Mad About You

I wish I could be as carefree and wild
But I got cat class, and I got cat style.~Brian Setzer

I’m smitten with these kittens even
though my allergies declare I must go.
They weave and purr and curl and seize my pen.
They flit away and then they’re back again.

A walk in a dark hallway is a game
I lose. They pounce with fervor. It’s a shame
that I chose black today. This white one sheds
and once pristine, my sweater provokes dread.

My intuition told me not to stay
but love convinced me, just another day.
And now, quite compromised, I gasp and wheeze.
Breath is the master now I aim to please.

Inspired by: Smitten, Flit and Fervor. I played Stray Cat Strut for the kittens this morning and they were wild for it.

Soul 101

I believe that the biggest battle we all face is that within ourselves – to see beyond, to rise above, and to be fearless as we move through this transition and transcendence that is happening in chorus throughout the world.~Corey Lynn

Of course we can dig ourselves out of heart’s
deluge with tools we create. It’s an art.
It takes courage to repudiate warped
views spinning through the dross that we’ve absorbed

unchecked. What the heck is this enslavement?
We’ve designed our own jails. Our depravement
vile, insidious, each unique hell built
in layers of lies which weight us like silt.

Ah, the stress when the fear is accepted!
Ah, relief when the love is projected
with breath. Invigorate reality
with glee. Reclaim our sacred sovereignty.

Inspired by: Repudiate, Art and Denote.

Featured image of a little guy with big goals and a shovel just his size.

Growing Pains

Into this bright cold sun we gaze soaring
morning. In between hugs, sleep dazed, we sing
of l’s and w’s and listening
as a wizard or lizard glistening

and caged awaits her fictitious story
whatever role she plays in her glory
no furbelows or frills, in this knight’s role.
He’s a four-year-old boy in rescue mode.

My poem drags behind his signal flag.
Cathartic purge, emotions surge. Ah, love,
my unexpected evolution shove.

Inspired by: Cathartic, Soaring, Fictitious, Furbelow, and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: flag.