Fondness For Stars

When Mercury is in retrograde, everyone is a pain in the ass.

Mercury retrograde spins obtuse dreams
old lovers reach across silver moonbeams
that pull me to clear skies, pace beneath stars
gleaming like cultured pearls, Venus and Mars

and brilliant Jupiter. Autumn designed
to thrill the sleepless, ease the troubled mind
as all the knotted threads rise to be seen
connected fields are throbbing to be cleaned

Inspired by: Culture, Obtuse, Fondness and Design.

Back To Basics

Although I came a knowing spark of life,
the feedback I received called “love” the strife
of competition for a share of care.
I aimed to win. I learned fast to beware

and so my birthright sensibility
faded incognito even to me.
I kept a mere acquaintance with my soul
until I realized that to be whole

the early cryptic programming must be
deciphered and the code released, once seen,
as disentangling the toxic threads
with focus and compassion, true love spreads

Inspired by: Feedback, Spark, Acquaintance and Incognito.

Clever As They Come

She’s putting roots in fresh soil, planted here
with me, new digs, new name. Granted, there’s fear.
Responding to a casting call she hears
for alert guardian–bred for sharp ears

and so I turn on white noise, teach new tricks
while her old life’s wrapped in a shroud, we fix
our energetic fields. She sits, she heels.
The viewers gasp. She follows my appeals.

Inspired by: Shroud, Gasp, Viewers and Soil and my new rescue dog, Cassidy, which means clever.

Inner Tuning

Morning practice as sun rises expands
the tender filaments my heart commands
beaming through the ether oblivious
until I wake at dawn fastidious

and patient still sit in the canopy
feathered messengers bring insights to me
I seem to dawdle on the wheel of change
morselling out each delicate exchange

and how I judge my own imperfection
holding a model–whose?–for reflection
until the birds, the trees, the rising sun
illuminate what dissonance has done

Inspired by: Morsel, Beaming, Dawdle and Filament.

Featured image: Indra’s net–not my image, I found this on the web years ago and can’t find the link now.

Heeding The Signs

I’m starting to think…”You know what? Maybe the world did end in 2012.”~ConspiracyBot

As the sun breaks night’s hold to supervise
the generous distribution of light
crests just behind overcast sky, steady
chirping of crickets muted and thready

provide the score as the sky explores gray
pearl luminescence watercolor splay
the certainty of looming rain. The hush
deepens. Lonesome whistle of a train’s rush

and rumble comparable to battle’s
aftershock as stunned survivors, rattled
take stock. Knowing the war for hearts and souls
happens right now as we flout old controls

and flounce with attitude, beyond AI’s
purview, our gratitude algos defy.
We know the joy after our sorrow’s pain
welcome the signs of life in coming rain

Inspired by: Supervise, Flounce, Crest and Comparable.

Featured photo: Gray sky today, fantasy filter.

As I Bloom

Morning sun sparks my ardent heart, gleams
through branches celebrated canopy
of greens. I cast aside the old beliefs
of dearth, barefoot on earth, integrate griefs

as breath spirals me through this life, growing
like a kelp forest in the sea flowing
how I surprise myself here in the light
harvest joy, manifesting sheer delight.

Inspired by: Branch, Ardent, Dearth and Kelp.

When I Think of Purple

Your love is the promise that guides me
All of the days of my life~Dan Fogelberg

While she could still speak, I dressed my dying
mother in my new purple shirt, crying
silent tears. Combed her silver hair, face cream
and lip gloss and she called us all, agleam

a tiny voice to contradict death’s claim
and rekindle the spark of life, grand dame
so beautiful and filled with this fierce light
her final I love you‘s still ringing bright

Inspired by: Purple, Contradict and Rekindle.

Featured image: A purple iris from my mother’s garden.