Ain’t it foggy outside? All the planes have been grounded.~Dewey Bunnell

A cloud descends to blanket the border
between the hidden worlds. Winter’s order
amiss, both spring and its predecessor
confusing all the weather professors

who paint broad strokes of continental streams.
Turning them off’s salubrious, it seems
we face our own peccadillos, no wrath,
accepting who we are on our own path.

Inspired by: Border, Both, Salubrious, Peccadillo, Winter and Hidden.

Bending Reality

unexpectedly six decades on dream
lovers and friends that I knew daub weird scenes
exchange faces and names in a tizzy
broad strokes paint new perspectives I’m dizzy

come dawn the advent of light piercing murk
my memories trade busy hawkers lurk
and my studio is a mess, paints flung
passionate disarray insights new-sprung

Inspired by: New, Advent, Broad, Tizzy, Unexpectedly and written in the SOCS style for the prompt New/Knew.

Plant Seeds

I refuse to use a money that another man can create for free.~Nico @Bitvolt7

Just frolic to dispel constraints cartels
diabolic, painted as saints, bespell
the world with their fiat schemes, scrutinized
by cohorts with greedy dreams, rubies prized

and they need you, to launder the money
print out of thin air and loan, it’s funny
the cycle of debt and regret, goods
fall apart, so you have to buy more. Woods

call seams to fray in the fairytale trance.
Play on words and caper in your own dance.
Naysay narrative. Open eyes surely
see. Emperor has no clothes; it’s purely

a way to conceal the slavery yokes
revealed with bravery, poetry, jokes.
Thirteen families seven billion thrall
until we wake up, perceive our windfall.

Inspired by: Just, Frolic, Dispel, Ruby, Scrutiny and Constraint.

Farmers Market Accolade

My frugality does not encompass
these esculent offerings: Greens, fungus,
fat squash, root crops with dirt clods still clinging.
No credit cards; it’s cash I’m bringing.

No advertisements manipulating,
no buyers’ remorse, just titillating
recipes which overheard while in queue
mandate a grab: outcome delicious food.

Inspired by: Advertisement, Esculent, Mandate and Outcome.

Featured image: My local farmer’s market has moved indoors where it seems intrusive to take photos, so please enjoy this one from my favorite market on Oahu, at Kapi’olani Community College.