When Will You Realize?

“This great reset touted by psychopaths like Klaus Schwab at the WEF is fundamentally about changing global finance to create a single world currency CBDC that will be digital, there will be no cash.”~David Icke

The nefarious plot to give platforms
to canonize or demonize with storms
of bots to bash and trash with sordid scorn
completely overwhelming pleasant norms

painting a grisly view, divisive spate
of dismal fear, gaslighting, breeding hate
insisting we must all take sides enraged
by “other” who provokes and triggers. Caged

in digital war zones, we play the game
stuck on the treadmill, never see the aim
achieved by narrative-concocters vile
keeping us yoked and fueling the hostile

CBDC takeover of our souls.
They admit their goal is complete control
of every transaction. Just say no.
Imagination powers Bitcoin dough.

Inspired by: Sordid, Bash, Canonize, Platform and this song by The Crypto Couple, Bitcoin Waits For You.

Featured image: A recent visit to a pumpkin patch with an unexpected orange twist.

Conveyed By Deception

We are more than we suppose ourselves to be.  Fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognize negative default programming and create our own reality- we are a threat to AI.~Jason Breshears

If this reality is a tension
generated simulation, the code
written by ourselves in a higher mode
exquisitely tuned by our attention

and some greedy power-hungry demons
inserted lines of control, their scheming
is unveiled today. They need our okay.
And when we say nay, their game fails to play.

But if we peer into the bitter dregs
we will perceive the evils held at bay
our own creations span generations
each careless thought produces vibrations

and we can choose: to sink into the gloom
despair all of the ills, stories of doom
or cast aside restraining narrations
and create with raw imaginations.

Inspired by: Tension, Generation and Exquisite.

Featured image: Poem-writing time is for the birds.

Funding Evil

Give me my money back, give me my money back. I want my money back.~Ben Folds

A plane is laying chemtrail tracks across
my blue blue morning sky. And why? Who’s boss?
The birds are warning in such ancient notes:
Rise up, you timorous mouse, for your votes

are a sham, a simpleton’s lullaby
to dull your poisoned senses, pacify
while all your greedy masters toxify
the air, the land, the water as you cry.

Don’t close your eyes, go to your happy place
deep in your mind, reality misplace
until it seems impossible to right
these wrongs or to take stock of your true plight

A spoon of honey to address the mess
my taxes fund my oxidative stress
and I’m determined my well-being rests
upon the fierce power of my next steps.

Inspired by Stock, Honey, Timorous, Birds and written for the SOCS prompt: happy place.

And inspired by a recent search for “chemtrails” and an updated algorithm that converts the search to “chemtrail conspiracy” and loads the results in one-sided disinformation that it is startling in its heavy-handedness. And by this video about the difference between chemtrails and contrails.

You Are The Fuel They Seek

You don’t want to know what’s in your water.
You’d be perplexed what is sprayed in your air.
The toxins in the soil and seeds oughta
be outlawed. Greed is a dirty affair.

We are slaves in a yoke of entrainment,
our perception of real in disarray
like a jinx our beliefs are containment
we may resist, they persist, led astray

in the rush frantic strive for survival
too busy to eat well, to breathe, we swing
from a stake unresourced. Our revival
comes outside of time, unrestrained wellspring

the deep inner knowing we touch in dreams
and moments of now found under green trees
a calling bird a falling star sun’s beam
we realize our energy is free

Inspired by: Perplexed, Disarray, Swing and Jinx.

Featured image: The sudden swirl of mystery under a tree as the sunlight opens now.

And yes, I made up a word. Unresourced is when all your natural resources are hidden from you by beliefs imposed by an oppressive system. So of course you won’t find such a thought-provoking word in the dictionary that exact system writes!

A Nefarious Plot

“You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go.” – Bill Watterson

I have been attending the marketplace
where children’s souls, targeted, are debased
while harried parents rush and race heedless.
No fervid safeguards in that place, creedless

chaotic droning. In the overwhelm
some act out, others try to seize the helm
and gentle ones put down their heads and sigh
earn special prizes when they cease to cry.

My silver hair grants me an audience.
They bring such troubles. My euphonious
compassion as they seek to earn my praise
I give as freely as the sun’s fierce rays.

The children, our sweet future, imperiled
are staring at screens, hypnotized, sterile
while guardians jump ever higher hoops
away, oblivious, exploited, duped.

Inspired by: Market, Fervid, Safeguard, Audience and so much heartbreak in elementary school for an empath.

Featured image: Backyard mandala art with grandma.

Raging At Machinations

This morning I try to compose timeless
snapshots underwhelming prose rhymeless
across the page kitschy clichés while rage
within my volcano’s slow, unassuaged

Inspired by: Timeless, Snapshot, Underwhelming, Kitschy and this list of the banks owned by the Rothschild family.

Featured image: Flames filter on this snapshot taken high up in the Andes.