You Wanna Step Outside?

Since April 2021, increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported in the United States after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna), particularly in adolescents and young adults.~CDC

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.~Alan Alda

In the wet dawn the sky has found orange
watercolor paints to splash on clouds tinged
in the key of praise. I vow this new day
to create outside the bounds of the state

on the airwaves supercilious smiles
naysay the hearts jab-inflamed all the while
banking the macabre profit that anguished
slow death brings to germ theory coffers. Wish

to move the pawns around the tainted squares
to still be in the game, make changes there
simply a symptom sure to bring despair.
There’s no reporting system. Crowns don’t care

in my lucid dreams the goddess speaks: quit
faffing about, raise up your voice. Commit
to your highest trajectory. To be
outside the puzzle, my glory perceive.

Inspired by: macabre, supercilious, myocarditis and anguish.

Close To The Edge

Seasons will pass you by. I get up. I get down. Now that it’s all over and done, now that you’re fine, now that you’re home.~Jon Anderson/Steve Howe, Yes.

Bringing home the bundle of pain, schlepping
through hospital corridors, half-stepping
past diagnoses, on her way to lake’s
wide tranquil gaze, patiently as she takes

these faltering moves into a new groove.
They’ve made her feel incomplete. A death cheat
hex undoing all the work we’ve done. She’s down
but birds will sing her up again. This frown

will ease. Even this vulture soaring high
right now in heavy gray and silver skies
a message designed just for aching hearts:
when life ends, it’s simply a brand new start.

Inspired by: the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt up/down, Bundle, Incomplete, Patiently and Schlep.

Grace and Beauty

Butterflies symbolize grace and beauty as the soul travels from one state to the next.

I slip bare feet in cool wet lawn, retrieve
zephyr zucchini, basil and fat peas
inspired breakfast frittata to please
her palate with this songbird cantata.

Do I sound glib? Conditions are dicey
and all these medical tests so pricy.
Six in a day: two MRIs, x-ray,
CT, at least two ultrasonic waves

before they order palliative care
release her to sit by the lake’s prayer
where spirit messengers flit and alight
sip nectar from these blooms and heart delight.

Inspired by: Glib, Frittata, Six and Dicey.

Sun Water Music

Just as gilding sun spills out to mark us
a vulture waits beside the shore carcass.
In the sickhouse, they call my life-save hacks
crazy, choose toxic means for an attack

on fragile balance twined through this lifeline.
All the latest masking trends upend fine-
tuning. Our most upsetting goal: to die
peacefully at home ignored. Crow flies by.

A mourning dove bursts into view, a clue
we should pursue peaceful means beyond greed-
led pharma’s frantic search for one pill more
to throw across the threshold of death’s door.

Inspired by: Hack, Trend and Twine.