Singing Through The Din

If you don’t like the life you live change it now it’s yours.~Crass and Steve Ignorant

Below my window noisy machines, guys.
Through the shouting scrum, woodpecker comes, eyes
my suet gift.  The other birds are shy
and watch the skyline of my feeders, high

and safe from madmen filling screens with lies. 
Critical thinking’s gone.  When I decry 
the nonsense, their eyes glaze, they double down. 
A prophet’s ostracized in her hometown.

But I must speak.  The shit is going down.

The common cold’s relabeled, a new fad
at ludicrous and speeding faster, plaid
the new reality.  Narrative’s mad.
I’m living here unsaddled and unclad.

And I must speak past twitch and twitter spell.

I cannot wear this wan cloth that they sell.
I do not dwell in fear, for I am well.
The only contagion that I can see
are traps the mind creates.  Freedom’s the key.

The wrong’s going on too long.
Here is my wellness song.

Inspired by: Skyline, Twitch, Scrum and Wan.