So this is love

Invisible footprints sizzle.
Intentions magnetize a trace
of you impalpable and pure
magic. Charmed I slow
my pace. Disarmed
and vulnerable at last.
Spring tendrils
curling past
my now implacable uprising
beyond my senses
gentle surprising real
love-song crystals
spilling into sacred space.

Inspired by the dversepoet prompt 100: a quadrille (44 words) celebrating magic and love and spring.  And the power of shifting the narrative.

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In The New

Winds of change are in the air
so I’ve cut my hair. The long

days of witch-braids are done.
It’s time to have some fun,

a flirty swinging bob.
This new heartthrob

left silver ringlets on the cutting floor.
Shhh. Hear me roar.

A quadrille (44 words) written for #94 Roaring In The New–a prompt with perfect timing as I celebrate my new ‘do.

Soundcloud recording here.


spring morning bursts diving
swallows and cantankerous geese

we feast
ears on birdsong

bluejay squawk
warning every walk

this brilliant cloud-surfing
eagle chased by hawks screeing

my ace here shivering-delicious
offering to sky gods

from the tops of every rung
head-flung scream song

Prompts:  Brilliant, Cantankerous, Hungry, Tops, and Ace for a quadrille.


Born in spring’s quickening 

to luxuriate in summer’s

sun-passionate kisses,

my thirst unquenched,


leaping into your heat.

Until this sudden 

chill now queasy

premonition leaves


bright fool’s gold



this quelled spirit.

Drifting in quiet daze

since you’ve gone.


*Portuguese for unforgettable

Written for the dversepoets prompt to write a quadrille inspired by “quick.”

Last Dance

The earth considers

herself sunlight-

dancing full-moon-passionate 

tangos with hurricane-twirls.  

Spinning in the rising heat, 

shoulder-shrug pause

an earthquake-scratch 

at the man-tumor rash

spreading. Awake,

humming, she shakes out her

long volcano-hair, concocts 

her sixth sleeping-potion.


Inspired by a prompt at dversepoets to write a 44-word quadrille using “earth.”