Going around in circles

I’m painting ensōs feeling into heart-
break of my own making. How painstaking
pasts and greedy futures block the fine art
of now. I break free of dreams mistaking

cues and clues as battered children do. Leap
from the chains survival forged. Illusions
rise and fall. I move my brush, reds, golds sweep
new ways praise in intuitive fusions.

Still how I mourn, fully, each circle drawn
in one stroke: open, closed, overlapping.
Foolish or trite, it may appear. Right on
the page paint swirls loud as one hand clapping.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Trite. In Zen, ensō is a circle hand-drawn in one stroke, the practice of which allows the body to create with a quiet mind.

I’m Lying To Myself

How awake can we become to the predefined spaces in which we live our physical, material, moral, emotional, energic and spiritual lives?  To what extent can we create these lives by our own imagination, rather than by using our inventive powers to fit into a tight blueprint of reality?”~Jon Rappoport

Where is the love and when do I lie
to myself? I say it matters not
that you’re ghosting me. You’re the bad guy
with allegations, a scatterplot

and no discourse! I’m dangerous
you say, breaking-the-rules insane.
You’d ban these books so traitorous.

rippling through society
endings sow anxiety

we fingerpoint and blame.

our resolutions
create solutions

if we sit down
be still and find
a peaceful sound

beyond the story
lines, the noose around
necks metaphor. Be
awed. We are earthbound.

Pride topples as the storms
dissolve our old platforms
and we create new norms.

Dance each powerful sun flare,
clearing our essential air.

Finally we imagine free.

Inspired by: Endings, Awe, Allegation, Topple, and the OctPoWriMo Day 25 Prompt, break the rules (Stretch, Disorder, Chaos, Expand, Anarchy) and create your own poetry form.

My new poetry form starts with a 9-syllable ABAB quatrain, followed by an 8-syllable CDC tercet, a seven-syllable couplet EE, a six-syllable single line D, a five-syllable couplet FF, a four-syllable tercet GHG, a five-syllable quatrain IGIG, a six-syllable tercet JJJ, a seven-syllable couplet KK, and a single line of 8 syllables with internal rhyme. (Simply, stanza-wise, it’s 4-3-2-1-2-3-4-3-2-1.) I call it Victoria. Unless someone has already done it.

Living Full Pelt

October flings sunrise delight.
Eyes dazzle as the gloomy night
releases icy grips.  My heart
invites love in for a new start.

I’ve searched without, yet here within
my ever-shining light I spin
my torsion fields.  Creating art
invites love in for a new start.

All that I seek is part of me.
I’m tuning in.  My harmony
has synchronized. Flawless, my part
invites love in for a new start.

October flings sunrise delight
invites love in for a new start.

Inspired by: Flawless, Pelt, Synchronize, and the #OctPoWriMo prompt, shining your light in a Kyrielle sonnet.


Purchasing Power

Brilliant light reveals our rusty cages.
We pause, aghast, exhausted dark fumbles
for a key.  Persnickety.  The sages
foretold our slavery.  Our rage rumbles

as the current lies sweep us, a great flux
we fight.  Chained junkyard dogs, one measly bone.
Driven inside, isolated.  The crux
is power.  As we step into our own,

the cruel elites’ imaginary
holds collapse.  Helpless and bespelled, did we
pay for our own misery?  Energy
reclaimed, create a new cosmology.

Inspired by: Persnickety, Flux, Exhausted and Cage.

Elementary Lifesaving

There are people in this servile world who will endure any trampling, and at the first beck rush delightedly to proffer their assistance.~Richard Jefferies

We meet each successful escapee
with an enquiry to ascertain
their saving idiosyncrasy
once we learned individual gain

is the key.  Rich possibility
a fractal brings lightbeams or a note
flung over the waters, a ring free
for the catching.  You save yourself, float

til a ladder’s unoccupied rung
responsive to the life you’ve sung appears.
Inviting, never command.  Among
the damned, the laughter of the free clears

confused lost seekers seeking outward
rule to bid them hither and yon, fools
scurrying to build an unjust world
poisoned, collapsing, still they fuel…

And how did you finally wake, my dear?
A chance encounter? Every single
tale takes sail in our creation, here
and now in the blooming we tingle.

Inspired by: Idiosyncrasy, Encounter, Laughter and Unoccupied. And the amazing new world unfolding in my work in progress!

Gently Rise

These trees correct my posture, gently rise
with years of experience, euphoric
celebrations in this exquisite time
the crumbling of the slaveowners’ story.

