Where We Belong

His journalistic range, Black Thought expressed,
is a catalyst for change–for me, a big yes!
to all this live electricity streaming down
to find my ground. This is key:
finally sitting in my base
expressive face
letting my body feel it for a change
open and available to mystery.
Don’t get frosty–the way I do,
all my chilled trauma places preventing you
from touching me, containing us
I could regale you with the stories
but why make a fuss. The energy
sets the stage: when a child cannot
express her rage, she goes inside
or finds a pen, crafting rhymes
to keep her hand in. Until today
excitement bounds in the deep
inner space that channels the sounds
from higher places
where we are round
integrated, safe and sound.

Inspired by: Stage, Frosty, Regale, Excitement, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “key“, and my commitment to make December a “freestyle to prompts” month with soundcloud recordings.  (Today’s is here.)

And the continuing inspiration of Black Thought Tariq Trotter’s freestyle chops expertise utter brilliance.  (An amazing interview on his process here.)


Backin’ you

Here I divulge my heart’s desire.
All these zealous misbeliefs
keep my brain on fire.
I’m broke.
Say I’m woke
in a spiral that a calendar
can never clock. Another bachelor
a pocketful of faceted rock,
youtube proposal surprise
and everybody gone cry.

In real life things move a lil bit
slower, disappointment for the avid
moviegoer. Where’s flash and bang?
The brand new thang?

I’ve been watchin’
Black Thought and tryna
freestyle mystery.
Me, a silver-haired witch
with a hippie history.

Life is sweet
just between the beat
of suffering places, forget all about
the so-called saving graces.
Don’t make things nice.
Don’t think twice.
That whispered intuition
in connected space
is exactly what I need
to affect my base.

So just in case
an embrace
will exponentially explode
our database, here is a hug.
It’s virtual. Away from everything
intellectual. Effectual.
From me to you.
‘Cause hearts sing true.

Inspired by: Divulge, Calendar, Zealous and Proposal and Black Thought Tariq Trotter’s 2017 freestyle on Flex.  So I’m trying something new.  Speaking rhymes to a beat and writing them fast and pressing publish.  Training my brain to rhyme on my feet in a stream of consciousness poem.  My first attempt to celebrate a new month!

Soundcloud link here. (This is seriously stepping up my intention to cure myself of perfectionism.  We’re all just trying to lift our voices.  Ain’t nobody gotta be perfect!)