Keeping Options Open

You consider options, plot optimal
timing and messages, beaming power.

Sauntering in like you’re adoptable
or I’m co-opted while love showers

with optimistic praise. We open
vibrating in the frequency we share.

It appears that we have both been hoping
these optical separate illusions tear.

**Written for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “opt“: Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that.

Preserved In Amber

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.~Kurt Vonnegut

In dreamtime we meet with delight, nightly
adventures though the bridges between us
we burned in our hubris, deemed unsightly,
so now in real life, we’re Mars and Venus.

No man can hold a candle to you. Climb
in the realms where we seize now with whole hearts.
Forgiving is easy outside of time.
Ring my doorbell, and let’s refine our arts.

Inspired by: Candle, Amber, Hubris, Seize and my stubborn, slowly melting heart.

Golden Now

High in the canopy moaning the weight
she’s holding a dead loved one in the crook
where he fell into her strength. I move slow
underneath opening tree prescience.

Meandering in these good woods painted
and lit by a beaming sun mostly gold
and butter yellow and the yellowgreens
on deck. Radiant jubilant and deep

on this trail the seven of us meet eyes
and say hello and smile each time we pass.
I’m not walking straight, making love to these
stunning vistas. Transfixed. Camera clicks.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by a walk under a moaning tree yesterday, a unfamiliar song.

No Rhyme In Rejection

The nature of trauma is that it is unconscious; something frightened or disturbed us enough so that we did not want to experience it. We shut down, we froze, we acted out, we ran. We did not make sense of the experience and file it away, we threw it out of consciousness.~Tian Dayton

I reject the swamp of my birthplace, call
and finagle love by the sea. Far from
my roots, play the gargoyle–mysterious 
pagan goddess adorning cathedrals—

spiked-head cautionary tale.  I’m trying 
to make these words sensible.  My lineage
settles for mosquito-infested land
losing sight of possibility, hard

survival hunkers down even though just
a few miles up the road is paradise.
I reject my habitude.  Centuries 
of unprocessed trauma rise.  The shoreline

fraught, I pause in fear anticipating 
the shock of change, cold slap of moving sea
and I must leap, reject the quandary.
Relentless tide brings what lies beneath the 

surface, the deep places pain claims surge 
like a riptide, insisting I dive deep
release the illusions to dry crumbling
on sand.  Shivering, wet, now I accept. 

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Swamp, Gargoyle, Finagle, Habitude, the OctPoWriMo Day 20 prompt “touch”, and a vivid memory of exhausted swimming in a riptide in Lima.

Agent of Love

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
Know what any of it is worth.”~Bob Dylan

you say, I’ll see you in hell, how could you
do this to me—I paid for that training

no longer believe choosing the lesser 
evil ever does anything but fuel 

adversity, that labyrinth looming
intricate, perplexing.  How to discern

while expenses mount, slave collar choking
and down the line bleak lack seems real?

there’s no rhyme or reason in the trenches
til passing through satellite-clouded skies,

true love shines messages.  Powers expand
as you realize now you are a star.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Discern, Adversity, Down the line, Labyrinth and the OctPoWriMo Day 15 change of perspective.

Imagination Creates Reality

“Connecting with one’s own imagination…initiates a cascade of ideas and emotions, which in turn feed back into imagination, making it even more powerful.”~Jon Rappoport*

I step outside, the trees burst into song
lover’s caress, I give my breath, then peer
into the passioned poem-gems along
the emerald lawn. I am a seer

I create these achingly sweet goosebumps
synchronicities invite my huge jumps
into now.  I stride golden woods.  This sun’s 
hot kiss pierces my shadows are undone.

Inspired by the OctPoWriMo Day 11 prompt to explore flowing in the creative stream (Muse, Inspiration, In the flow, Creativity) in the new-to-me Rispetto form.

Featured image is the kaleidoscope effect (free at on this maple leaf song.

Beginning quote from Jon Rappoport’s highly recommended Exit From The Matrix course.

Wild Abandon

October lures me like a lover in
lambent light, ardent, inventive.  A whiff

of cinnamon, a splash of honey
smoky paprikas and spicy chiles,
cafe con leche, chocolate

emeralds at my feet
amber and gold, ruby rich
a treasure trove I dive into

your smitten serenade
this fairytale feast

I’ll eat and drink adorned
in jewels seduced

aroused and offering love letters

laughing into the sun, 
I surrender
heart-glowing expansion
I just keep blinking 
in my astonishment 
arriving here

Inspired by: Whiff, Lambent and the OctPoWriMo Day 9 prompt creativity from the heart (in new-to-me forms Loop or Palindrome.) This formless poem flung itself onto the page in wild abandon.

Please enjoy this magic-encoded collage of luscious October treasures.

New Opening

Your phenotype most prurient
attracted me so spurious
libido-led mercurious
You’re furious. You’re furious.

Study the past, you reappear 
expecting adulation, dear.
My energy so strong and clear
you disappear. You disappear.

My gaiety could drive you mad.
You call me cold, you say you’re sad.
You lay the lure, a pain nomad.
I forgive, glad. I forgive, glad.

The steps I take in true desire
highlight how bonds simply expire.
I shift, new portals now inspire
my dreams afire, my dreams afire.

The lessons that we’ve learned can blast
old loneliness trapped in the past.
Intentions crystal clear, at last:
love unsurpassed, love unsurpassed.

Inspired by: Gaiety, Phenotype, Study and #OctPoWriMo Day 6 prompt following desire (steps, desire, drive) in a Monotetra (which I modified a teeny bit).

Featured image taken Sunday on a drive in northern Indiana Amish country.

True Love Lessons

when we met in musical fall romance
my narrow view meant rescue and true love
until my body broke now our distance

off balance I trudge into wakefulness
hit hard and hurting from the jab my guts
insist I still. Yet I run playfulness

as rain erases traces, makes a mess
of the precise placement offered. True love’s
invite into the dawn precise largesse

the bunnies, hawks and I receive, profess
to understand.  The mostly green above 
a moving mystery, tantalized, blessed

red brilliance falling each leaf pure romance. 
From high a fool leaps—perhaps gently shoved? 
—the precipice, won’t I?  Openheart dance

a bluejay squawks and just in time, this yes 
slo mo surrender dive glides past each up-
draft and I’m rapt, furious gratefulness

curious codes.  Belly laughs sustain us
love calls all the mirages past burn up 
when we met in musical fall romance
until my body broke now our distance

Inspired by: Laugh, Trudge, Jab and Moving. I started a villanelle but this morning I’m a kid who just can’t color in the lines. I’m turning the page over and painting the walls and ceilings of my consciousness. You know, that kind of day?

Featured image is a kaleidoscope filter on this love letter the sky left me.

Fearless Falling

The love letters you compose in the dark
greet me after dawn retreats rosily

blushing at the sheer passion you exude
this scarlet flaming promise every hue

love flaunts sensual blessings in the wild
echoes of the way you reach me wordless

for now rising from the deep while beaming
hotly from skies sacred vows emerging

thankful as each gift removes a block I’d
forgotten in my years of hermitage

how love calls when you least expect, demands
a choice. Do you love me? Yes or no.

Written for #OctPoWriMo Day 4 prompts fearless, falling, breathe in a blitz poem or a Grá Reformata. (although a different form chose me in a rush, falling fearlessly onto my page this morning like the featured image of the love letter I received at dawn.)