Spiral Staircase

He bursts in to clang

the double helix, 

resonating joy.

I’ve always tuned in to

this cantillating with

each strand as it’s subtly


by the corresponding long

chains.  Even as a teen, kneeling

by a crumbling gravestone

listening to the tiny clear

salute-bell of kin.

But he flings wide

an unexpected development.

The magnetic pull of three

geese honking over the lake,

a solitary gander struggles

apart, and they’re followed

by two large separate flocks

veeing noisily through

my awareness.  Right now

the tribes of ancestors

sing hallelujah choruses

at each heart-opening,

this grandson holding the bold


life, singing across

a new day, wet and gleaming.


Inspired by: Unexpected, Develop