Open and Bare

Gripped by unholy 5G overlord
inflammation soars. Packed away keyboard
but the phone radiates til I’m bleary
rub my eyes in the glowing screen, teary

look up to find I’ve been swept away, numb
powerlessness is programmed horror humdrum
worthless as halfpence, value obsolete
until I unplug, recall: life is sweet.

Inspired by Keyboard, Halfpence, Swept and Tears.

Featured image: Glorious sycamore in an unseasonably warm winter afternoon.

Here She Comes Again

Let us love winter for it is the spring of genius.~Pietro Aretino

In winter I typically hover
over the abyss despair uncover
queen of the underworld in the dark hours
longing for the light, so disempowered

even though I study Persephone
I’m literal. Metaphorically
her descent makes sense. My beloved trees
unleaf and pose naked in the deep freeze

while I am buffeted by change. I cope
composing poetry of warmth and hope,
slide under quilts savvy grandmothers sewed
bequests for the long winters they forebode.

Inspired by: Typical, Hope, Abyss and Hover.

I Say Yes

My favorite word is one that’s hard to say
blame game‘s the online flavor of the day
and though recrimination gratifies
it feeds the mean streaks of divides. Likewise

insidious fleshing out memories
insistence on boundaries, therapy
digs in the victim/perpetrator binge
that keeps us stuck in perpetual cringe

We step into our power, like magic
as we dissolve the old tales so tragic
and release the resistance, giving voice
to yes, my favorite word. Say it. Rejoice.

Inspired by: Gratify, Flavor, Boundary, Likewise and written in a stream of consciousness for the SOCS prompt “your favorite word” and the healing practice of saying yes to the exact situation and circumstance triggering your resistance.

Featured image: Sweetgum balls or “witches burrs”–which some believe can be used to create a magical gateway.

Each Moment As Mandala

“The center of the Mandala is the Now-moment, where, through the quality of attention, we constantly create ourselves anew.”~Richard Moss

After the complete breakdown comes breakthrough
but in the chaos of the fallout few
own the consequences of their choices
embracing instead resistance voices

and what you resist persists defiant
grows your molehills into mountains giant
obstacles right in your face to reveal
the quantum state: what you observe is real

mattering as you focus and select
which possibilities claim or reject.
What scientists neglect in equations
their own intent propagates invasions.

Ironic how as children we are taught
we’re meaningless and that our words are not
the power that creates reality.
We learn to spell without logomancy.

Inspired by: Giant and Breakthrough.

Featured image: Wind-created mandala at the base of a pine.

Au Naturel

For decades (centuries), official media and government have been using their bully pulpits to publish lies and self-serving gobbledygook. To control what millions of people believe and think.~Jon Rappoport

The depraved united to skew the view
distort the facts, reliable truth coup
–when you own the press, it’s easy to do–
call me conspiracist as I break through

the queue of visitors led by the hand
through galleries constructed by broadband
and humming with that 5G frequency
that irritates my sensitivity

outside I go under the dazzling stars
as Moon and Saturn dance retrograde Mars
and then the sun reveals the crimson leaves
and yellows brighter than artists conceive

Inspired by: Crimson, United, Reliable and Visitor.

So Happy Together

When you’re with me, baby, the skies will be blue.~Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon.

We weave in an intricate sense-pulled dance.
Aficionada of light romance
I’m framing shots while squatting very still.
She’s nosing through the leaves, dragging downhill

against my arbitrary stops. Her trail
beyond the concrete a new world unveils.
I pause and finally she enters in.
We hunters pose: she points, I click, ducks swim.

Inspired by: Aficionado, Arbitrary, Concrete, Intricate and a morning photo walk with my dog.

Featured image: This scene we both agreed was key. Below: Cassidy doing what she loves best.

Color My World

The people with the thin veneers who strut
and pose and pout and stick out rounded butts
try to construe a view their lives are fine
and persuade me, watching, to toe the line.

The truth is they are weak and have succumbed
to greed, signed over sovereignty, benumbed
to the rich core being alive imbues
caught in the screens by CGI false hues

Unplug and step outside to ground. Let ring
your own vibrations, for your frequency
unique, essential, is what you must bring
to clear the fear so we can see clearly.

Inspired by: Veneer, Persuade, Construe and Weak.

Featured image: the spectacular tree outside my window.

Venus and Mars Are Alright Tonight

I can tell you about me with stars:
passionate Aries rules my mind and heart
from Mercury and Venus. Moon and Mars
swim in Piscean dreams. Numbers in charts

Aquarian ascendant beams require
to lofty heights and morals I aspire.
Grounded, a Taurus-tempered bull from birth,
balanced in fire, water, air and earth.

You say, I don’t believe astrology.
Then you’re in a pickle, my mystery
not fickle, simply laid out heaven sent.
The sky contributes clues, my fundament.

Inspired by: Pickle, Numbers, Aspire and written for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt me.

Looks At God All Day

I walk into elementary school
waves of grief whelm, I attribute it to
the tremulous mouth of the troubled child
caged in the principal’s den, “acting wild”

his natural effervescence untamed
he can’t sit in a stiff chair unrestrained
and no one can look at the roots: the aim
to turn out obedient numbskulls shamed

and afraid, punished, bribed and extorted
til their birthright ambitions are thwarted
and they sink with a sigh into programs
solving old equations and anagrams

burying new insights and ideas
never realizing just who he is.
I take my grandson by the hand, we flee
to our beloved wise ancient oak tree

Inspired by: Tremulous, Elementary and Effervescence.

Title from the first poem I ever memorized, Trees by Joyce Kilmer.