Exponential Leap

The moving walkway is coming to an end.  Please watch your step.~Recorded airport announcement

Your evanescent dreams disappear
as if the iteration of you

dancing into this space fears
to be seen, not enough, untrue,

just wrong. As if you need
an alteration to fit the story

modify your heartbeat
because the rap of history

spit relentless by affluent
victors with strong prospects

collected from your half-ruined
hopes, distracted you expect

linear like stepping onto
the moving walkway, carried

in a fog as we’re all drawn to
the tales we live and breathe.

Today right now opens night
songs and sheer poetry

this field of pulsing light
resting, held in dark mystery

we finally celebrate.
Take care. The world’s in flux.

Don’t take the bait,
the lure of hate; it’s love

that powers the new plan
together we connect

and span the living bridge
the time and space open our range

hearts full of bars
we sing in perfect pitch

earth-rooted, heads in stars
a song praising our change.

Inspired by: History, Evanescent, Affluent and Prospect.

Soundcloud recording here.

Make You See Stars

You fear your heartfelt pain
a maelstrom too turbulent

to be contained, palpable
implacable, you never see

how valuable your sensitivity
hails from your resilient

spirit rising from each family
event that rent you

brilliant star let’s simply say
you wouldn’t be here any other way

like a heaven-sent drum
you come with your black belt

in pain and sorrow, beating
yourself down, dwelling

in hopes of a tomorrow with all
the cards you were not dealt.

Your unobtrusive wings feathering
unseen all the sharp edges

that point you hear listen
I can see you clear

your convoluted path how
you enter the now

take my hand and we
can simply be.

Inspired by: Palpable, Resilient, Heartfelt, Maelstrom and a friend in need with a reluctance to ask for help.

Soundcloud recording here.

What’s Coming

At the top of my list, of course,
is breath, but my next best friend

is death. They walk me, teasing,
loyal life wants to live

escorted in the arms of lovers
dancing in the flavors love

layers. Naming every birth
we create separation illusions

with our powerful beliefs
that sweep us past and future

rocketing by the song-now.
Birds chittering through oldgrowth

forests sound the alarm as we
play foreigners, our roots forgotten

we emerge from trees
and soil, composted

through uncountable millenia.
We chirp until named, we spread

our wings in arrogant denial
a flurry of greed to clothe ourselves

in what we buy in fear of
our imminent demise. Missing

the call to shine, eminent
moment of this particular voice

in this astral alignment.
When we walk in peace with our death

unafraid, we open up the stranglehold
past, let go of the predetermined

future at last, the patterns blown
in our explosive joy.

Death isn’t lurking, looming, it’s coming
for you now in deep orgasmic waves thrumming:

Our only prerogative, let’s be clear,
is to be alive right now, right here.

Inspired by Prerogative, Explosive, Foreigner and Eminent.

Soundcloud recording here.

Perspective Change

“Fire is the Sun unwinding from the tree’s log.”~R. Buckminster Fuller

Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.~R. Buckminster Fuller

At sunsight we suffer a sea change,
paint in grays in the turning

we call dawn. From moonlight’s shimmer
of silvery waters, a palette inspired

by dark, splashed gently with
white and moody mauve, deepest

blues touching taupes and
licking lavender. A tiny

yellow drop. None of the pinks suit
chic-subtle in monochrome.

The sun is film-noir whispers
veiled disinterest. The I who once

chased those golden waves to paradise
would drown in a platitude of mourn.

In my deep healing torsion today, I spin
away from pseudo-science manipulations,

catch light beautifully warm and cool.
A new world arises. We reflect connections.

Sumptuous, velvety fog plays
well with others, celebrating we.

Inspired by: Suit, Dawn, Chic and Platitude and a foggy morning that fills me with so much gratitude, inspiration and a true knowing we can effect change!

Home Remedies

Gratitude for this gourmand nitro
cold-brew doled out in tiny sips.

Alert for the neurostimulation
I can’t speak yet from this

pounding place where yesterday’s
choices still punish. Just a swallow

to create balance in a world
with so many blows. An osprey

dives from a spiral overhead
splashing into the waters

as if a guide advising: let go
of your fears and leap into

unknowns. Three turtle heads
form a triangle in the bay—I mis-

believe my eyes until they
pop back under. Three bluebirds

inspect the houses—please
winter with me. Tomorrow chills

will sweep through so here I am,
coffee and birds have scratched

my civilized veneer, legitimate
in this repressive state that outlaws

all the perception-openers.
The so-called exterior coaxes

the so-called interior to flow
like this breeze, this spring-fed

water, the plumes of tall grasses
and the trembling poplars. At dawn

the past was shaping my inevitable
unenviable future and me in tears,

queasy. Now arrives and new
sights and scents and sounds under

the glorious warmth of what is
surely a god directing what can

only be hymns of praise
from the gifted beings

swirling blessings we can all
receive, singing sweet or raucous

loud like the pair of bluejays
winging vivid into living air.

Inspired by: Gourmand, Scratch and Legitimate.

What Blooms

To celebrate ten years, he sends
living pieces of his island

far across the ocean. Orchids, white
and purple, orange birds of paradise

and green bird leaves, heliconia
and ginger, white anthuriums,

ti leaves and calathera, hala
and banana leaves, outrageous

extravagance for my simple
frugal life here on the mainland.

While I’m arranging flowers, a great
blue heron fishes the rocks right

outside my door, views access
to the porch an antagonistic

move and so I grant him
clemency, standing shadowed

in this blooming box. All around
me, the library crumbles

dust disintegrating bindings
and words leaking out into

the fragrant air. All the knowledge
I’ve garnered needs a good

solid cleaning out. A mourning
dove flutters then slides to the

grass. Surely I know nothing.
Poised silent watcher

teaching sliding into me whether
I will or no, and I doubt

he has ever anguished over
his place in this delicate and fragile

ecosystem. I move, he rises
scolding—will I ever learn

with all these bold gestures
and careless taking without

ever paying a true cost?
The very idea hidden

in too many layers
to peel, I say,

rushing to my
next important distraction.

Inspired by: Clemency, Library, Antagonistic and Garnered.


He’s exceptionally brash, this

underdog troglodyte,

springing in by happenstance

to notify us of some

spicy new smear.

Politics could make me a basket

case.  Aloof on my lake

hummingbirds noisily negotiate

nectar while the earth

sends abundance now.

I sink into her embrace

intention being


Inspired by: Brash, Troglodyte, Exceptional, Spring and Underdog. And yesterday’s Aloof, Happenstance, Notify Basket and Spicy.