Being Set Free

The Chinese regime is a stone cold tyranny, period. Nothing about it should be welcomed on our shores. Its Great Reset, a gigantic punitive wall to wall Surveillance State, is a living nightmare. THAT’S what the Chinese people are now protesting, at the risk of losing their lives.~Jon Rappoport

Eighteen percent of world’s population
live tyrannical self-abnegation
forced to work by the means of oppression
to produce the latest iPhone–fresh in

now rising, unarmed, squeezing through the locks
and filming their protests, aiming their rocks
the teeming masses opposing the reign
each tiny particle now unrestrained

for years they have huddled submissive fear
locked down, drone-enforced, quarantine severe
and still don their masks, sterling populace
the root of their enslavement consciousness

How do we break these societal chains
when generations are dumbed down, entrained?

I put my screen aside, turn off brainwash
count seeds collected–one organic squash
yields 308. Reality
abundant wealth and health nature shares free.

Inspired by: Work, Sterling, Teem and Particle.

I’ve reached the limits of my free photo quotient, so I’ll most likely be starting a different free wordpress site very soon.