The Learning Space

In seventeen years the Phoenix resumes
like a prodigal hellbent it consumes
and cataclysmic entombs once again
a cycle of doom time hides from our ken

our descendants, like our ancestors, stare
at the reddish night sky–sun doesn’t dare
to watch the destruction, the construction
of man in disruption, the corruption

buried deep where the elite try to keep
power but the hour has come to sleep.
And so now at the height of our glory
in our forum create a love story

and fill every moment we’ve been given
–and not by stacking fiat greed-driven
but kindly, misdeeds forgiven, renew
our souls, remember what we’re here to do.

Inspired by: Forum, Stare, Height and Prodigal

How Do You Pin A Wave Upon The Sand?

We snap each other out of the dungeon
programming whenever we have plunged in
to dreamworlds our senses’ filters project
our manmade fears. Awake we can reject

someone else’s tainted creation, prove
our powerful imaginations groove
vital as the foaming wave upon sand
each breath boring through dissonance to land

divine sparks we probe planetariums
dispute unproven calendarium
proselytizing the slave protocol.
Our souls free and wild can’t be caged at all

Inspired by: Boring, Filter, Foaming, and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to use word(s) that start with “pro“.

Out To Lunch

When I was a young child, what did I know
singing nursery rhymes and pop songs
which I learned by rote
and even now they catch me

the dungeon programming lures
designed to entrance inventive minds
implying that hearts can trust
the storylines of time

erasing the spiritual battle
from our rattled senses, blind
to the elastic ether awaiting
our fantastic commands

psychomanipulation seeding
dissonance hallucinations for lunch
we bunch together in another’s dream

wake abruptly
life is not as it seems

Inspired by: Lunch, Imply, Heart, Trust and Spiritual.

New Paradigm Gestation

After I verified the worldwide scam
nefarious plot wrought with bots and spam
fueling the fear in the simulation–
a master course in my education–

painstakingly tracing roots: causation
false premises of rotten foundation,
the luring game’s invisible forcefield
became apparent when I did not yield

To my elation, the bifurcation
of timelines reveals my own creation
outside of the AI computation
reality is my own narration.

Inspired by: Nefarious, Course, Yield, Verify and the lessons learned by the scamdemic.

Were You Having Me On?

Over two years of dubious clampdowns
forsaken by gurus who cowed, bowed down
while out of the box I was scorned and shunned
barefaced, unmasked, intuition forewarned

now 96 countries have changed their tune
follow the money, travel is a boon
economies wrecked, prices through the roof
it’s been a big scam and now comes the proof

Inspired by: Travel, Roof, Guru, Dubious and written in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday for Out of the box.

Open and Bare

Gripped by unholy 5G overlord
inflammation soars. Packed away keyboard
but the phone radiates til I’m bleary
rub my eyes in the glowing screen, teary

look up to find I’ve been swept away, numb
powerlessness is programmed horror humdrum
worthless as halfpence, value obsolete
until I unplug, recall: life is sweet.

Inspired by Keyboard, Halfpence, Swept and Tears.

Featured image: Glorious sycamore in an unseasonably warm winter afternoon.

Farmers Market Accolade

My frugality does not encompass
these esculent offerings: Greens, fungus,
fat squash, root crops with dirt clods still clinging.
No credit cards; it’s cash I’m bringing.

No advertisements manipulating,
no buyers’ remorse, just titillating
recipes which overheard while in queue
mandate a grab: outcome delicious food.

Inspired by: Advertisement, Esculent, Mandate and Outcome.

Featured image: My local farmer’s market has moved indoors where it seems intrusive to take photos, so please enjoy this one from my favorite market on Oahu, at Kapi’olani Community College.

To Each Her Own

My Scottish rumblegumption is innate
bullshit detector spots weakness in prate
and propaganda too fantastical
to stand up to my knowing practical

The backlog of beliefs unexamined
social customs built green eggs and ham on–
yeegods. I am not inclined to debate
false premises with those who must berate

anyone who chooses to deviate
from blindly following. Under that weight
some day perhaps the dissonance, too great,
will afford them the chance to get things straight.

Inspired by: Gumption, Fantastic, Backlog and Weakness.

Being Set Free

The Chinese regime is a stone cold tyranny, period. Nothing about it should be welcomed on our shores. Its Great Reset, a gigantic punitive wall to wall Surveillance State, is a living nightmare. THAT’S what the Chinese people are now protesting, at the risk of losing their lives.~Jon Rappoport

Eighteen percent of world’s population
live tyrannical self-abnegation
forced to work by the means of oppression
to produce the latest iPhone–fresh in

now rising, unarmed, squeezing through the locks
and filming their protests, aiming their rocks
the teeming masses opposing the reign
each tiny particle now unrestrained

for years they have huddled submissive fear
locked down, drone-enforced, quarantine severe
and still don their masks, sterling populace
the root of their enslavement consciousness

How do we break these societal chains
when generations are dumbed down, entrained?

I put my screen aside, turn off brainwash
count seeds collected–one organic squash
yields 308. Reality
abundant wealth and health nature shares free.

Inspired by: Work, Sterling, Teem and Particle.

I’ve reached the limits of my free photo quotient, so I’ll most likely be starting a different free wordpress site very soon.

Playing By Ear

In dreams, I tickle ivories, moving
through childhood territories and grooving
to melodies that stream like light, delight
sourced deep beneath anxiety, that blight

dissonant society weaves through life
–even pop song lyrics cause undue strife
we’re victims longing to be alibied
from dubitable frames issued state-wide

the messaging of hopelessness presides
downtrodden and misguided, we’re tongue-tied
creating poems and music is denied
we’re scolded to color within the lines

and children with originality
are medicated–fast–and taught to be
compliant automatons sitting still
submissive swallowing the bitter pill

I’m buying a piano very soon
I’ll compose night and day, evil oppugn
in frequencies and tones that clear this air.
One-woman show soundscapes ether with prayer.

Inspired by: Moving, Dubitable, Alibi, Anxiety and a longing for a piano.

Featured image: Me at three when I first started playing piano.