Woman In The Mirror

It is essential that you recognize how your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now.~T. Harvey Eker

In the middle of the night, chickpeas teach
an imperative restriction. Outreach
of a histamine response. What folly
to forget. I can blame melancholy

and maudlin midnight tales but truth be told
my body’s signals manifold are gold
and I the miner. Draining in the dark
excesses. In my balancing remark

upon the mess that is my message. Clean
my diet once again, my focus keen.
Radiant wellbeing my aim. The game
starts by looking in the mirror to claim.

Inspired by: Maudlin, Folly, Restriction, Imperative and a runny nose from eating garbanzo beans.

Featured image: Reflection in a puddle.

How I Miss You

A dove may show up when hard times are ending, and a new understanding of one’s self is emerging. ~Rose

In this construct referred to as time
and the illusory separation-dream
we slip through gaps and slither
in the continental divide, driving
it twice today and sending
unfathomed blessings all through the being
the sign delineates.

It is too costly to focus
on the screens. I worth
I value I currency
the most creative power in the world
can see and you suggest
I pay to–what, sit through drivel?

Unplug, unplug. Know the electric drug
changes you deep within

Don’t touch!

The dissonance tries to weave
a stranglehold when breath
when breathing
clean air
exactly what I need.

Constrictions I heed
balance delicate to achieve
especially in this time of upheaval.

I have made no secret:
I love you true.
Through the ages and today
I’ve been reading poems about you
and the things we would do
and my heartful of love
doesn’t understand why
we create this illusion
of separation. I’m releasing

these restraints. Time and I
work together. We can tell
each other anything
but why
when being now we give
and we receive every signal
and intentionally create this new world.

I Believe In Love, Do You?

I see faces coverin’ an empty ‘I’, empty spaces where there used to be a soul inside.~Kenny Loggins

I claim this moment. Mine the tears, the joys
each feeling named, hopeful at last. My voice
once stuck in people-pleasing mimicry
jolly and false wholesome gimmickry

is rusty now. Soft-spoken, I can’t shriek
or overpow’r the amplified. I speak
of birds, sunrises, water’s play on light
and music in the aethers clear and bright.

Inspired by: Claim, Hopeful, Jolly and Wholesome.

Give and Take

The beings I live with tell me with droops
and drops their needs. Outside I bring scoops
of seeds for shy titmice and chickadees
who grab and go past sparrow-crowds to trees.

I live alone free from conspiracy.
My urge to nurture focused finally
on loving me. The giver now receives
and balance is my byword. I believe

and so I question everything. The guys
have gone, the wreck death wrought capsized. Our ties
are strong. I will it so. Hypnotic daze
and outbursts typic of narcotic waste

forgiven as the tides of love sweep clean
assiduously. With the birds and green
gloriously alive I start anew
passion ignited, singing my breakthrough.

Inspired by: Guys, Conspiracy, Narcotic and Wreck.

Singing Through The Din

If you don’t like the life you live change it now it’s yours.~Crass and Steve Ignorant

Below my window noisy machines, guys.
Through the shouting scrum, woodpecker comes, eyes
my suet gift.  The other birds are shy
and watch the skyline of my feeders, high

and safe from madmen filling screens with lies. 
Critical thinking’s gone.  When I decry 
the nonsense, their eyes glaze, they double down. 
A prophet’s ostracized in her hometown.

But I must speak.  The shit is going down.

The common cold’s relabeled, a new fad
at ludicrous and speeding faster, plaid
the new reality.  Narrative’s mad.
I’m living here unsaddled and unclad.

And I must speak past twitch and twitter spell.

I cannot wear this wan cloth that they sell.
I do not dwell in fear, for I am well.
The only contagion that I can see
are traps the mind creates.  Freedom’s the key.

The wrong’s going on too long.
Here is my wellness song.

Inspired by: Skyline, Twitch, Scrum and Wan.

When I’m With You

I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush of beautiful birds in circling flight.~Mary Elizabeth Frye 

Shadows play with corners, entice, disguised
revealed by flickers of dawn’s light so prized.
White beings flutter, utter love’s intercepts
where now subsumes physics. Wonder accepts

contemporary joy where girl-meets-boy
fairytales expand. Narratives employ
the storytelling charm like rosy light
turning gray clouds into soul-jarring sights.

Splendor like smoke between the cracks, I rise
and all the facts like scales fall from my eyes.
I’m plunged into the dripping morning cool
ping-pong through tears and laughter. I am schooled.

Inspired by: Contemporary, Ping-Pong, Disguised and Subsume.

Featured image: a spectacular sky this morning.