Playing By Ear

In dreams, I tickle ivories, moving
through childhood territories and grooving
to melodies that stream like light, delight
sourced deep beneath anxiety, that blight

dissonant society weaves through life
–even pop song lyrics cause undue strife
we’re victims longing to be alibied
from dubitable frames issued state-wide

the messaging of hopelessness presides
downtrodden and misguided, we’re tongue-tied
creating poems and music is denied
we’re scolded to color within the lines

and children with originality
are medicated–fast–and taught to be
compliant automatons sitting still
submissive swallowing the bitter pill

I’m buying a piano very soon
I’ll compose night and day, evil oppugn
in frequencies and tones that clear this air.
One-woman show soundscapes ether with prayer.

Inspired by: Moving, Dubitable, Alibi, Anxiety and a longing for a piano.

Featured image: Me at three when I first started playing piano.

Each Moment As Mandala

“The center of the Mandala is the Now-moment, where, through the quality of attention, we constantly create ourselves anew.”~Richard Moss

After the complete breakdown comes breakthrough
but in the chaos of the fallout few
own the consequences of their choices
embracing instead resistance voices

and what you resist persists defiant
grows your molehills into mountains giant
obstacles right in your face to reveal
the quantum state: what you observe is real

mattering as you focus and select
which possibilities claim or reject.
What scientists neglect in equations
their own intent propagates invasions.

Ironic how as children we are taught
we’re meaningless and that our words are not
the power that creates reality.
We learn to spell without logomancy.

Inspired by: Giant and Breakthrough.

Featured image: Wind-created mandala at the base of a pine.

Greed State Indoctrinate

“Back in the classroom open you books
Gee but the teacher don’t know
How mean she looks.”~Chuck Berry

My grandson in first grade turns proper prim
no dishabille or cleavage shown. To him
this is a matter serious. Untied
neck blouses he proclaims cannot abide

when I arrive to help him in his class
he checks my zippered top and bold as brass
tells me he never wants to see it down.
I understand. I represent. I’m down

to follow as he seeks ways to control
in this wild and unruly hellish hole
he’s relegated to by the greed state
(which I predict will fall and free inmates.)

Inspired by Predict, Untie and Dishabille.

Featured image: The full moon set this morning was spectacular.