Just Call

Lonely, I shudder through dusty cobwebs,

destroy magnificent creations

woven by the night creatures.

I don’t know where I’m going

and as the old path

crumbles to dust behind me,

I’m calling to someone, anyone.

I’ve grown myself just for this

exquisite moment to swoop

from the future

to hold myself,

this shaking, frightened child.

And now in this instant of light,

I see myself, always

my own resource, hidden until

this fractal bursts into my view.

And still, my hardwon wisdom

seems wasted; there are no words

I can whisper

to these young ears. But

look, my eyes, at this sudden

sunlight on a spider’s web,

a single rainbow-jeweled droplet

at each intersection.

We open the illustrated

Indra’s Net, a child’s book.

Here I am

reflected in every

surface, beautiful

symmetry revealed.

And I understand yesterday

and again today.

Summon me, and I will come

throughout the ages.

Featured image:  Indra’s Net from this Flickr photosharing site.

New You

Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping. ~ Julia Margaret Cameron

I think we have survived because we love beauty and because we find each other beautiful.  I think it may be our strongest quality. ~ Louise Erdrich

You are so resplendent

in your swollen fecundity

that passersby ask to pat

your belly.  I ask if you’ve taken

your naked photos yet

and you are horrified,

I’m fat and ugly, why would I?

You tell me about strange men

flirting; the child of screens

that persistently flash one version

of toxic, painted, emaciated femininity

as the sole definition of beauty,

you are mystified.

I gift you a statue of Gaia,

sitting cross-legged, her belly heavy

with the planet, creatures crawling

through her luxuriant curls.

I’m a poet trying to reach you

beyond the words and images

so callously caging you.

Your beauty is sky deep,

earth wide.  It touches hearts

and lifts spirits.  It calls all

of our guides, ancestors, bands of angels

resonating in your glory.

Turn off your device of lies, breathe.

Your tribe is here and believe us,

we are so deeply moved

by the essence of beauty in you.

Inspired by: Resplendent, Swollen, and Spiral 

Find Oberon Zell’s magnificent Millennial Gaia here.

Revealing Hidden Costs

“The price of a sense of an individual identity is a sense of separation from others and nature.” ~ Michael Pollan, How To Change Your Mind

I pay the fee, ask for
a discount when I step outside
mindfully, receptive to comments
from the watchful beings
in the tallest branches. How is it
that I, who profess to love
communication, can only manage,
“ah, the birds are aware of my journey”?
When can I speak bird?
And I’m not asking yet for hummingbird
love trills or goldfinch songbooks,
just a simple, “Look out, everybody!”
that ripples through the other sentient
beings. My footsteps vibrating to the brains
buried in soil, my scent wafting
to the cautious. If I reduce time spent —
another price — online and in cars,
can I generate enough presence
to join in this vivid cacophony,
combining like droplets of water
in a joyful celebration of life?
It’s messy and confusing; obviously
I must stop here
and embrace this now.

Inspired by the Rag Tag Prompt: Reduce

I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts: Water

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt: Generate

I am really enjoying the challenge of writing a poem combining these three prompts daily!