In morning fall’s chill delight, I’m covered
barefoot mistake, I’m here for the sweet song
of stillness.  Dare to be a sun lover
reach these life-giving rays.  It is not wrong

to receive.  A bluejay jeers flies crying
into the glare, wingtips translucent then
disappears, another realm applying 
as the timelines collide.  Remember when?

Here a portal to past.  Equality
bestows a future door as well, beyond
the ticking clock, calendar page witty
and inept as bold we face and respond

what matters.  Anchor swift changes. Herald
the weird and miniscule signs that Planet
Earth has rearranged.  Our starship revealed
reorient laughing now we’ve landed.

Inspired by: Equality, Covered, Posture and Euphoric.

Grackles Yawp

In the morning August flexes muscles
heated and sure with a riffling breeze
teasing the clinging leaves.  They will hustle
in the fall, but right now they burn.  The bees

are busy, penetrating drowsy blooms.
Grackles yawp and whistle staking treetops
as cicadas join the connection.  Rooms
of realities rest lightly non-stop

infinite, open my heart’s convictions.
All the rainbows my childish eyes perceived
are back in town.  I’ve loosened restrictions
—namecalling nerd closed parts of me, conceived

protective cages I no longer need.
The timeline shifts, I shower love and signs
upon that younger self of mine, stronger
now, imagining free, sacred, aligned.

Inspired by: Rainbow, Connection, Nerd and Yawp.

Daily Practice

“We have reached inside ourselves to grasp incredible glimpses of our own POWER TO INVENT and choose.” ~Jon Rappoport

The onerous chains I’ve created since
waking on the earthship are nothing to
dismantle.  In a blink of awareness
my superpowers flex.  It’s something to

celebrate, the way the narrative shifts
reveal a glitch and we’re all free.  Although
the matrix is insistent, insight lifts
us out.  Our bodies vacant, minds in thrall

by authority voiced with lights and sounds
a casino trance and I dance in, Hey,
any living beings wanna play?  Ground
in nature, let old stories dissipate.

You protest: Don’t you see what’s going on?
Out to the streets or derisive tweets, we
must demand the slave owners growing on
our efforts pay us more!  Fueling elites

the only game in town.  And be still.
Imagine limitless.  Respect instinct
that pulls you to the sun where you can heal
discarding old beliefs that, frankly, stink.

Inspired by: Instinct, Nothing, Onerous and Protest.

Unimpressed with the /verse option on the onerous new WordPress block editor. Can anyone share a way to create line breaks for poems, and also be able to choose fonts–on the freebie version? Update: I did the shift return and created my own line breaks and am happier with this font. Thanks for the advice!!

Don’t New Normal Me

An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.~Viktor Frankl

Twenty ripening spaghetti squash hang
goldening the garden. Orange and red
yellow zinnias burst in a color bang
call to awaken as the sunrise spreads

rosy skies west. The east is glorious.
Dawn in my hometown, a fleeting visit
now the skies compete in pinks curious
the morning’s cool under heat’s implicit

sultry air.  Here an old bass leaps. Waves ring
smaller circles as minnows flee.  Recall
past Augusts, shouldn’t some morning birds sing?
I’ve ceased comparing years, a construct all

along, time shows her true colors, slipping
in and out of these timelines—narrative
ridiculous, and I won’t play.  Flipping
how life flows absurd—it’s imperative

to speak the truth, do you know how?  Don’t New
Normal me, your credibility will
not stand the test of common sense, you
try to sway beyond your ability

to drown my sovereign song. Limitless
creator, sing!  Simple as breath concealed
power now rings. Harmony stimulus:
ground in fall’s score, insanity revealed.

Inspired by: Sway, Accidental, Credibility and Sovereign.

While The Blossoms Still Cling

Today sitting with a soupçon of hope
the kind that wraps around like smoke designed
to bypass all the doors I’ve firmly closed,
I glimpse into present.  Now is just fine

so why do I worry and project doom?
Scare tactics I created to survive
come crashing down.  Good riddance.  I make room
for new insights upon which I will thrive.

Listen, as all the old systems crumble,
detox, deterge, release.  Weep if you must.
Illusions we’ve anchored life on tumble
leaving us free.  Imagine limitless.

Inspired by: Deterge, Design, Survive and Soupçon.

Featured image is a Rose of Sharon juxtaposing old withered petals, new vibrant blooms and bursting red buds. How nature brings the exact lesson I need!

Title is from a folk song I still love to play and sing: Today by Randy Sparks.