Rejection Slip

Silence is consent. And silence where life and liberty is at stake, where by a timely protest we could stay the destroyer’s hand, and do not do so, is as criminal as giving actual aid to the oppressor, for it answers his purpose.~Ernestine Rose

In the dark hours before dawn, I rise
and bid the ogreish nightmares goodbye.
Face in the mirror, hand over my heart
I pledge my unique gifts. I’ll do my part.

My soul’s obligation is to embrace
while saying I do not consent. This place
and time show clearly what is durable.
The fear and greed recipe’s curable.

Be light and dance, I am advised. Shadows
chastise and all that I’ve despised disclose
the work I’ve yet to do, illuminate
the poorly written script as it deflates.

Inspired by: Durable, Ogreish and Obligation.

The Big Reveal

As a child I was taught: seek perfection
you’re good-for-naught without stern direction.
This invitation to self-loathing cost.
The price: wholeness and balance must be tossed.

Such a peculiar worldview kindless
forcing imaginative child mindless
into an envelope addressed and stamped
mailed to a prison block filthy and cramped

Arriving breathless, wheezing with despair
from hopelessness programming bill of fare
until I open up the flimsy seal
and realize what is reflected’s real

Letting go of the horror show at last
creating new reality’s a blast
releasing past and learning how to breathe
in this now moment claiming all of me.

Inspired by: Peculiar, Invitation, Seek and Envelope.

Featured image: visiting a beloved 450-year-old oak tree with my grandson.

The Mess Is The Message

Homeless: a phrase to amplify distress
and dissonance, not knowing your address
that unique point within you, your birthright
bestowed by love’s indestructible might

instead, focused on fiat’s greedy clout
bespelled by usurers, we’re trained to doubt
sweating through dark nightmares of hopeless need
hypnotic and psychotic endless feed

early I wake, walk under darkened sky
blind to my stellar connections tongue-tied
by a blanket of haze from melting snow
we partner in pragmatic view, and go

into the unknown painstakingly plunge
taking the steps as shadows emerge, lunge
demand to be embraced, to clarify
the mess that is reflected is a lie.

Inspired by: Connections, Pragmatic, Partner and Homeless.

Pierced By Morning

In the still morning light conquers shadows
to reveal fleeting mandalas wind throws
in the darkness. Red maple leaves exceed
their limits, untreed and tumbled to bleed

poetry and art. The sky echoes pinks.
Mallards feather trails of spiraling links
in water reflecting the willow’s weep.
My dog feasts on the scents, she noses deep

in sculptures of pinecones and needles rust
my battery’s recharged, senses upthrust
bliss bowls me over, no trepidation
this vivid autumn painting elation

Inspired by: Trepidation, Battery, Exceed, Lights and Shadows, and Bowl.

Back To Basics

Although I came a knowing spark of life,
the feedback I received called “love” the strife
of competition for a share of care.
I aimed to win. I learned fast to beware

and so my birthright sensibility
faded incognito even to me.
I kept a mere acquaintance with my soul
until I realized that to be whole

the early cryptic programming must be
deciphered and the code released, once seen,
as disentangling the toxic threads
with focus and compassion, true love spreads

Inspired by: Feedback, Spark, Acquaintance and Incognito.