Imagine That!

Imagination is the often-forgotten force in the core of the human being. Our problems, at the core, exist only because we have “misplaced an infinity.”~Jon Rappoport*

Sharp September early wrapped in fleece
I remember waiting for the sun.  At peace,
eclectic ways to feel into

electric body riveting, pivoting
now, well met, fast-moving clouds!
My travail allows inspection

of the golden-gleamed horizon.
Sipping coffee slow and warm
my morning bluejays warn poignant

and pointed.  Even serenity
is a star poking into absurd
totalitarian measures.  I don’t partake.

That brand of Koolaid just tastes
fake.  I see the stain all around
your panicked eyes, gone: smiles or frowns.

Succumb and lose identity, masked
and frail, breath denied.  Sometimes
it seems a dream.  I thought there were many

more alive, but I see drones
apologetic and rueful, cowed,
reading posted rules.  Now what’s allowed?

I remember waiting for the light
in months like these.  Now I simply bring
myself, sovereign alive sparking love

and curiosity.  There’s no masked
stranger staring in my mirror. Look at me
model how common sense

walks the world.  Freely breathe.
I don’t always have to rhyme.
Sun now appears and I step out of time.

Inspired by: Serenity, Riveting, Eclectic, Travail and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Sharp and Exit From The Matrix*, a life-changing imagination course by Jon Rappoport that I highly, highly recommend.

A Sure Recipe

So much is not what it seems. Whatever you choose and believe becomes your reality.  The price you pay, if the work…is not in your highest alignment, will be high.~Solara

The world did not change, nor reality
only the poorly written script, absurd
to anyone with common sense to see.
Other people can’t make you sick.  My word!

The human race survives, well-made, we’re blessed
our self-healing abilities balance
in spite of every insult, trauma, stress,
each obstacle emerges in the dance—

and I am hugging, kissing, I attune
with the deep forces unchanged—though the news
blasts lies about the way our bodies tune.
Think about it, if any part were true,

we’d all be dead.  Yet we survive, locked up
and masked, isolated and tasked: obey!
We comment that the year is weird, mocked up
and down if we dissent.  Exonerate:

I cannot safely wear a mask.  That way
is a sure recipe for illness.  Breath
is free, as water used to be.  Just pray
that this prescription doesn’t mean your death.

Inspired by: Exonerate, Lies and Survive, asthma (lucky me!) and (twice lucky!) a decade of dealing with autoimmune system breakdown (brought about by toxic drugs) during which independent study, as it were, reveals just how detrimental mask-wearing is to breathing–that really essential part of health–and this article among many others details more consequences of going along with the obvious fabrication.