Going around in circles

I’m painting ensōs feeling into heart-
break of my own making. How painstaking
pasts and greedy futures block the fine art
of now. I break free of dreams mistaking

cues and clues as battered children do. Leap
from the chains survival forged. Illusions
rise and fall. I move my brush, reds, golds sweep
new ways praise in intuitive fusions.

Still how I mourn, fully, each circle drawn
in one stroke: open, closed, overlapping.
Foolish or trite, it may appear. Right on
the page paint swirls loud as one hand clapping.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Trite. In Zen, ensō is a circle hand-drawn in one stroke, the practice of which allows the body to create with a quiet mind.

Imagine Limitless

“On what basis has all this destruction been launched? A story about a virus. So pardon me if I keep attacking that story. If I keep pointing out gaping holes in that story. My basic position is this: …the cultish rhetoric coming out of labs aims to claim ownership over our bodies, minds, and souls….Reject that lunatic non-reality.”~Jon Rappoport

mystics and shamans deluge my inbox
offer hope classes, require students
insatiable anticipation

no rhyme or reason. invented monsters
to overcome now. i am not buying
these old creations, even billed Brand New!

I project power, imagination
what I say creates reality and
I dive inward. These teachers block the way.

Techniques and rituals keep us enslaved.
Exquisitely here I face what is mine,
leave all the tangled shams and cons behind.

They know not what they do is no excuse.
But understanding this, I can cut loose.
I’m free, a sovereign being. Now I choose.

Inspired by: Anticipation, Require, Student, Insatiable, Monster and the OctPoWriMo Day 30 prompt, I am. And the certainty that each person’s Power lies in healing the very fractal that stands between us and our breath. Healing now is essential, and only the imaginative individual has exactly what is required.

Creating New

As you think so it shall be…. . The entire paradigm shift is so massive that you have to adapt to a completely new reality. Nothing is exactly as it appears to be. Don’t be depressed and let yourself be drawn to fear. You are not incarnated just to survive. You are here to create and enjoy a high quality of life. Live in dignity and be noble.~Solara

Cultivating stillness I drive
through old beliefs and wounds which pound
my red Jeep.  The raindrops resound
relentless yielding I arrive

recreating the painful past
my new powers projecting
to make sense at last
I bring my love connecting
through the dark and hidden places
now unearths, presents to grace.

Exquisite presence looks around
reveals strategies to survive
which dissipate as love arrives
redecorates old battlegrounds.

Divide and conquer narratives
weave anger and despair.
This pause is the curative.
I breathe slow into air
which touches every being, gives
space where hearts can truly care.

Llego en este momento
y milagros son todo que lo siento.

Soundcloud recording here.

Today’s prompts invite me to realize that the impending dead stop can never jeopardize my buoyant spirit. Fear creeps past, another artifact crumbling in my gratitude now. The OctPoWriMo Day 23 prompt is Gratitude (Hope, Dream, Anticipation, Thankful) in the new-to-me form La’libertas, and a surprise poppy and her tiny friend who braved the cold to present a love letter which I pass on to you.

Translation: I arrive in this moment and all I feel are miracles.

All Around Me

“There’s a light in the depths of your darkness. Let it shine, oh, let it shine.”~Dan Fogelberg

My wanderlust now craves sanctuary
a quiet place to imagine and write
rooted not with things but feeling airy
among trees while safe to travel by night.

Star-sung cottage where locals know I might
ameliorate mysterious ills
bring the murky causes into the light
so they can vanquish if they feel it will

compose a song in a key of life more
suited for well. The longer I dwell on
this scene, solitary, rich, music pours
out, unseen, tremendous and it swells on

the invisible waves, touches knowing
fields, informs and shares, updating files of
joy. There is a boy who comes to play, sings
with open heart, my homelessness miles off

and never really real at all. Powers
that be apportion a reality.
I turn away.  Praise miracle showers,
grounding and learning receptivity.

Inspired by: Longer, Vanquish, Ameliorate and Wanderlust.

And greetings from the west in a song that I really loved to sing along with Dan Fogelberg, whose birthday was 13 August. At the end of the song, he takes off his guitar in joyous exhaustion, the crowd roars appreciation, and we all let it shine.

And so much gratitude to incredible friends whose kindness ameliorates my homelessness.

You Can Call It Another Lonely Day

Tell me why, everything’s turned around.  Open up, everything’s waiting for you.  You can go your own way.~Lindsay Buckingham

The bluejay is telling us something
I’m oblivious with this warm bagel
and buttery ghee drips from lips
fingers I’ve switched the pen and it’s slow

like chittering cicadas waking to sun.
We regroup, come clean into center
as each illusion dies.
I’m not judging your looking outward

for guidance, following directives
you’ve been taught since childhood
by the ringing bells and hard-bottomed
chairs someone always knows better.

