Into The Light

Back in the family home with a chance
to interrupt the ancestral dance
I struggle. How to elevate this hate
echoing through the branches? Deep roots wait

on the shadowy paths. Eastern phoebe
whistles her name insistently. To heed
these messages, I seek tenant farmers
sailing west to escape a landlord’s harm.

They push and shove like captives in my hold
perceiving danger, try to steer the boat.
There is no place of safety in this world.
The power of my fractal is unfurled

as I speak truth to fearfulness and greed
and go outside to plant bare feet and seed
this soil with untold possibilities.
A female cardinal clicks and chips, pleads

for kinder relationships. Though I bleed
I staunch these wounds, to the end game proceed.
I will not bow to evil, for the light
reveals the needy darkness that takes flight.

Inspired by: Echo, Elevate, Click and Tenant.