When I’m With You

I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush of beautiful birds in circling flight.~Mary Elizabeth Frye 

Shadows play with corners, entice, disguised
revealed by flickers of dawn’s light so prized.
White beings flutter, utter love’s intercepts
where now subsumes physics. Wonder accepts

contemporary joy where girl-meets-boy
fairytales expand. Narratives employ
the storytelling charm like rosy light
turning gray clouds into soul-jarring sights.

Splendor like smoke between the cracks, I rise
and all the facts like scales fall from my eyes.
I’m plunged into the dripping morning cool
ping-pong through tears and laughter. I am schooled.

Inspired by: Contemporary, Ping-Pong, Disguised and Subsume.

Featured image: a spectacular sky this morning.