Speak up and wear a dunce cap
in the corner. What’s the opposite
of self-righteous? Maybe humble.
You’ve abandoned common sense,

where I live, but I’m no martyr.
Your path stretches out like the corridor
of cows led to the slaughter, signs
to keep you comfortable and competent

to walk in step with what’s expected.
Coloring inside the lines
never questioning
who thought up the picture

you’re drawn into.
Daring to ask
for a new shade of blue.
What you create is all on you.

Inspired by: Martyr.  Written in response to the dversepoets prompt to write a stream of consciousness poem.  

Featured image: a tiny exquisite wild snapdragon that pushed through a very thick layer of mulch.

Praising The Sun Fierce

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.~John Lennon

In this spot stars hang plump as planets, pierce
my knowing. I am blind, feeling my way
through the dark antre, praising the sun fierce.
Empty lies gossamer fall out of play.

This weird year demands presence and grounding
firmly in my sacred vessel. Here now.
Breathing with intention. My heart sounding
through the depths as I ramble on. How

the maps fall away in this full stop.
Rotted foundations giving way. We play
and imagine with great power. The drop
into creative flow our saving grace.

Inspired by: Feeling, Stars, Ramble, Antre and the Stream of Saturday Consciousness prompt:  Spot.

The Great Globe Escapade

Let a frown be your umbrella~Oscar The Grouch

The great globe escapade dream-like began
in a foreign locale where women mask
while browsing past cheap trinkets and you can
call relics from my childhood vintage, ask

at any Shipshewanna market stall.
Playing photographer, beauty I trail
my friends, two Nordic goddesses I call
framing my shots in joy intentional

and they willingly pose deadpan and all
around I hear the murmur in the crowds,
who is that? Oh, she’s famous—can’t recall
and then the vendor cries, and he is loud

no pictures, can’t you read? just radiating
animosity, the cranky man
claiming his legal rights. I end his prate
showing each frame, I offer to abandon

any shots he wishes. Truth, I’m charmed.
He’s bought into my she’s-all-that intent
just as I’m stepping into it. Disarmed
by flowing joy he grudgingly consents.

I grin, thankful his unique eyes can see
my expanding possibilities. How
to step into the challenge? I must be
curious and wild, tuned right in to now.

Inspired by: Umbrella, Dream, Escapade and Locale.

Do What You Love

The rain has drenched the trees so the cool breeze
tinkles and splatters and whispers through leaves.
At first, I’m charmed, then chilled, but I am here
for flow, my dedicated hour so dear.

And words are rhyming like a child at play.
I bring her out though she will get muddy.
Ah, sun, as if invoked, you suddenly
appear above the fringe of woods. I see

what gives me life. Breathing and what is more
I feel gratitude and joy in my core.
My whole being here embraced and I taste
the fullness as I move through time and space.

Right now my higher self is dancing free
as glorious intent is aiming me.
A grackle lands and scolds as I appear.
Reveal yourself! My open heart sees clear.

Inspired by: First, Fringe and Rain.

Featured image is a kaleidoscope effect on the sun above the fringe of woods this morning.

A Closer Look

Real eyes realize real lies.~Robb Flynn

I’m a frazzled live wire distracted
and my pen’s run dry. So I’m reaching for a
crunchy snack–despite a hint of acrid
cleaners–each messy moment teaching more.

Outside the sun is fiercely claiming noon.
My chores complete, I invite me to face
exactly what’s been lurking out of tune.
Project my demons on this mirror stage

I create–reserve a smickering look
for the writer of this script. The plot twists!
Arbitrary snark! Floods of tears to brook.
Allowing all. What I resist persists.

Showing up in all my glory loving
the judgmental voices, the shy, the blue,
out of balance in this moment, shoving
as I embrace me now so I’ll see you.

Inspired by: Reserve, Arbitrary, Smicker and Project.

City Foresting

The city forest chittering creates
a rescue with me, obliterates hate
as we assimilate birds and bunnies
solitary ear-plugged walkers, mummies

focused–beyond this lovely peace–on bars,
rectangular block sidewalks and parked cars.
From the porch the trees and I commune, show
the torture of electricity, oh

I’ll log on, publish, send aloha love
through the ether until the day you shove
out of the cage, listen from true heart place
where we’re connected past all time and space.

The day is almost nigh where we will touch
without a wire, a satellite–declutch
and let our natural powers arise
surprise what we achieve here in the light.

Inspired by: Obliterate, Torture, Rescue, Assimilate and The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg.

Featured painting by my creative 4-year-old grandson!