Golden Light Inviting

I’m in the woods, the golden light inviting
my expanding feeling/touching/sensing

tuning in place in now
as every shadow

every dunno how

comes creeping in
such simmering seethe


how much being
can I bring

embracing the responsive universe
integrating me

why even think of holding back

into the illusory precipice
I leap

Be Here Now

I am as expansive as the sky
my crystalline intentions clear 
be here
tune in
project to planets my 
intense energy
passionate power.  
Fluid flowing time
meeting past
and future circling
through now
as I wake up 
and find 
enjoying Tao.

A quadrille written for the dversepoets prompt: Sky. Check it out!

Beliefs Like Banners

Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah.
It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.~Rumi

The weather report missed again. Laughter
at the sun’s morning kiss.  Fall arrives.  Bliss
is the unfolding now.  We hang from rafters
our beliefs like banners, symbolic, dis-

empowering excuses not to see
beyond the media stream.  Choosing sides
to fuel dissonance.  How loyal are we
to lies embracing every aspect.  Lives

are gifts.  Appreciate this new songburst
emerging, strange and weird and all your own.
Sing it, my dear, hold your notes clear.  At first
your melody opens us all.  We hone

our expressions.  Creativity’s rise
as our curiosity imagines
more than ever has appeared.  The surprise
in your limitless germinal tangent.

Inspired by: Again, Excuse, Loyal, Laughter (a prompt which promptly disappeared after I used it) and a massive new creative project I am working in, requiring me to master new software (MuseScore), create a website (and learn SquareSpace), transcribe so many pages filled with creative verse, a Patreon, ways to offer collaboration, and so much more! Here’s to September and the creative urge rising in us all!

No Longer Batteries

At some point, we awake and say, oh, yeah, I forgot!  This is a play.  Bravo!

It’s hard to say what’s inconsequential
morning stretched, time paused and poised, echoing.
Emphatic focus on the essential.
Seeing only what is real.  I’m flowing

in a multitude of realms I create,
the drain of current narrative evade,
dismiss the shiny prize and walk away
into my powers, blooming, unafraid.

We choose which dreams to fuel when we awake.
No longer captive batteries, we sing
a new world into being.  Above a drake
bursts raspy-barking twice. Sky opening.

How now brims over, every sense alight
knowing in subtle ways never taught, I’m
still and growing in this damp chill.  All’s right.
Receptive: messages, insights and rhyme.

Inspired by: Emphatic, Inconsequential, Drain and Prize.

The World Has Changed

Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?~Robert Lamm

Morning diamonds glitter fantabulous
so recently silvered by the moon.  Cries
ecstatic greet the golden light.  The fuss
of a hunter, out of tune, simply flies

out of perception, for the world has changed
while we were dreaming in our blue-lit screens
–willing servants, single-minded, deranged
taught from birth to cage our creative means.

Imagine you can breathe out full power
intense and focused, out of step.  The crowd
moves on and you’re in balance.  It’s now or
never.  Project your wildest song, strong, loud.

Then step into the natural world.  Stars
and planets inviting you to see.  Far
from the tales composing reality
inspired and creating, you’ll find me.

Inspired by: Fantabulous, Hunter, Ecstatic and Intense.

Gently Rise

These trees correct my posture, gently rise
with years of experience, euphoric
celebrations in this exquisite time
the crumbling of the slaveowners’ story.

In morning fall’s chill delight, I’m covered
barefoot mistake, I’m here for the sweet song
of stillness.  Dare to be a sun lover
reach these life-giving rays.  It is not wrong

to receive.  A bluejay jeers flies crying
into the glare, wingtips translucent then
disappears, another realm applying 
as the timelines collide.  Remember when?

Here a portal to past.  Equality
bestows a future door as well, beyond
the ticking clock, calendar page witty
and inept as bold we face and respond

what matters.  Anchor swift changes. Herald
the weird and miniscule signs that Planet
Earth has rearranged.  Our starship revealed
reorient laughing now we’ve landed.

Inspired by: Equality, Covered, Posture and Euphoric.

Grackles Yawp

In the morning August flexes muscles
heated and sure with a riffling breeze
teasing the clinging leaves.  They will hustle
in the fall, but right now they burn.  The bees

are busy, penetrating drowsy blooms.
Grackles yawp and whistle staking treetops
as cicadas join the connection.  Rooms
of realities rest lightly non-stop

infinite, open my heart’s convictions.
All the rainbows my childish eyes perceived
are back in town.  I’ve loosened restrictions
—namecalling nerd closed parts of me, conceived

protective cages I no longer need.
The timeline shifts, I shower love and signs
upon that younger self of mine, stronger
now, imagining free, sacred, aligned.

Inspired by: Rainbow, Connection, Nerd and Yawp.

Where True Love Abounds

In the morning I pause to greet a dog
a supporting character effusive
love and joy wriggling.  I’m all agog.
She’s figured out what I find elusive

since my brush with death turned my life around.
How to be here now where true love abounds
and the only price is energy, pure
intentional being centered and sure.

Inspired by: Supporting, Pause, Character, Elusive and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Brush.

New Moon Play

I plant love in my magnetic field, spin
the seeds into the torus, sizzling
and sprouting in a miracle. The din
and drone mechanic once felt frazzling

until I rooted balance in the whirl
ecstatic, huge, a subtle feel into
the center. Unmoving. I fiercely hurl
with pure imagination this New Moon

day a chance to play with creation, sing
most anything and yet right now I say
with certainty: summon what true love brings!
And I receive wholeheartedly. The way

to bliss is simply this: Integrity.
Speak clearly who I am and what I see.
Holding the space, honing my aim, proclaim
this life is not as it appears. Reframe!


Here’s to you, world!  Love, love, love.

Beloved Sage

In the shower a long line of silver-
haired stunningly fierce missing faces.  Clear
this week for an ancient karmic river
with a window in time to enter here

if you’ll receive your distant missing parts
to meet, to dance, legacy integrate.
And I’m all in, this slow allow as hearts
sincerely no longer insinuate.

Reminded, tales entrance, means of control
differed each time, still, locked up and caged
and on through the ages. Once writ on scrolls,
the story’s old, alive.  Well met, dear sage.

Inspired by: Reminded, Missing, Legacy and Insinuate.