Appearances Deceive

I’m picking up pulses, reality
exquisitely eager vibrations, poised
for reception. Old tale convulses, frees
perception. The false narratives employ

elaborate operations that gnaw
in dissonance, speeding up time until
the stress might kill those trapped in evil’s maw.
Projecting resonance, redefine real.

In this hour, homeless and destitute,
I have released. Free and astute
I stand in power. My authentic voice
sings praise for this breath. In the now, rejoice.

Inspired by: Operation, Gnaw, Eager and Picking. And Tom Kenyon’s amazing new offering The Window of Harmony for relief from the negative effects of stress.

Entering Now

When the earth comes back into alignment
and the planets sing in joy, harmony
restored, I celebrate intertwinement:
connect in the knowing field part of me.

I’m cleaning up my act, leaving a map
in case I find I am a step ahead
and all these waves fill me with dread, entrap
me in fear too turbulent to steer. Spread

those wings I’ve hidden from yourself. Exalt.
Never a figment, my awesome power.
Accept my crown. The breakup of my faults
fuels my roar. Enter now empowered.

Inspired by: Breakup, Figment, Crown, Roar and Fault.