Reaching Consensus

Ceaselessly she paces

until the sound of her passing

weaves the tapestry that holds me.

An energy web, too circuitous

to perceive, a cage

watched patiently outside of

time. I beg to be turned

and she sets aside

so much frustration

— but I feel

this tight bloated belly and

the band drumming

at my temples. I can’t meet

her eyes, scurrying

panicked, sure

that I’m missing

some piece

— have I dropped it?

Impelled by this imperative

to complete the puzzle,

the laps,

the movement

without a map

or even a clear sense

oh, who is the mouse

who is the wheel

and who is watching?

Inspired by: Tapestry, Consensus, Energy, Circuitous

Feeling Aligned

Sometimes your honesty, eventually, will ruffle some feathers. ~George Pór

The entire henhouse is squawking

when I show up.  

I prefer

to believe they are composing 

laudatory praise, like time’s 

wingéd beings will.

These can’t be suspicious glances

at my silver tail.  Surely they celebrate

my spice!  The secret is,

I’m no longer the highway

patrolman, I’ve quit

the robot-


diligent for boat-rockers.

That harmonizing peacemaker

you’ve seen slink around

took a hike.  Now I’m climbing

into fierce feistiness.  So

raise a ruckus, I’m poised

to leap — watch me finally 

follow my heart.

I’ve raised my arms at the top

of this mountain, and 

I’ll show you

the proper use of wings.  

Inspired by: Robot, Spice, Highway,