Golden Now

High in the canopy moaning the weight
she’s holding a dead loved one in the crook
where he fell into her strength. I move slow
underneath opening tree prescience.

Meandering in these good woods painted
and lit by a beaming sun mostly gold
and butter yellow and the yellowgreens
on deck. Radiant jubilant and deep

on this trail the seven of us meet eyes
and say hello and smile each time we pass.
I’m not walking straight, making love to these
stunning vistas. Transfixed. Camera clicks.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by a walk under a moaning tree yesterday, a unfamiliar song.

True Love Lessons

when we met in musical fall romance
my narrow view meant rescue and true love
until my body broke now our distance

off balance I trudge into wakefulness
hit hard and hurting from the jab my guts
insist I still. Yet I run playfulness

as rain erases traces, makes a mess
of the precise placement offered. True love’s
invite into the dawn precise largesse

the bunnies, hawks and I receive, profess
to understand.  The mostly green above 
a moving mystery, tantalized, blessed

red brilliance falling each leaf pure romance. 
From high a fool leaps—perhaps gently shoved? 
—the precipice, won’t I?  Openheart dance

a bluejay squawks and just in time, this yes 
slo mo surrender dive glides past each up-
draft and I’m rapt, furious gratefulness

curious codes.  Belly laughs sustain us
love calls all the mirages past burn up 
when we met in musical fall romance
until my body broke now our distance

Inspired by: Laugh, Trudge, Jab and Moving. I started a villanelle but this morning I’m a kid who just can’t color in the lines. I’m turning the page over and painting the walls and ceilings of my consciousness. You know, that kind of day?

Featured image is a kaleidoscope filter on this love letter the sky left me.

Do What You Love

The rain has drenched the trees so the cool breeze
tinkles and splatters and whispers through leaves.
At first, I’m charmed, then chilled, but I am here
for flow, my dedicated hour so dear.

And words are rhyming like a child at play.
I bring her out though she will get muddy.
Ah, sun, as if invoked, you suddenly
appear above the fringe of woods. I see

what gives me life. Breathing and what is more
I feel gratitude and joy in my core.
My whole being here embraced and I taste
the fullness as I move through time and space.

Right now my higher self is dancing free
as glorious intent is aiming me.
A grackle lands and scolds as I appear.
Reveal yourself! My open heart sees clear.

Inspired by: First, Fringe and Rain.

Featured image is a kaleidoscope effect on the sun above the fringe of woods this morning.

All Due Respect

“Sometimes I felt like a hueman kaleidoscope, a walking collection of shattered glass with bits of crazy color churning inside me.” ~Eleyne-Mari Sharp, Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color

My stout heart seems friable in this mist
as morning spits then pauses. That’s thunder
or a heavy truck. The muted sounds hiss.
My skin accepts the kiss and I wonder

how this epic life unfolds. This moment
bliss as I let go of expectations
I’d been holding, creating such torment
heedless, blind, soothed by pithy placations

yet all is well from the initial sight
all the beliefs I’ve bundled to protect
needless, I’m untouchable now love’s light’s
illuminating shadows I project.

Inspired by: Initial, Stout, Epic and Frangible.

Featured image leaves from a great sugar maple, using the kaleidoscope effect.

Look Up, Check In

Happy Day of Universal Peace and Galactic Freedom

This is a beautiful place, magical
bird messengers cajole the breeze. Solar
gifts are streaming down, sun gazing eyeful
I’m beside myself moving in pure flow

when I uncouple now from time’s driving
check in with my future self, this discrete
being an illusion, all that striving
just a game. Breathe in and out. Now repeat.

Inspired by: Magical, Cajole, Discrete, Driving and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: check/cheque/Czech.

Living Spiral

The intense frustration and surrender that develops like an oyster shell around THE WORLD that is in us and outside us—we have to break down that shell and get to the place where the fire is hot and burning and we have to create and talk from there. From THERE. ~Jon Rappoport

As the mists clear and the lies rise we see
clearly the divide and conquer fables
fed to us from births as slaves–never free
powering culpable elite tables

Alive, the trees casting thousands of seeds
unnoticed in virtual screen presence
we’re masked and isolated, kept in need.
I offer succor found in frondescence.

