Just You Call, I’ll Hear

My body ignored for too long

the stresses lies cause

all the undigested trauma

roiling in my guts. In solitude

I sit and listen for the

ephemeral clues that beckon

me to balance. But it is

in connection that we thrive

our hive mind, ancestral skies,

the soul field buzzing.

My nervous system reaches

out to yours, stroking,

enlivening and tangled.

Spinning in this elegance

in a cosmic dance so vast

we close the astronomy

book in fear, jeer at the

zodiac. Huddled in our corner

alive in our butterfly flit.

Bursting from the cocoon

we think we’re all that.

Clueless fliers supported by

white clouds dancing overhead

ground tremors

and the whirl of infinite

multiverses, our microcosmic

selves the key. We open

our unique locks and enter

the pure song we’ve always been.

Inspired by: Ephemeral, Alive and Solitude/solitary and United We Stand by Tony Hiller and Peter Simon, performed by The Brotherhood of Man.