Follow The Stars

A good friend of mine follows the stars. Venus and Mars are alright tonight.~Paul McCartney

And I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight, with a million stars all around.~Jack Tempchin

Star jewels sparkle the dark. Jupiter
hangs low and ripe. I await the release
of umpteen dreams a full moon recruiter
sweeps away. Granted. Think bigger. Make peace

with your shadows. You, too, must rise. It’s time.
You are a juggernaut, unstoppable.
Your fate calls you, grandiloquent, sublime.
Reset from all those whoops, impossible

to halt your rise. Above the obstacles
love takes charge. Surprise! With each reach, each touch
you climb into our hearts like crop circles
suddenly here and now we learn so much.

Inspired by:  Grandiloquent, Whoops, Juggernaut and Umpteen.

Featured image: last night’s spectacular full moon.

Someday I’ll Wish

When man up is extinct
and we escape the patriarchal
clinch, embrace instead
what’s rarely said in macho
bravos–lunatic fringe
simply a piece of our
extended tapestry–in short,
when we appear just as we
are, with deep respect
(the long neglect of hope
suspect when we must always
correct some fault that’s deep
within our ancestry) when
that day is here
I declare
the evolutionary leap
the shift is in the air
we breathe and suddenly
we see the edgy intricacy
of our imperfect beauty
simplicity when we
bowing, stunned, aware
there is no better you
the one that we receive
and care, unplumbed
perfection when we dare
admit the hidden pieces
the critic sighs,
looses and releases.

Inspired by: Rarely, Extinct, Hope, Clinch and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Man Up, the last movie I saw.  Once again, the demand to create a stream of consciousness post stretched me beyond my comfort zone.  And I’m glad!