Who Has Seen The Wind?

The life of this world is wind
Windblown we come, and windblown we go away.
All that we look on is windfall.
All we remember is wind.~Charles Wright

In the fallout of my repeating steps
lives are transformed. I don’t feel different
sitting with my windfall, doing my reps
in the dance of morning. The inference

now I’m a millionaire, I won’t settle
in squalor is felt by astute watchers.
Through all the crashing towers, my mettle
tested again and again. Plan botchers

or a heavy karmic debt, it’s all me.
I’ve tried, I’m here to stay. I cannot flee.
In neutral, I breathe serendipity
and manifest through doubt and fear debris.

Inspired by: Fallout, Repeating Steps, Serendipity and Astute.

Featured image: A 450+ year-old oak tree I communed with yesterday sends blessings.