Every word disempowers. Be still now.
The world reveals each tender moment. How
I hold the knowing, secret flames showing
the way. Create! Outside of time flowing.

Inspired by: Virtual, Frondescence, Culpable, Succor and more fun with river rocks in my featured image.

City Foresting

The city forest chittering creates
a rescue with me, obliterates hate
as we assimilate birds and bunnies
solitary ear-plugged walkers, mummies

focused–beyond this lovely peace–on bars,
rectangular block sidewalks and parked cars.
From the porch the trees and I commune, show
the torture of electricity, oh

I’ll log on, publish, send aloha love
through the ether until the day you shove
out of the cage, listen from true heart place
where we’re connected past all time and space.

The day is almost nigh where we will touch
without a wire, a satellite–declutch
and let our natural powers arise
surprise what we achieve here in the light.

Inspired by: Obliterate, Torture, Rescue, Assimilate and The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg.

Featured painting by my creative 4-year-old grandson!

We’ll Do It In The Street

I’ve been infiltrated by I can’t
which of course means I won’t
and having boundaries is scant
comfort when it means I don’t
complete these tasks. The crux
of the matter is in formation.
Around me are the thousand fucks
I gave yesterday. Causation
is circular: we round the corner
in firm outreach and find
like Little Jack Horner from
childhood nursery rhymes
illogical, misshapen riddles
from beliefs that stick around
even after stringent culling,
our reality so tightly wound.
And I’m sitting in the morning
of this strange town, prompted
and prod and given warning
today the lines of love songs cropped up
and duty done, I’m singing
down the streets, a happy puppy
at my feet, my love so far away
in space and time. Ah, honey,
in my heart you’re still so sweet.

Inspired all the many difficulties of incorporating my daily practice in new environs.


I Feel

May the earth feel your love.
May the earth feel your love.
May the earth feel your love.
Your love. Your love. Your love.~A Blessing For Anyone by Caitlin Johnstone, set to music by Michael Brunnock.

This mantra-riff opens my heart
spiraling down into my darkness
as I ground into the embrace
that pulls me, always

I am a pinkie fingernail
with delusions of grandeur
unaware of my connection
to this living system

and now bathed in this blessing
may the earth feel your love,
a call to consciousness
omigod i am love

omigod i am love

palpable, rooted despite
the sci-fi fantasies that insist
I am separate and able
to thrive in a tin can

floating above all the waving
tendrils of my life
may the earth feel my love
right now, as I shift

all the shoulds and thoughts
of merit, worth and deserve
dissipating as I sink into
accuracy, feel my love, your

love, our love. This evolutionary
leap into our mother,
luminous cords like music
resonate our love

and all our disguises and denials
movies or funhouse mirrors, love’s
delightful gravity we’ve missed
in our pretensions and flights

of fancy. May the earth feel your
love, your love, your love.
Blessed and blessing, curiosity
leads me here, now, I feel

enter the light
celebrate the darkness
and all the unknowable
which is everything I feel

may the earth feel you’re love.
The spellcheck insistence
valid now I’m love
may the earth feel me.

Inspired by: Riff, Accuracy, Valid and Movie.


Garden of the Gods

Today I sing my own decree,
follow my intuitive nudges
dance with my grumbling grudges
and dreams about how it should

be–the shoulds that keep me
blind and deaf. The music’s
now! These groaning trees,
this patch of snow, the bit

of blue and white as the gray
grows to include a vastness
cursory glances ignore.
And I embrace poetry

and warm gazes, holding
hands and awkward hugs,
invitations unfolding
and when I can’t be with you,

I’ll be with me, glorious
wild woman spinning free.

Inspired by: Convivial, Frivolous, Pressure and Can’t.