A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Lao Tzu

Under my feet in the pearly rising
frosted grass flattens while symbolizing
the offer on my plate, intricate, strange
a subtle reworking to rearrange

reality which yesterday comprised
green grass, a golden sun and blue, blue sky.
The line between day and night now blushful
and fleeting, overcast sky soon muffles

all the serendipitous hints walking
reveals as out of my dreams I’m stalking
that delicate thread in our connected
web, guiding focus to what we’ve reflected

Inspired by: Leadership, Offer, Intricate, Frost, and the SOCS prompt “On my plate.”

Rejection Slip

Silence is consent. And silence where life and liberty is at stake, where by a timely protest we could stay the destroyer’s hand, and do not do so, is as criminal as giving actual aid to the oppressor, for it answers his purpose.~Ernestine Rose

In the dark hours before dawn, I rise
and bid the ogreish nightmares goodbye.
Face in the mirror, hand over my heart
I pledge my unique gifts. I’ll do my part.

My soul’s obligation is to embrace
while saying I do not consent. This place
and time show clearly what is durable.
The fear and greed recipe’s curable.

Be light and dance, I am advised. Shadows
chastise and all that I’ve despised disclose
the work I’ve yet to do, illuminate
the poorly written script as it deflates.

Inspired by: Durable, Ogreish and Obligation.

The Big Reveal

As a child I was taught: seek perfection
you’re good-for-naught without stern direction.
This invitation to self-loathing cost.
The price: wholeness and balance must be tossed.

Such a peculiar worldview kindless
forcing imaginative child mindless
into an envelope addressed and stamped
mailed to a prison block filthy and cramped

Arriving breathless, wheezing with despair
from hopelessness programming bill of fare
until I open up the flimsy seal
and realize what is reflected’s real

Letting go of the horror show at last
creating new reality’s a blast
releasing past and learning how to breathe
in this now moment claiming all of me.

Inspired by: Peculiar, Invitation, Seek and Envelope.

Featured image: visiting a beloved 450-year-old oak tree with my grandson.

The Mess Is The Message

Homeless: a phrase to amplify distress
and dissonance, not knowing your address
that unique point within you, your birthright
bestowed by love’s indestructible might

instead, focused on fiat’s greedy clout
bespelled by usurers, we’re trained to doubt
sweating through dark nightmares of hopeless need
hypnotic and psychotic endless feed

early I wake, walk under darkened sky
blind to my stellar connections tongue-tied
by a blanket of haze from melting snow
we partner in pragmatic view, and go

into the unknown painstakingly plunge
taking the steps as shadows emerge, lunge
demand to be embraced, to clarify
the mess that is reflected is a lie.

Inspired by: Connections, Pragmatic, Partner and Homeless.

New Ways Matter

Dawn’s celestial music from the spheres
is kind of hard to hear. Flaps over ears
avoiding this bitter cold, low over face
a wooly hat cocoons me from the grace

of stars concealed by collapsed chem-trails
this simulated weather’s epic fails
and now my descendants medicated
propagandized cabal-educated

taught to worship fiat on cellphone streams
in cellblocks they call homes and schools. The memes
instruct them to resent and hate the aged
like puppet Joe and evil Nancy. Saged

wisdom is hidden and the slate wiped clean
dumbed down celebs rewriting history
what’s a grandmother to do in this scene?
The script so stale and tired and words demeaned

our pineal glands fluoride-calcified
til magic resides on the other side
reality is defined with bullhorns
wielded by ensorcelled fiends whose deep scorn

accelerates the fear stream. So I dwell
intuitively find ways to excel
mattering in imaginative ways
that nicely cancel evil’s featured daze

Inspired by: Collapse, Face, Feature and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to use words with “cel.

Wake Up In Time

Some bank men fraud greedily, work Ponzi
schemes, hide apocryphal cartel laundry
streams, blatantly pay off politicians
and testify black lies to commissions

televised questions by curmudgeon guys
whose high dudgeon is an act. You’re surprised
one time, but please, not twice. Be proactive
now you see the device. You’re reactive

time and time again watching movie screens
the same tired old script’s in smithereens.
Surely the long game, you can’t fail to see
setting you up to force CBDCs

controlling every breath from birth to death
dumbed down, enslaved on the quiescent path
You watch until yawning finally wake
in time to create for your higher sake.

Inspired by: Proactive, Curmudgeon, Apocryphal and Sam Bankman Fried’s inglorious billion-dollar steal.

I Say Yes

My favorite word is one that’s hard to say
blame game‘s the online flavor of the day
and though recrimination gratifies
it feeds the mean streaks of divides. Likewise

insidious fleshing out memories
insistence on boundaries, therapy
digs in the victim/perpetrator binge
that keeps us stuck in perpetual cringe

We step into our power, like magic
as we dissolve the old tales so tragic
and release the resistance, giving voice
to yes, my favorite word. Say it. Rejoice.

Inspired by: Gratify, Flavor, Boundary, Likewise and written in a stream of consciousness for the SOCS prompt “your favorite word” and the healing practice of saying yes to the exact situation and circumstance triggering your resistance.

Featured image: Sweetgum balls or “witches burrs”–which some believe can be used to create a magical gateway.

The Truth In Plain Sight

Here is a user’s guide to magic pill terminology. Red pill: wake up from the matrix. Blue: return to the matrix. Black: nihilism. White: optimism. Orange: understand Bitcoin.

As programmed patterns lull and lure, profane
extolling: to drink the kool-aid’s mundane,
the stamina required to see (free will)
though likened to a colored magic pill

and grouched about as dimwits take the stage
is yet another psy-op to engage
focus and energy. The root, the field
dynamic and magnetic is concealed

by the false web of narrative displayed
on screens in childish illogical ways.
There is a droplet sparkling in view
which clears the haze and all the lies cuts through.

Inspired by: Drink, Droplet, Grouch, Mundane and Stamina.

Featured image: This sparkling droplet just outside the fuzzy web called forth today’s poem.

No Reset Needed

Michael Bury, who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, has now completely gotten out of all stocks, and left in his portfolio only the papers of a firm that invests in private prisons and mental institutions.~Forbidden History

As AI sorts and categorizes
the lions and the sheep for franchises
rising in the great reset, human stock
replenished to fill each hellish cellblock

eyes on the profit, greed steers the cowed
illogical and dazed, beclouded
frightened and frustrated, agitated

chanting we must choose the devil we know
since moral compasses no longer show
an it harm none impossibility
there’s barely leeway for civility

yet sit in silence and engage the heart
unlink the chains beliefs have forged to start
outside prison/asylums to create
the truth beyond the narrative of hate.

Inspired by: Prison and Replenish and Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can set us free.”

Break The Spell

Art sparks imagination, it inspires, it transports us.~Bob Moran

Congenial, I patronize the arts.
Pay’s menial, even despised though hearts
resolve alarm through paints and rhymes. Stories
unwind behind entranced territories.

Inspired by: Patronize, Art, Alarm and Congenial.

Featured image: Return to Sender original artwork by Bob Moran.