see God looks

at me. How did these separation stories
ever fly? When did we dread to die?

The brilliance as each moment unfolds how
love leads the way. It’s easy. Show me now.

Inspired by: Bloom, Blather, Bosom and Innuendo. And by sheer bliss as I turn away from watching the mesmerizing fall of the old structures and focus fully on creation.

Shhh, release the worry

What you resist persists, it’s out of time

where love emerges all frozen pockets

melt and thaw fragments of fear long submerged

transmuting power rising

courage fierce

and strong as song

like birds, impervious

we rhyme and synchronize.

Today I write and write in this inspired space
inundated with insight. Beloved grace.

And yes, I love the “swirl” effect.

Intentional Life

Choose right now the light.  When I’m in the moment, I’m out of separation and wide open to the vast truth.~Christine Day

In my dream, frozen sleepers halted mid-
pace as slavers in mad glee placed a grid
they wielded so adroitly no one stirred,
hooking each human to thingamajigs.

I dribbled the ball downfield, scored the goal,
no resistance, weaving past each as though
I could anticipate defense, and more,
augur precise each player’s cruise control.

My daily practice amplifies, trenchant
intention’s power reveals a penchant
for light, even though some waking times I
am a novice pleading promised ancient

rather than simply arrive. Metaphors
conceal more than reveal the unknown whole.
This then the gift intention brings, each step
dripping the ever present light. Rapport

attunes electric sizzling into
the ground, moving I am an antenna
surging immense power we can call love
illuminating well grace and venom.

Words are power. Bright alchemy arrows
flame through darkness in a loop our narrow
filters miss. How can I judge myself, fraught
on my horizon, reflected and shared

in your kind face—oh, precious appearance—
awake alit I bring heart’s coherence
open receiving ever-present light
expose separation, lift our spirits

that dark illusion dissipates as I
unfold imperfect perfection space/time
I wield a wizard’s power, deep silence
as resonance receiving now arrives.


Train of Thought

“Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears Today of Past Regrets and Future Fears~Omar Khayyám

out here with the beings who keenly fly
attuned to the sky clock routinely, why
do I ever retire to the box-wired
prison, the matrix of beliefs bone-dry?

my dreams lift me back to balance
what my heart might behold and sing
immense truths words fail to hold though I try
tuning my instrument in the wellspring

earthbound where we’re recycled lift your voice
this moment is alone what we rejoice
our mother’s gift too vast to comprehend
we breathe, receive, and give this now our choice.

Inspired while reading The Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyám at dawn on the porch while birdsong coaxed the light.

Cycle Love

Our focus now reveals the way we pay
energy the currency and how we play.

Isolation attempts to be well
when all the while

illusions we create with sick-spells
harden, then crack, collapse in the lack

of the fluid love

always present

like light

seeping in, fragrant
and delicious redolence,


the gift of breath
allowing and receiving

and present-ing

arriving and leaving
and in the sacred now

the how is clear:

there is no enemy invisible
attacking the pitiful

we bring ourselves
to wholeness from within.

We rise, we shine
so we begin.

Inspired by sunlight on the lake, Unmask, Jasmine, Cypher and Rage.


A spiritual practice is a generator of light. The light needs to come in on all levels.  We need to ask: where do I clearly say, it is happening “out there”?  We all create the world.~Thomas Huebl

I feel inspired to listen
to the song of yesterday, the light
spilling into cracks, exposing
me in new and startling ways
of being. I cannot hear those words
again, they will arrive anew as
sun and gentle rain, each moment
of spring leaping to luxuriance
the bursting bud a lead-in, once upon a time
in the narrative shift
and I am fluid
as I’ve always been
seeping through my self-made
traps through deep karmic shade.
I arrive belonging.
I bloom essential.
I sing and sing and sing
and if my voice reaches
dark places I’ve planted
in you, I bring light
I am a prayer
in the connected field
right now
this step
now this
the way love reveals.