Unbounded Metaphor

The word daisy, for example, comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye.” ~ Merriam Webster.

Speech reaching for the

fluidity of presence

because we’re chattering apes

and the experience’s worth

is determined by the story

we tell.  Every word

dragging us into the indifference

cold separation

despite our intention to

illuminate this key

right here.

It unlocks the paradise

lost in translation.  Can you see

the stultifying power

of narrative? We are belittled

by interpretation. Pounding, hammering out

the rungs of a ladder

inspired by unfathomable depths.

Even when I sit

in the deep silence

feeling into my energetic

bonds and loving you,

still I open

my eyes

and compose this poem.

Inspired by Paradise, Lost, Indifference and Worth.