Grove Child

It’s important to keep drawing attention to the way we’re being manipulated out of having any control over not just what happens in our world, but over what we think about what happens in our world.~Caitlin Johnstone 

As a child, I knew one and one
is more than two. Objective science

impossibility, how can we
subtract ourselves from any

equation? Daffy ideas, and foolish
notions, separation presented as fact,

emotions denied, some caprice of robotic
will drummed into me, drumming me still.

As if an unsound tangent took the place
of integrated, syncopated pace

that I could see and feel and trace
in roots and branches, leaves

the grove in which I bathed perceives
me, dissected and inspected

enslaved by depraved systems
which I ought to imitate

for a good grade, abandoning
my precious glade. Urged to behave

while all around me science dug
its unearthly grave. A circling

pattern of thoughts inserted
and my young self perverted

until we arrive today.
That story no longer holds sway.

We see we are complete, as obvious
lies crumble at our rooted feet.

And here we compost this rich soil
with our collective intentions,

the cosmos glimpsed as we uncoil
poised for this evolutionary leap

waking from cultured hypnotic sleep.

Inspired by: Tangent, Daffy, Complete and  Caprice.